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Misery by The Amity Affliction Album Songs (12)

Ivy (Doomsday)The Amity Affliction 3:39USD 1.29
Feels Like I'm DyingThe Amity Affliction 3:39USD 1.29
Holier Than HeavenThe Amity Affliction 4:06USD 1.29
Burn AliveThe Amity Affliction 3:28USD 1.29
MiseryThe Amity Affliction 3:54USD 1.29
Kick RocksThe Amity Affliction 3:20USD 1.29
Black CloudThe Amity Affliction 3:47USD 1.29
D.I.EThe Amity Affliction 3:14USD 1.29
Drag the LakeThe Amity Affliction 3:31USD 1.29
Beltsville BluesThe Amity Affliction 3:29USD 1.29
Set Me FreeThe Amity Affliction 3:30USD 1.29
The GifthorseThe Amity Affliction 3:22USD 1.29

Misery Album Reviews


Eh  Icie3  3 star

Wish they’d create a different style, but good


Alwaysforever  Debra2610  5 star

These guys are the best, love them so much!!!! I never get tired of hearing them no matter what day it is they will always be my go to music. This new album sounds amazing already and has me so excited I can’t wait to hear more!!!!


Yup  Hardcore_Parkour  5 star

The Amity Affliction has killed it with their single, can’t wait for future you have in store


Yessssss  Forest1315  5 star

Excited for another great album by this band. Good song as a first release!!!!


Omg  Gfjjjxxx  5 star

Can’t wait

Carrot 47

Really good  Carrot 47  5 star

Been a fan since the beginning, and this song along with the official video is amazing. So proud!


No Words  Skatehero77  5 star

No words can be expressed how much TAA has helped me in my life. I saw them live and it was one of the best days of my life to see my heroes. Their lyrics help people through so much and this album is going to be one of the best ! Thank TAA for making another masterpiece (Ivy). I am counting down the days to hear this full album! #taaforlife


Really different  MooreFam04  5 star

A lot different from there previous albums. Taking a direction towards bmth in a way. As long as the entire album isn't like this I'm happy. But still a good song.

Jordan Hershberger

Thank You  Jordan Hershberger  5 star

The Amity Affliction has helped me through a lot of hard times lately. I am so happy that they are releasing another album. It’s going to be fantastic

Carson Cagle 324

TAA  Carson Cagle 324  5 star

Great single Amity has helped me through a lot and I’m glad to see there is a new album!! I’m so excited can’t wait for August 24 got it pre ordered and everything! Love you guys!!!

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