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Prequelle is the fourth studio album by Swedish heavy metal band Ghost. It was released on June 1, 2018. The albums first single, "Rats", was released ahead of the album on April 13, and as of June, had peaked at number four on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart.

Prequelle by Ghost Album Songs (10)

AshesGhost 1:21USD 1.29
RatsGhost 4:21USD 1.29
FaithGhost 4:29USD 1.29
See the LightGhost 4:05USD 1.29
MiasmaGhost 5:17USD 1.29
Dance MacabreGhost 3:39USD 1.29
Pro MemoriaGhost 5:39USD 1.29
Witch ImageGhost 3:30USD 1.29
HelvetesfonsterGhost 5:55USD 1.29
Life EternalGhost 3:27USD 1.29

Prequelle Album Reviews


Amazing!  Bluehornz01  5 star

So I wasn't sure about Ghost. Seemed like a bunch of dressed up oddballs for no purpose. I gave Prequelle a try. Boy was I wrong! This music is amazing!! It is an album that I listen to in its entirety over and over again. It's true music. It's crafted, the arrangements are both hard charging and emotionally powerful, and it is music you an feel. This is one of the best albums I have ever purchased ever. Impressive!


The fudge is this?  engineben  1 star

Might as well be Brittany Spears singing this music. Boring and basic. I liked some of their older stuff but this is just poppy garbage.


Best album yet!  RyanMan345  5 star

100% recommend. Ghost delivers!


They just keep getting better  Dimitriusmaritsas  5 star

Every album is better than the previous ones especially this one


Masterpiece  Belfonti  5 star

Every single song on this album is perfect in its own way, one of the best album ive heard in years.

Ms Adventure

Not Disappointed  Ms Adventure  5 star

I am very pleasantly surprised that I like every song on this album. That never happens for me. I love the evolution in the band's sound and hope that they keep with this great trend. I've not had the album a month and can't wait to see where Ghost goes from here.


Don’t You Forget!  Velo4300  5 star

Forget what you think about Ghost. Get yourself a good set of headphones and give this a listen. Just listen to the song craft and attention to detail in these songs. The hooks are infectious and the songs just flow. I was previously on the fence about them. This album is bordering on beautiful!

Some man who likes Ghost b.c

.  Some man who likes Ghost b.c  5 star

Probably the best ghost album yet!

Denzel Curry.

Awesome  Denzel Curry.  5 star

Best band in a long time


Did you like Blizzard Of Ozz or Diary Of A Madman ???  JBLCENAFAN  5 star

This is the only album that belongs next to them on your shelf , amazing sound !


GHOST ☠️ghost_2020z3 star

Barca fans may be mocked Ronaldo nd Karma is nt farther away 😂😂😂


Kiri Pr'chard-McLeankiripritchardmc3 star

@EdGambleComedy: There’s a four piece jazz band playing on the tube and everyone is ignoring them so they look like a ghost jazz band. I…


Ghost_FazbearGhost_Fazbear3 star

@KiIIrook @DexertoIntel Saying "y'all" is trying too hard


A grand experience!  Beyondtherealms  5 star

I’m so happy to see Ghost spread their wings and reach for the stars with Prequelle! This album is a experience that is meant to be taken in from the beginning until the end. Never has Ghost/Tobias Forge had more beautifully constructed songs and precise musicianship than they have had on Prequelle. I hope they’re playing arenas by the end of this touring cycle.


Meh  Scooterish  3 star

Has two or three hard-hitting songs. The rest are too much like ballads. I wouldn’t even consider this a metal album. I love the intrigue this band brings but this definitely didn’t live up to the hype.


Awesome album  metal9151  4 star

This album was everything I expected from Ghost. It is a clear progression from their earlier work and songs will fit in great with a set list. Themes are strong and dark. Some songs bring the heaviness while others bring new concepts in a lighter style. Dance Macabre is the biggest departure on this album and to me is a clear ode to 80’s ABBA, it’s still a great listen. One star removed due to 2 instrumentals. Even though they are solid they break up the album a little much. Album has still been on non stop since it came out. See you at the next Ritual.


Wish this was better.  Davedge138  3 star

Lacks the something that was present on previous albums. This one feels almost disingenuous. Really wanted the album to be better.


sick.  radiomeow  5 star

David Bowie meets Slayer meets Jesus Christ Super Star, and then roll it up and add a little ABBA and pestilence and you've got yourself a Satanic dance party. It's rad.


I like it!  ShawnC8133  5 star

I like this Album but it mite be just me but it has a very 80’s Rock/Metal to it. Maybe that’s why I like it a lot.


Faith, it’s a Sin  Jonathan97santiago  5 star

Love si much


!skcoR tsohG  TK-9317  5 star

Backwards and forwards- Ghost Rocks!


Good album, maybe a bit rushed in release, but still a worthy effort.  B-Adams  3 star

Although I could see why some diehard fans could be turned of by the new sounds of Ghost, I was actually quite excited when “Rats” came out. While I would be hesitant to call “Prequelle” my favorite Ghost album to date, it is important to realize this is just another chapter in what I hope to be a long storied career. The thing I like most about this album is it’s strong sense of theme; “Prequelle” is, as we almost all know, about the Black Death and this album is both dark and sad accordingly. This, however, is the album’s undoing as well. Some of the material seems forced and often rushed, while some just feels out of place. Although I do not like all the songs on this album, I do think some of these songs will grow on me and most of these should be great live. The recording is great, yet missing some of the thunder of last releases; in terms of production I will probably look back and think about how much better this album could have been with different levels. Still, the production is more than suitable and completes an above average album in an era where there simply aren’t a lot of great artist. Not their best effort, but if this means another year of touring, I am more than willing to put up with “Prequelle” if it means more from Cardinal Copia and the Ghouls in the near future.


Amazing  OhItsYaBoi  5 star

Helvetesfornster and Life Eternal are a must listen to. Faith is one of my absolute favorites. Ghost delivers once again!

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