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Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino by Arctic Monkeys Album Songs (11)

Star TreatmentArctic Monkeys 5:54USD 1.29
One Point PerspectiveArctic Monkeys 3:28USD 1.29
American SportsArctic Monkeys 2:38USD 1.29
Tranquility Base Hotel & CasinArctic Monkeys 3:31USD 1.29
Golden TrunksArctic Monkeys 2:53USD 1.29
Four out of FiveArctic Monkeys 5:12USD 1.29
The World's First Ever MonsterArctic Monkeys 3:00USD 1.29
Science FictionArctic Monkeys 3:05USD 1.29
She Looks Like FunArctic Monkeys 3:02USD 1.29
BatphoneArctic Monkeys 4:31USD 1.29
The UltracheeseArctic Monkeys 3:37USD 1.29

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino Album Reviews


Fernando CardonaFercho08Cardona3 star

@BestMusicLyric: Arctic Monkeys


Alif Dary UtomoDaryUtomo3 star

@BestMusicLyric: Arctic Monkeys


Dennisedennise_obando3 star

@BestMusicLyric: Arctic Monkeys


they are back  imhisbabyhoney  5 star

love the new vibe


Sounds like an Alex Turner solo album  E-Nolls  3 star

This is not a bad album, but it certainly isn’t a great one. Feels extremely experimental and almost as if it isn’t the Arctic Monkeys at all. I wish there were a couple upbeat tracks here & more guitar. Not what I expected, not what I wanted, but still enjoyable.


Masterpiece  Q|E  5 star

This is a new sound for Arctic Monkeys. People seem to forget that good bands are supposed to evolve over time. It’s nice to know that Arctic Monkeys are experimenting instead of sticking with a style that’s going to make them the most money. If you are expecting this to sound like AM or any of their other albums, you will be very disappointed. However this truly is a masterpiece. I always have to listen to albums multiple times to completely understand it. You can’t listen to an album once or even twice and give it a full review. I have lost track to how many times I have listened to it. Give it try people. It’s not as bad as an album as people are making it sound. Get off the hate train and actually listen to it multiple times before you make your decision. Give it a chance!


Wonderful album  Durbdurb  5 star

This album is exceptional


Advanced Monkeys  discoballs  5 star

Phenominal record, might be too sophisticated for you.


Five Stars Out of Five (Ha)  autumnfluteness  5 star

I love Arctic Monkeys and anything they put out and have for years. This album is in stark contrast to what they’ve done in the past, and isn’t comparable to any one of them. This is like space-age soft rock. It’s fresh, it’s unheard of, and it’s fantastic.


Just doesn’t work  Toddytights  1 star

So for those that don’t know this album is suppose to be themed a science fiction lounge music that takes place in the 70’s. It’s seem like the band was going for a Ziggy Stardust type album. The problem is the lyrics can be extremely corny. For me personally the album almost feels tuneless. Oh well I guess it was a cool idea in his head it just didn’t translate onto the record. Still love these guys but hopefully they will stay away from this style in the future. It just didn’t work...


Art  Ctp81  5 star

This isn’t ordinary Arctic Monkeys. If you’re looking for AM2 or previous guitar heavy work you’ll have a tough time appreciating this album. However, if you can slow down and listen to the music and poetry- it’s a great piece of art. Well done, Alex.


Soon forget!!  Njaciuk  2 star

This album is definitively a surprise. Unfortunately a bad surprise. After the amazing AM I believe everybody was expecting something less experimental. My personal opinion is that AM is about to change company record and this record is only for contractual commitments. I cannot believe they feel proud of such a garbage album.


Their channeling Bowie and 70s psychedelia  romanticasqlossy  3 star

Listened to it a couple more times and the songs are growing on me. “4 out of 5” is definitely my favorite song off the album. It’s very different. It’s NOT deserving one star because it’s still good music! it’s not AWFUL it’s just much different compared to AM or Hambug. It’s common sense people, Never buy an entire album if you haven’t even heard any of it yet🙄

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