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Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino by Arctic Monkeys Album Songs (11)

Star TreatmentArctic Monkeys 5:54USD 1.29
One Point PerspectiveArctic Monkeys 3:28USD 1.29
American SportsArctic Monkeys 2:38USD 1.29
Tranquility Base Hotel & CasinArctic Monkeys 3:31USD 1.29
Golden TrunksArctic Monkeys 2:53USD 1.29
Four out of FiveArctic Monkeys 5:12USD 1.29
The World's First Ever MonsterArctic Monkeys 3:00USD 1.29
Science FictionArctic Monkeys 3:05USD 1.29
She Looks Like FunArctic Monkeys 3:02USD 1.29
BatphoneArctic Monkeys 4:31USD 1.29
The UltracheeseArctic Monkeys 3:37USD 1.29

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino Album Reviews

Stephen Tyler Austin

No  Stephen Tyler Austin  1 star



4 out of 5  Jbalex97  4 star

The new sound was a bit shocking at first but I’ve grown to love this futuristic yet retro body of work.

Jim Harbaugh

Rubbish  Jim Harbaugh  2 star

Save your money and buy literally any other AM album. As a longtime fan, I can't sugar coat that this album is a major let down. In my opinion this should have been released as an Alex Turner solo effort. If I could sum this album up, I'd describe as.. drowsy rambling over uninspiring piano play..


All Tranquil, No Rock  JT91saviorNYI  1 star

This album sounds like 11 tracks of Bowie on acid. It’s a shame the Arctic Monkeys strayed from the wild, manic guitar riffs and adopted “cosmic jazz”. They are so much better than this garbage.


REPEAT  Treetop49  3 star

If you like David Bowie and tons of Reverb this is for you.


Won me over  Rich:677;;[email protected]$  5 star

At first I didn’t really like the album, but I love it after listening to it a few times. This album is done really well, lyrically it’s one of Alex Turner’s best. While it doesn’t have the heavy guitar driven sound that they’ve had in the past, it is still an amazing album.


Different but great  HankMichels  5 star

It certainly takes a few listens but this the most rewarding and thoughtful album of their career.

True Faith 88

Can I get my money back  True Faith 88  1 star

Can I get my money back? This album is taking up space that is saved for tunes that rock, melody, and soul.

hello k

Za  hello k  3 star



Creative and bold  Lahans  5 star

This album proves that they aren’t just a one-sound act. Wild lyrics, a chill easy-listening vibe, and a whole new side to them. Such a bold move. Way to be guys, keep doing you.


Fajn Radio FulnekFFulnek3 star

Check out this song : Arctic Monkeys Knee Socks


𝑴𝒆𝒍𝒊𝒔papillonsansL3 star

@the_cribsss: Remember when Arctic Monkeys dropped this banger


Oh LordElsebaeyZiad3 star

اسمعو do i wanna know-arctic monkeys و نضفو ودنكو شوية


Real good  reviewer2038  5 star

Really good


Really?  vandemark  1 star

Extremely disappointing for obvious reasons


Meh  Kennyman456  3 star

Didn’t have high expectations for this one and ended up being correct


these boys always kill it  hi686  5 star



Bout time  Shaun286  5 star

Been waiting soooo long


Freaking Awesome!!!  JoniKayo008  5 star

I don’t understand the hate! It is different from previous ones. But I’m loving it!


wow  cyphur  2 star

after a delay.. waited for this to release as i missed you guys.... while i cheer for band usually go outside thier bubble.. maybe push 3 or 4 tracks of new experimental stuff.. after 4 full listens, i miss the guitar.. i miss the speed and the fun feeling.. i equate this one to a middle aged man who got divorced and is sad and bitter.. anyways, i'm glad to see new music however i hope your next release gets back to why i fell in love with your tunes.. thanks monkeys.. i'm happy to support ya with a purchase but let's hope for more fun the next time around..


Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino  jsm170  5 star

At first listen I can see how die hard monkeys fans and newcomers drawn in by AM were completely thrown through a loop by this daring and deviating album. However, musically, TBHC is beautiful, deep, and lyrically brilliant. Alex Turner and crew took a bold step in a new direction and it has payed off tremendously well. It’s one of those albums that require a few listens to but once you get past its drastically new sound, you can really appreciate the genius of it. Each song flows uniquely into another and is different then conventional music of the last decade. Absolutely brilliant.


So good!  ampersandtalks  5 star

Loved it!


Give it time. It’s worth it  cramj  4 star

On first listen I was disappointed. Seriously disappointed... didn’t like it at all... but I kept it playing in the background and it grows on you. Takes time. Tranquility Base.. good song. 4 out of 5. Good song. Totally different vibe. Impressed that they didn’t try to do AM 2.

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