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Ye (stylized as ye) is the eighth studio album by American rapper Kanye West. It was released on June 1, 2018. Ye is the second of five albums produced by West set to be released in the summer of 2018, with a seven-track album being released every week following the release of Pusha T's Daytona. The album succeeded the release of Daytona and preceded the release of West's collaboration with Kid Cudi titled Kids See Ghost, Nas' upcoming eleventh studio album, and Teyana Taylor's second studio album.

ye by Kanye West Album Songs (7)

I Thought About Killing YouKanye West 4:34USD 1.29
YikesKanye West 3:08USD 1.29
All MineKanye West 2:25USD 1.29
Wouldn't Leave (feat. PARTYNEXKanye West 3:25USD 1.29
No MistakesKanye West 2:03USD 1.29
Ghost Town (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOKanye West 4:31USD 1.29
Violent CrimesKanye West 3:35USD 1.29

ye Album Reviews


Ju  Ju54577436)435  5 star


Banjo lover/hater

Best yet  Banjo lover/hater  5 star

Ye is ❤️🔥❤️


Yawn!  AZguy29  1 star

Sounds the same to me!


I want artists with talent to take precedence over narcissists  PhyllinThisWay  1 star

I want artists with actual talent to take precedence over narcissists.


Falling  strtrvlr  1 star



Kanye's Most Personal Album  GODBRYCE  4 star

Kanye tackles many things on this album from being a father to thinking about killing you. It's a very impressive and outstanding album compared to Ye's other albums and the way you may've thought about him before. He seems to have taken off his mask to reveal his true personal thoughts in this album, and I couldn't have asked for a better album. With the shortness of the album, it's very catchy and experimental. To say that this album is a journey through Kanye's brain would be accurate, but who expected such a great outcome out of it. The low points, for me, would be Yikes and All Mine while Ghost Town, No Mistake and Violent Crimes are very high points. The features are great and Kanye's production is very stylistic, leaving a blue-green-ish tiny to the album. 4.5 / 5

Larissa Rivera

Ye’s making America great again  Larissa Rivera  5 star

Make yezzy great again


Whoop  rg3916  1 star

Whoopie whoop


Disappointment  zombie_8_brains  1 star

Garbage just like his way of thinking, a real let down.


Solid but not his best work  SychopathJC  5 star

I like 6 out of the 7 songs but none of these are standout in Kanyes discog. I think KSG is a much better album with more replay. Overall Kanye never disappoints with giving you something out of the box.


13 pilayjdefsoulmate3 star

@raphaslv: mano que papo é esse de kim kataguiri querer debater com o haddad essa aí nao e a mulher do kanye west kkkkkk??


Bokousobokouso3 star

@mejustclownin: Kanye West..So I can run myself into a brick wall..


Hit Musichitmustv3 star

Kanye West Returns To Twitter W/ Emotional Videos: "I Just Want To Talk About Mind Control" –


Fye🔥🔥  Willsnap24  5 star

Yo pierre!!


Team Trump  thisplaceisdeath  1 star

I love it. You’re now a part of MAGA. Team Dumb 👻! Now you got your TRUE alt-right-white fans!! I took a dump today that was better than this. “He goes LOW, WE go HIGH!” punk.


Great Album  landrose  5 star

Amazing Album.


This is depressing🤦🏽‍♀️  🍒🎈  1 star

This is the worst thing i’ve listened in 2018... this album shouldn’t even be in the iTunes Store... like bruh!😂


Lit  27monkey  5 star

He is back not that his other albums weren’t good but this is dope. Only certain people can relate.


Stay out  beaudaciousbean  1 star

Stay in LA ! We don’t want you in Wyoming!

Arctic Sounds

Yeezy  Arctic Sounds  5 star

Does it again man! Hits home! Not only will this get better with time but it is an inspiration to those with disorders to ride through and get better. I can relate to this album fully and spoke to my heart.


Horrible  Emmykk  1 star

This is gibberish, and not something the youth of America should be hearing or following. Awful.


Horrible  christos187  1 star

Go listen to Jedi mind tricks instead


...  gamer🍆  1 star

I only like one song

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