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Prequelle is the fourth studio album by Swedish heavy metal band Ghost. It was released on June 1, 2018. The albums first single, "Rats", was released ahead of the album on April 13, and as of June, had peaked at number four on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart.

Prequelle by Ghost Album Songs (10)

AshesGhost 1:21USD 1.29
RatsGhost 4:21USD 1.29
FaithGhost 4:29USD 1.29
See the LightGhost 4:05USD 1.29
MiasmaGhost 5:17USD 1.29
Dance MacabreGhost 3:39USD 1.29
Pro MemoriaGhost 5:39USD 1.29
Witch ImageGhost 3:30USD 1.29
HelvetesfonsterGhost 5:55USD 1.29
Life EternalGhost 3:27USD 1.29

Prequelle Album Reviews


This is metal these days ?  AS2485  1 star

This is terrible. The vocals are the most atrocious thing ever put on a “metal” record. If Blue oyster cult tried to go metal and failed miserably. This is one of the most overrated bands in existence and only “fair weather” metalheads would ever lower themselves to considering this worthy of the title.


Not darker but is great like always!!  CharlotteHorror  5 star

My favorites Rats, Faith and Pro Memoria ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and I love the instrumentals. Also I’m starting to love Cardinal Copia ❤️


Welcome to the Ritual  MiFii87  5 star

While the whole album contains great riffs that Ghost has worked hard to become known for, “Dance Macabre” may be one of the catchiest songs in modern rock. “Miasma” is a fantastic instrumental—bringing back the saxophone to rock n roll! For newer fans of Ghost, welcome to the ritual.


I love Ghost, but this sounds more like a..........  Trencher  4 star

I love Ghost, but this album more than any others sounds like a Tobias Forge solo album. Just too many ballads. Tobias is extremely talented and can wear many hats with different bands, but he's now wearing all of those hats under the Ghost name and this album just feels a little less Ghostly than the others.

Mm1234 cfd

Great album  Mm1234 cfd  5 star

I really enjoyed this album. I still think thier first is their best but this one is tied for second place along with thier second album for me.


YES!  zeek812  5 star



Not as good as previous albums but not horrible  Lswhfyug  3 star

I personally don’t like the direction ghost took with this album, waiting to hear it was all a joke and they are going back to a real papa... my wife loves the album though. Have to clear up one thing though, dance macabre has a line that everyone hears as “Just wanna be which you by the moonlight” that’s what I thought to but it’s “just wanna BEWITCH you...”.


My Favorite Ghost Album Yet!!  TBOSJ  5 star

A+++ Buy it, now!!

Kiss 44

Best album  Kiss 44  5 star

I'm not a huge instrumental person but this album has 2 that I can't stop listening to! Plus I can't choose a favorite song! So amazing!

Gary In Gilroy

New fan digging this album  Gary In Gilroy  4 star

Faith, Rats, Macabre are all great. I love the instrumental track Miasma; early 80s style prog rock with a sax riff at the end. Good melodic hard rock with a dark edge.


Sofiagoldensnitch123 star

playstationstartupnoise: Miles and Peter B: [swingin around NYC] Peter B: Does that sign say iHOB???...


Miguel Vieira 💥ghost_oso3 star

@ligaptdadepre: Ser solteiro e feio têm as suas vantagens


ainsainsleyjshaw3 star

@brokeangeI: so did u wake up fantasizing about me or am i gonna have to ghost u

Kurt Cobain 94

Astonishing.  Kurt Cobain 94  5 star

[MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] This album is a true work of art. There is not one track on this set that is not a grandeur masterpiece. The eerie tone set by the opening “Ashes” is perfect for the plague-ridden theme. “Rats” is already a classic, followed by the disco influenced “Dance Macabre”. “Witch Image” is most certainly one of the most powerful Ghost songs that has ever been written. “Faith” is raw and beautiful. The curtain is closed with “Life Eternal” which is arguably one of the best songs Ghost has ever achieved, and an absolutely PERFECT closer. I cannot wait for what the future holds for this extremely talented group. Well done!


Worth the hype  Chriz.45  5 star

Absolutely amazing from start to finish 🤘🏻😈🤘🏻


Fantastic album!  Lmackrizz  5 star

The album has great flow and cohesiveness. Lots of radio friendliness but still has the Ghost edge and mystic. 🤘🏼👻💀🤘🏼


Ghost going mainstream for U.S.  dahui090  5 star

Slightly less heavy then previous albums with a great 80s hard rock vibe and way less satanic lyrics wise which I appreciate. All leads me to believe they are really trying to make it in the U.S. Market. Which is great. Overall, very good album.


Beautiful Satan  tsneden84  5 star


Adam Hammock

Classic Metal with a modern twist.  Adam Hammock  5 star

Ghost has done it again. This album is fantastic. Every song on it feels good and fits the theme. Album art is top notch once again. The band’s sound has evolved and matured so well. Tobias Forge is a genius.


More crap  Th33rdMan  1 star

This has got to be the worst thing since Nickelback.


NKOTB...the Goth years  pilkingbod  1 star

What the unnatural hell is happening to music?


Love the range  Pugmom1987  5 star

I love this album! There were only a few songs that I could take or leave but the majority of them I can’t stop listening to.

Big money boy

Aight  Big money boy  2 star

It’s okay

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