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Bad Witch is the ninth studio album by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, released on June 22, 2018 through The Null Corporation.

Bad Witch by Nine Inch Nails Album Songs (6)

Shit MirrorNine Inch Nails 3:06USD 1.29
Ahead of OurselvesNine Inch Nails 3:30USD 1.29
Play the Goddamned PartNine Inch Nails 4:51USD 1.29
God Break Down the DoorNine Inch Nails 4:14USD 1.29
I'm Not from This WorldNine Inch Nails 6:41USD 1.29
Over and OutNine Inch Nails 7:49USD 1.29

Bad Witch Album Reviews


life is peachyWeBurn_WeLearn3 star

@maxxmacabre: closer by nine inch nails will always be a bop


NEŌ MAX BLOOMMaxCussons3 star

@maxxmacabre: closer by nine inch nails will always be a bop


Ashley Boyle {X}aboylesound3 star

@StephenHillBOI: You might be good. You may even be great. There’s a small chance you’re incredible. But you’ll never be Nine Inch Nails…


NIN the same unpredictable beast!  AllanCreswell  5 star

It’s hard for some people to except change and growth. NIN is still the same beast at heart, a beast that continues to grow! I have taken in all the new material with a open mind and absolutely love it. It takes me on a new journey to places the classics didn’t. That’s what I love about NIN. Every NIN era takes me somewhere different. This chain of EP’s is grown breaking and some of my favorite of all times. If you can handle the grown and need predictable music in your life just turn on the radio and join the masses.


God, don’t break down this door  NicknameForMe  1 star

Did David Bowie give vocals for this single? You’re Trent Rezner, try acting like it every album and again. Every new album seems to be getting worse and worse, such a shame. Come on man, go back to your roots. We’re all wanting it!


Reznor  Narciissus  5 star

NIN. Trent Reznor. Nine Inch Nails.

The Wolf At Your Door

Hot New Single  The Wolf At Your Door  5 star

So why does everyone hate this new song? It is incredible, Much better than the stuff on Add Violence. Trent is really pushing himself. I would know as I write and work with synths. This new song is HOT! And really shows his versatility! Bravo, can't wait for the rest of the EP!


Time to hang it up, Trent.  BunnehJules  1 star

No words, really. Just terrible.


Get over the past  zzzzzzz69  4 star

While I’ll begrudgingly admit that Add Violence is possibly the weakest NIN release to date, it was still better than the bulk of new music coming out in 2017. If God Break Down The Door sounds like David Bowie to some, I have to ask if that is a bad thing, particularly in this day and age? Is The influence of Bowie a bad thing for a middle aged creative? And why shouldn’t we, as fans, give him some space to experiment after nearly 30 years? Why should we expect 50-year-old Trent to be 25-year-old Trent? People change. Follow along or move on to whatever the latest craze is. Trent will keep on moving forward, whether or not you choose to follow him.


Well that was painful!!  Cink99  1 star

What in the Entire F#ck was this? I’ll check back next album I guess Life long fan confused

Silver Raider

Where is Trent?  Silver Raider  2 star

UGH! What has happened over the past several albums? This just sounds like a wash of unrealated audiotunned non-sense with Trent's vocals pasted on. Where is the dispair, anger, sharp bites and aggressive drops? I am too narrow minded for this 'discovery' non-sense. Bring back Hate Machine and Spiral!!!


Haters are just mad it's not TDS version 345  Emunka33  4 star

You guys really need to get a new hobby, because this is good music. Do you really think that people who enjoy the music are really even giving you a second thought once the music starts? No. You're just mad desperate for attention.


What happened to Trent?  Z_Witzel  1 star

I’m disappointed at where NIN is going. As a fan for many years, it’s painful to write a negative review. We all want a return to that raw, hardcore and unbiased approach they took to original sounds, and it seems like they’ve devolved into a Radiohead spinoff. Reznor needs some tiger in his tank, because this stuff is watered down.

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