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It only took Shawn Mendes three years to realize his pop dreams. After catching a wave of fame on Vine, he steered it into solo stardom with two chart-topping albums, a world tour, and a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden. Then, the Toronto-area native got right to work on his third album, an adventurous voyage of texture and tempo, with songwriting support from pop heavyweights like Ed Sheeran, Julia Michaels, and John Mayer. Lyrically, he’s still the same Shawn—brooding

Shawn Mendes by Shawn Mendes Album Songs (14)

In My BloodShawn Mendes 3:31USD 1.29
NervousShawn Mendes 2:44USD 1.29
Lost in JapanShawn Mendes 3:21USD 1.29
Where Were You in the Morning?Shawn Mendes 3:20USD 1.29
Like to Be You (feat. Julia MiShawn Mendes 2:39USD 1.29
Fallin' All in YouShawn Mendes 3:55USD 1.29
Particular TasteShawn Mendes 2:55USD 1.29
WhyShawn Mendes 3:58USD 1.29
Because I Had YouShawn Mendes 2:22USD 1.29
QueenShawn Mendes 3:24USD 1.29
Youth (feat. Khalid)Shawn Mendes 3:10USD 1.29
MutualShawn Mendes 2:28USD 1.29
Perfectly WrongShawn Mendes 3:32USD 1.29
When You're ReadyShawn Mendes 2:49USD 1.29

Shawn Mendes Album Reviews


AMAZING  rayahdelg  5 star

I still listen to this album every day and I love it

HOT Dance Mix

Disappoining  HOT Dance Mix  2 star

The 2 sample songs are not good. Although, I do like his past music. I hope once the album is released the other songs are great. I heard the remaining songs 👎🏻. I figured why the album is less expensive now. Hopefully he will release other great music in the future.


Wow  LKY❤❤  5 star

I am so proud of this lil muffin. Can’t wait to see him in concert!!


No no no...  tcool1214  1 star

Not really my type of music. All the songs on here are literally just slow songs. Where’s songs like “Stitches”? These songs sound like they need to be played at a funeral. He also screams in “In My Blood”. To be honest, I don’t know how people liked that song. He’s basically screaming “IT ISN’T IN MY BLOOOOOD” the entire time. Yikes.


I love you Shawn!💙❤️  roliqueen123  5 star

Shawn Mendes has been my favorite singer for almost 3 years now. I have watched him grow and improve. He is still my idol til today. And his music has helped me grow in so many ways. He makes me want to carry on my singing and writing my songs. This album is one of my favorites, it really shows a new Shawn that admire very much. In my blood is my favorite song in the world. It really shows deep feelings, thought, and effort. I love this album and encourage Shawn to keep writing. He has obviously put in a lot of thought and effort!! PS: Haters gonna hate! Let the love era get you attention!!✌🏽


My idol✨🤩  Charoooza  5 star

This album is so inspirational as well as Shawn himself. He trusts us enough to go into his very personal life if you know what I mean and people treat it like it’s trash. NOT EVERYONE but a lot of people. I love you Shawn keep doing what your doing with your beautiful voice! I love you and the album❤️


Thankful  Girlhunter2002  5 star

Thankful for Shawn Mendes! He makes music with great messages and are great songs to jam to!! I’m so appreciative of his hard work to making music for his fans who he loves dearly! Love this album and Shawn Mendes!❤️❤️❤️


amazing  ROZHAN💗  5 star

i love him and all of his songs omg how lovely is he 😍😍😍😍im from iran 💞💞💞💞


Love it❤️  juh.moran  5 star

When you listened to the songs you can feel that it was written with emotions and I love that, because they are not just one more song that will make you dance and that’s it, a lot of the times you can relate to the songs💛💛💛


#Shawn do you  Masondixonbabe  5 star

Thing you don’t have any positive feedback about Shawn then keep it to yourself he does music for us he loves his fans not all the haters hating on him.


Đ.cagethedebra3 star

Shawn Mendes


Czekam Na MendesaCzekamNaMendesa3 star

@lovaticmutuals: Retweet if you stan: -Demi Lovato -Ariana Grande -Camila Cabello -Shawn Mendes -Selena Gomez -Halsey -Little Mix -Tayl…


Jess KP5JessyWiiiiiiiii3 star

@AngieMarconii: Revista: "Shawn Mendes es el príncipe del POP" Hailey Bieber: "El verdadero príncipe del pop esta de vuelta" (Justin bi…

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