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KOD is J. Cole’s long-anticipated fifth studio album. The 12-track album serves as a follow up to his 2016 album, 4 Your Eyez Only. Unlike his last two albums, KOD has a lone feature from an artist named kiLL Edward—a pitched-down version of Cole’s voice that serves as his alter ego. Leading up to the album debut, Cole hosted many exclusive listening events where he played the project in full. According to Chris Uño, who was in attendance at J.

KOD by J. Cole Album Songs (13)

IntroJ. Cole 1:47USD 1.29
KODJ. Cole 3:11USD 1.29
PhotographJ. Cole 3:38USD 1.29
The Cut Off (feat. kiLL edwardJ. Cole 3:57USD 1.29
ATMJ. Cole 3:36USD 1.29
Motiv8J. Cole 2:13USD 1.29
Kevin's HeartJ. Cole 3:20USD 1.29
BRACKETSJ. Cole 5:15USD 1.29
Once an AddictJ. Cole 3:17USD 1.29
FRIENDS (feat. kiLL edward)J. Cole 4:17USD 1.29
Window PainJ. Cole 4:46USD 1.29
1985J. Cole 3:10USD 1.29

KOD Album Reviews


GOAT  Coolapp4dayss  5 star


raphael insane

Nice  raphael insane  4 star

Some of his best music


🔥🔥🔥  Djdrikz  5 star

You never let us down J !


Favorite out of all!!  Zolamyte  5 star

Most of the time when artist have multiple albums they get played out but this album got better than anything that's out there in rap game thanks Jay for staying Real!!


The Best  ogquita  5 star



A Man of the People  GeorgexGold  5 star



Fire  http_branden  5 star



Masterpiece  Royce2211  5 star

He’s back!!


Cole World  MinnieManolo  5 star

This album does so hard it hasn’t left my repeat since it dropped!


My duuuuude🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽  Segaaoutzz  5 star

Never goes out of style , he gots his own thing going on always my boy !!!! , listen to the message !!!!!


Collin Tarranttarrantcollin3 star

@pitchfork: J. Cole’s Dreamville Foundation will aid victims of Hurricane Florence


Devon🌊Devc_103 star

@Dreamvillian90: That beat is just so beautiful😩 People really sleep on J.Cole production skills 👌💯


DerekPlattDmusee3 star

@billboard: J. Cole's Dreamville Foundation announces plans to help Hurricane Florence relief efforts .…


💯💯💯💯fire  grrxycucfuuv  5 star

🔥 🔥 🔥

Where's my spin!!!

🔥🔥🔥  Where's my spin!!!  5 star

I listen to every song without skipping. Truly a classic. Cole is a G.O.A.T


Growth & Elevation  Tonio-25  5 star

After first spotting “J.Cole” Jermaine, on a BET intro to one of their award shows he brought such a Passion & Fire I immediately started looking for his music which is why I’m here today. If you are familiar with JC’s music then it’s obvious that you’ll have this album on repeat from the jump, if you're new to him this album will not disappoint in the least sit back & enjoy another classic!!!


Amazing!  Seiza21  5 star

He really did it on this one. I love every song. If you haven’t heard you need to listen now


cole world, no snuggie  qwanaa  5 star

KOD is definitely Top 3!

Big1 Daddy

Heavy Rotation  Big1 Daddy  5 star

Heartful, powerful, and message driven music that gets that head bobbing!!


U Da Man Ese!!!  xicanomexika  5 star

Gracias from Chicanos of California


2nd Best Behind 2014FHD  Yepac  5 star

It's his most cohesive project yet. We don't see all the emotional songs we saw on 2014FHD, and most of the instrumentation on this album sounds the same, so while I give this a 5 stars due to it meeting my expectations and then exceeding it, it's still not better than 2014FHD. Ultimately, the story is more cohesive than any project he has ever released (4YEO tried to be cohesive but songs like Neighbors, Foldin Clothes, etc. randomly switched perspectives and ultimately didn't fit the concept entirely) but some of the first 6 tracks are not true to Cole. I understand why they are on the album (the concept of mumble rap and the satirical concepts behind the songs are important to the album) but they are not "true" Cole.

Alex Am.

Progressive Art  Alex Am.  5 star

Jermaine Cole paints a picture throughout this album by speaking about personal pains, drug use, and love. Tracks such as FRIENDS, Window Pain, and Once an Addict have the power to really motivate and touch hearts. Choosing wisely was the main theme of this album, what’s right and what’s wrong. BE WARNED, Lyrics come first in this project, however, J. Cole still manages to make and use catchy and unique beats (Kevin’s Heart is a perfect example of this). Cole starts off with more upbeat songs and slowly makes his way to the real meat of the album which ranges from substance abuse to taxes and even gang related topics. Great Album, deserves more recognition and can really help people who may be going through rough patches in their life.


Official!!💯  SeedMusikGroup  5 star


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