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Graffiti U by Keith Urban Album Songs (15)

Coming Home (feat. Julia MichaKeith Urban 3:33USD 1.29
Never Comin DownKeith Urban 3:34USD 1.29
Same HeartKeith Urban 3:36USD 1.29
My Wave (Intro)Keith Urban 0:28USD 1.29
My Wave (feat. Shy Carter)Keith Urban 3:32USD 1.29
Parallel LineKeith Urban 4:13USD 1.29
Drop Top (feat. Kassi Ashton)Keith Urban 3:44USD 1.29
Way Too LongKeith Urban 3:15USD 1.29
Horses (feat. Lindsay Ell)Keith Urban 3:37USD 1.29
GeminiKeith Urban 4:09USD 1.29
Texas Time (Intro)Keith Urban 0:10USD 1.29
Texas TimeKeith Urban 4:51USD 1.29
Love the Way It Hurts (So GoodKeith Urban 3:21USD 1.29
FemaleKeith Urban 3:15USD 1.29
Steal My ThunderKeith Urban 7:16USD 1.29

Graffiti U Album Reviews


Average too pop  DavidSingerSongwriter  2 star

Only two good songs is Parellel Line and Horses but he will never match Golden Road album. This is too pop and not that catchy.


New fan  Kfhljxguvcd  4 star

I have to be honest. I love country and a lot of other music. Keith Urban was never my favorite but today his music really hits something for me. I know others think he is moving away from pure country but to me he is staying alive and flexing as he goes. Let’s face it. We all should do a little of that.

Michigan natlve

Not country  Michigan natlve  1 star



Evolution  Genek64  4 star

Keith Urban has alwaysbeen a talented singet, songwriter, and guitarist. This album shows an evolutionary side of him as he delves more deeply in to pop. Of course he does it well. If you're looking for the "courtry Keith," you won't find him here, but you'll still find a tremendous artist with songs that make you want to dance and sometimes think or dream. My only wish is that he displayed his guitar chops more. Maybr he'll rock out on the next album. But still...some really good songs.


Graffiti U  newurbanlover  5 star

There isn’t one song on the album that you won’t like. Love it!


Sigh.....  hhmghc-2  1 star

I used to impatiently await Keith's new music. Then Ripcord happened. But this album makes Ripcord sound amazing. Guess I'll just listen to The Ranch if I want to listen to the REAL Keith Urban. I'm all for artists expanding and even crossing over. Whatever. But this might as well be a Taylor Swift album. It interests me about the same as one. Bummed. But at least there is the back catalog to enjoy, right?


Country? 🧐  mortalgroove  4 star

Four stars based purely on the music (which is catchy), not because it even remotely resembles country (it does not), but nevertheless, it’s likable as a pop album. Then again, I can’t be too hard on Keith; there hasn’t been much of anything out of Nashville in the last 20 years or so that could honestly be called Country music. Where are you, Shooter? We need you to put the “O” back in c(o)untry again.


DISAPPOINTED TO THE MAX  Lovinpint  1 star

I couldn't believe what I heard on this. There is not ONE country sounding song on it!! I feel so cheated out of $12!!!!


Amazing  brittanysays  5 star

Keith Urban always pushes boundaries in the best way possible. This album is a great example of musical evolution while staying true to who he’s always been. Love all of it!!


Wasted time  Missmertz  1 star

Keith Urban used to be one of my favorite country artists, but this album is straight up pop. No guitar, no country music, not good at all. Don’t waste your time or money on this crappy album. Female is the only good song on it.


Kissable lips💋aprilroseyan3 star

@LovePhlln: Take your memories, I don’t need em’. – Keith Urban #KISSEScelebratesinCEBU @KissesDelavin


Take Her To The Moon For Me 🌙✨LovePhlln3 star

Take your memories, I don’t need em’. – Keith Urban #KISSEScelebratesinCEBU @KissesDelavin


Sandy Wrightsandywrightpink3 star

Keith Urban - You Look Good In My Shirt - Live via @YouTube


Fresh and amazing  Leenie79  5 star

This is an amazing album with fresh sounds and great accompanying artists. Yet it’s so true to Keith, his authenticity and creative expression is consistently inspiring.


!!!  keithurban#1  5 star

So excited for this album, Keith always delivers and graffiti u is no exception. The best!!


openning song is "hawt"  postxtito  5 star

Keith is coming home!


Change your sound  Simplysp44  1 star

Every song sounds literally the exact same... no joke. All auto tune and no different variants of sound. Awful.


Kathy24  Kathy2448  5 star

Great music!!


[email protected] it Keith!  mtclimber187  2 star

I’m a huge KU fan and so like many others I’m very disappointed. There are a few good songs but most of it is the synthesized sound that I was hoping he wouldn’t fall trap to. Hopefully, on the next album he’ll get back to what got him here and what his fans love!

Shark Fanatic

Sell Out  Shark Fanatic  1 star

There’s not a single country song on this record. End of story.


Excellent!!  Gamblinrose07  5 star

Another great album from Keith. He Keeps getting better & better. I love all the different sounds. I believe there is somthing to love for everyone. I am having a hard time picking out my favorite songs because they are all good, but here are some I just love: Coming Home, Steal My Thunder, My Wave, Texas Time, Never Comin Down, & Drop Top. So worth buying, it is excellent. Just so sick of people hating because it doesn't fit the "Country Box". I could care less what title you give great music and Keith has great music and he doesn't always sound the same.



Pop has hijacked the Country Music genre 👎🏼👎🏼


Not my cup of tea  Frank_98  1 star

I used to love Keith Urban and went to one of his concerts where he played his old country music. That’s what I want to hear, not this pop stuff. Very disappointed

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