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Worst of albums  randulahemal  5 star

just mumbling and autotunes dont buy


Five Stars  JeauxNate  5 star

Such an extremely raw and even more authentic side to The Purple One. This is PRINCE.


One take  Wrenchb90  5 star

For those who say it’s songs you’ve already heard. You have to remember this was recorded all in one take in 1983. Also two of the songs 17 days and purple rain weren’t even release til 1984 so you get a preview of how he saw the songs before the finish version. The recording makes you feel like your in the room with just him and the piano


great...just a session  kleinjopie  4 star

If you really want to do Prince fans a favor...remaster and release the Black Album!...

{I.e represent}

YESSSS  {I.e represent}  5 star

Love this album! His voice sounds very coooool, the piano is perfect. Must have

Larry Pearson

This is great  Larry Pearson  5 star

What a great album, love the piano and miss the voice. I'm glad I got this.


Musician at work  etherealfunk  5 star

This resonates for the longtime fans. We get a peek into the infancy and development of some future classics. We also get a glimpse of how Prince worked early on. If this album was an introduction for a new listener, it probably would mean much. But, for the intiated, this is a special document from behind the scenes...


Love the album  Ashley99!  5 star

Thank you to his family for this treasure!!


YES!  Humanique  5 star

Nice to hear something different even if some recordings were released prior to his death. Miss the voice, the talent!


It's Like an EP :(  derbeagle  3 star

$4.99 would be a agood price for this. Not enough music otherwise....

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