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Bad Witch is the ninth studio album by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, released on June 22, 2018 through The Null Corporation.

Bad Witch by Nine Inch Nails Album Songs (6)

Shit MirrorNine Inch Nails 3:06USD 1.29
Ahead of OurselvesNine Inch Nails 3:30USD 1.29
Play the Goddamned PartNine Inch Nails 4:51USD 1.29
God Break Down the DoorNine Inch Nails 4:14USD 1.29
I'm Not from This WorldNine Inch Nails 6:41USD 1.29
Over and OutNine Inch Nails 7:49USD 1.29

Bad Witch Album Reviews


Don't mistake "avant garde genius"  RockHard4Life  1 star

For lazy boring crap.


All of It.  Smerlatch  5 star

Instrumental, deep, dark, electronic, Jazz and more. Layer cake for the ears. Glad we have the last piece of this. This is the first album since With Teeth I’ve been this interested in.


Sad face  Deidre20  1 star

I am sadly disappointed


wow  MAG1C8  5 star

honestly the best thing the duo has put out since the fragile


Uninspired, morally perverted drivel.  tikiroomfan  1 star



The best is yet to come  seeknottheworld  5 star

NIN has hit a new stride and rebirth again. They are better than ever before including live shows.


Jazz, industrial, disco, what!  Fansinceozzfest  5 star

I never thought I’d hear a sax on a a NIN album! There is no compromise will either love or hate this album. Whichever way your opinion falls you have to admit you’ve never heard anything quite like this......a jazz and a Heavy metal album. Think Black Sabbath but with the dah, dah, dah on a sax rather than a guitar.


Angry Trent is Back!!  Newme  5 star

I love the diversity in this album. This is an artist who never gets stale. I love it!!


NOOOOO!!!!!  FLUX BOY  1 star

Trent I love your voice, but it get's taking over by the music and this EP feels over thought and disjointed. You as you know can do better. This comes across to me more like a B side Cd. Look forward to your next project and fingers crossed its more put together. You still look hot though. :)

Fah Q 2

Maybe his worst  Fah Q 2  1 star

Been a fan for a long time and have rolled with the changes. This is one is horrible.


RamonLVRamonMonchoo3 star

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RamonLVRamonMonchoo3 star

@QuarterPress: ¡Solo faltan 4 días para el festival Corona Capital 2018 con Nine Inch Nails, New Order, CHVRCHES, Panic! At The Disco, L…


Roberto Zúñigarobzuntor3 star

@sopitasfm @CoronaCapital Nine Inch Nails, New Order, Chemical Brothers y the Jesus and Mary Chain, trapeen el suelo con todos los demás.


Haters are just mad it's not TDS version 345  Emunka33  4 star

You guys really need to get a new hobby, because this is good music. Do you really think that people who enjoy the music are really even giving you a second thought once the music starts? No. You're just mad desperate for attention.


What happened to Trent?  Z_Witzel  1 star

I’m disappointed at where NIN is going. As a fan for many years, it’s painful to write a negative review. We all want a return to that raw, hardcore and unbiased approach they took to original sounds, and it seems like they’ve devolved into a Radiohead spinoff. Reznor needs some tiger in his tank, because this stuff is watered down.


Very good single  TheRealSemaj  5 star

Don’t listen to the people who just want more generic edgy 90s music. This is actually artistic and interesting. He doesn’t have to be aggressive to make good music. In fact some of Trent’s best work has been is more moody avant- grade work. I will come back to this review when the album comes out

gnome machine

23 Skidoo meets later era Bowie  gnome machine  4 star

There was a point in which industrial music didn't sound like "industrial music" as we now know it. There were funky beats and lots of horns and reed instruments and Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA and 23 Skidoo were all putting out strange leftfield music that still sounds off-kilter 40 years later. This new single reminds me of those tracks, off-kilter and cool - with Trent doing vocals that are at his most Bowie-esque. I like it a lot and it re-ignited my passion for NIN (I loved How to Destroy Angels and actually usually wish for more of that than NIN as I feel Maqueen's voice is more flexible than Trent's), however here Reznor sounds different from before and interested in exploring new angles rather than releasing yet another version of "Come Back Haunted" (which all his last five albums have something that sounds similar to that vocal style). OK, I've rambled enough.


MOMA  Flakbait  3 star

NIN's music has gotten really abstract. It's almost like they're writting a score for a movie and then put vocals over it.


In Trent We Trust  DrXtreme  5 star

Time for some serious eargasms


Just bad  Jervice  1 star

If this song were made by anyone but Trent, it would never see the light of day, and for good reason. It sounds like it was culled from studio outtakes which weren't good enough to merit inclusion on prior albums. Boring, monotonous, and uninspired.


Nine Inch Fails  jdawgs  1 star

I pray the rest of this album is much more “closer” to God vs. “God break down the door😞

Fletch F. Fletch

Weak first singer  Fletch F. Fletch  1 star

Trent is legendary at this point but this tuneless single with awkward mumbling vocals is sadly very week.


A Ska Band rendition of a NIN song  gadlaw  3 star

This song on the first five listens sounds to me like a NIN cover done by a Ska Band as it imagines it was done be Soul Coughing. And I love Soul Coughing. After giving us The Downward Spiral and With Teeth I'm always willing to give Trent the benefit of the doubt and to support his music. I'm looking forward to the songs that tie this together in the usual angsty, metaphysical, etheral tone that I know and love. Trent Rezner has already beat the odds where a artist usually gives his best early then skates. Not Trent. Hope he can bring this one to his usual standards. This is not it yet.

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