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Raise Vibration by Lenny Kravitz Album Songs (12)

We Can Get It All TogetherLenny Kravitz 4:40USD 1.29
LowLenny Kravitz 5:18USD 1.29
Who Really Are the Monsters?Lenny Kravitz 5:19USD 1.29
Raise VibrationLenny Kravitz 5:27USD 1.29
Johnny CashLenny Kravitz 6:18USD 1.29
Here to LoveLenny Kravitz 4:42USD 1.29
It's EnoughLenny Kravitz 7:54USD 1.29
5 More Days 'Til SummerLenny Kravitz 4:02USD 1.29
The Majesty of LoveLenny Kravitz 5:49USD 1.29
Gold DustLenny Kravitz 5:08USD 1.29
RideLenny Kravitz 5:58USD 1.29
I'll Always Be Inside Your SouLenny Kravitz 3:58USD 1.29

Raise Vibration Album Reviews


So bad  theonewhoneverwritesreviews  1 star

Can’t believe he even released this crap. Lost a fan on this one


Quite possibly on of his best  wshale  5 star

I love Lenny and have followed him since "Let Love Rule". I've enjoyed just about everything he's done, and after listening to "Raise Vibration" I have to say this may just be one of his best (if not his best, but that will require more listens! :) ). Some of the best songs here? Check out "Low", "Who really are the monsters", "Raise Vibration", "Here to love" and "It's enough". Some great tunes here! The overall message could be summed up with the title of "Here to love". Thanks, Lenny!

Musically 4

Minister of rock ‘n’ roll himself Lenny  Musically 4  5 star

He’s back and even better hot song I’m glad to be his fan.🙌🏾 I love the cd best from Lenny Kravitz good music coming from the soul.😊


I Say-Yeah  Its-Bina  5 star

AWESOME... Love the Funk & Rock blend. That Bass line is a strong heart beat.


Love it!  celebes  5 star

The beautiful mixture of an old friend with a new point of view.

Rosin colon

😍  Rosin colon  5 star

Love it!!!!


His music reflects his love of God  Onelovelychick  5 star

His true heart shines through his music. It is real and full of love. He address political issues that matter to him. He has always done that all the way back to “Mr. Cab Driver” all those years ago. Because his music is bathed in love is why I keep coming back year after year. This album is really good! Can’t wait to see him in Atlanta in a few weeks! Love is all you need, love changes everything!


Lenny’s back  Cwdesignguru  5 star

Great start with some fresh new music with a classic Lenny vibe with a bit of new infused vibes. Cannot wait and let the messages keep coming. Each song he does has a message and meaning with hearing. Listen with prejudice to a talent that has earned his place to voice the true state of this world. Rock on Lenny


Great Album Good job Lenny  Janet-Fan-Minneapolis  5 star

I am definitely buying this when released to the ones that are giving it a 1 star Trump supporters. They can’t handle hearing the truth about the racism murders and all the hatred and division this orange 🍊 man has created..


New Lenny July, 2018  sneedgo  5 star

This is the sound I’ve missed for the last eight years. I can’t wait for the album release. The first two singles are dope.


8ㄥS∩OIƆI˥IʞIN♍️♌️ 👸🏽🤘🏾Nikilicious783 star

@NikkiSixx Lead Vocals: Steven Tyler Bassist: Nikki Sixx Guitarist 1 : Slash Guitarist 2: Lenny Kravitz (I know…


Clau 🐽ClaudiAlarconR3 star

😎 It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over de Lenny Kravitz


The Vibe FMThe_Vibe_FM3 star

Lenny Kravitz - It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over (1991)

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