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Lifers by Cody Jinks Album Songs (11)

Holy WaterCody Jinks 4:39USD 1.29
Must Be the WhiskeyCody Jinks 3:25USD 1.29
Somewhere Between I Love You aCody Jinks 3:35USD 1.29
LifersCody Jinks 3:27USD 1.29
Big Last NameCody Jinks 2:57USD 1.29
Desert WindCody Jinks 4:22USD 1.29
ColoradoCody Jinks 4:03USD 1.29
Can't Quit EnoughCody Jinks 3:17USD 1.29
7th FloorCody Jinks 4:39USD 1.29
StrangerCody Jinks 4:17USD 1.29
Head CaseCody Jinks 4:00USD 1.29

Lifers Album Reviews


This is country  Stoner-33  5 star

This is country at its purist, in a time where country is trying to become hip and mainstream this is what the genre was meant to be. I don’t it must be the whiskey but I will support Jinks in his journey to greatness.

Snausage Gonzalez

Fantastic  Snausage Gonzalez  5 star

I have been waiting for this album. Not disappointed. Desert Wind is a nice one. Must be the Whiskey just kills it. Hope to see him in concert soon.

The Blood Taker

REAL COUNTRY!!!!  The Blood Taker  5 star

No pop, no rap, no beat machines, just real country music with steel guitars and songs about life. This album is GREAT!

Big Rig 379

Outstanding  Big Rig 379  5 star

Top Shelf. Love this guy’s voice. Real country is alive and well


REAL COUNTRY MUSIC  Martinez78028  5 star

Love the new album, well worth the wait!


Another Winner  T-BONEOUR#1  5 star

He just keeps getting better. Great album


Always amazing  Flocker1862  5 star

Absolutely loving this album. I’ve seen Cody many times, 15 times last in 2017, he’s incredible live. I love his music, his morals, his ability to connect with everyone on different levels through his music. Never know what’s next, but always blown more away than I knew possible!


Love some Jinks! Flocker 614  rxtek06  5 star

Have followed Cody for 10 years and can’t wait to listen!!


10 of 10!  Jre1322  5 star

Jinks is the man! It’s about time for some real country music


Awesome!!  DYWVU  5 star

Jinks never fails, best active country artist there is!

G-Eazy fan 711

Passion  G-Eazy fan 711  5 star

This man puts everything he has into country music. One of the few keeping real country music alive and doing it while making hits.


4Lifer  mainders  5 star

Whooo hoooo!!! Looks like they’ve done it again!!! Awesome and can’t wait for the rest of album to be released!!! I’m one of their true LIFERS!!!! #Lifers

Hookem Tim

GOLDEN  Hookem Tim  5 star

It's Cody Jinks NUFF SAID. It'll be another great album. Can't wait for Friday to hear the rest.


I hate country music  Winniethepooh87  5 star

But this Cody Jinks is dang good! Takes me back to the old days of country music when it was good and not this pop rap crap that’s on the radio now


Mississippi  dwight1968  5 star

Never heard much from this guy and seen him in concert at the Choctaw Indian Fair in Mississippi and was hooked! This is the real country that we have left. Love the music. Please keep it going.

Farmer bry

Solid  Farmer bry  5 star

First time hearing this guy and this is country !


Gone Nashville  Redleg79  1 star

Seems like he’s lost the Texas vibe with this album. None of the songs catch my soul or have me thinking of them when I’m sitting around. Skip this album and listen to one from his catalog.

Trill Vato

Texas Country at its finest  Trill Vato  5 star

Cody Jinks never disappoints.

hoppermc1 music!?  hoppermc1  5 star

It really does still exist. Can we please get more like this and less like Aldean?


Needs a 6 start rating  thrasher0311  5 star

It doesn’t disappoint.

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