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Misery by The Amity Affliction Album Songs (12)

Ivy (Doomsday)The Amity Affliction 3:39USD 1.29
Feels Like I'm DyingThe Amity Affliction 3:39USD 1.29
Holier Than HeavenThe Amity Affliction 4:06USD 1.29
Burn AliveThe Amity Affliction 3:28USD 1.29
MiseryThe Amity Affliction 3:54USD 1.29
Kick RocksThe Amity Affliction 3:20USD 1.29
Black CloudThe Amity Affliction 3:47USD 1.29
D.I.EThe Amity Affliction 3:14USD 1.29
Drag the LakeThe Amity Affliction 3:31USD 1.29
Beltsville BluesThe Amity Affliction 3:29USD 1.29
Set Me FreeThe Amity Affliction 3:30USD 1.29
The GifthorseThe Amity Affliction 3:22USD 1.29

Misery Album Reviews


Still great!  bpc55238  5 star

Amazing album. I know they decided to do some new things and I think it really worked!


Downward spiral  Apps4lyfe  2 star

The departure of Troy Brady really marked the downfall of this band. I saw TAA live in 2015 and it was sold out, there was crowdsurfing from start to finish, and the show was a total blast to say the least. They had an amazing live sound and played almost everything from Let the Ocean Take Me. Fast forward to 2016 after the relese of This Could Be Heartbreak and I saw them live again. Not sold out, the entire band seemed bored onstage, hardly anybody was crowdsufing and when they brough the acoustic guitar out thats when I called it quits. It was a total 360 from their show a year prior. I'm not sure if this is just what happens when bands get older and tire out, but it's truly sad. These new songs lack excitment, the guitar and drums are easy and boring and there is no climax to any of their songs. To be honest i'm not sure how they are even going to perform any of these electronic songs live. Press play on the computer and sit back? It's truly a shame becuase these are talented guys they just didn't stick to what they were good at.


This album does not disappoint  AshCarb  5 star

Love love LOVE these guys!


Disappointed  Ricky7780  1 star

I love TAA. everything before his album I could play on repeat and NEVER get tired of it. But this?? Wth is this garbage? Ivy is trash. Feels like I’m dying is right behind it. This is not TAA that I know and love. Funny thing is hey sound so much like Bring me the horizon, which I LOVE! But a more generic BMTH. Overall, I will not buy this album.


Not Feeling It  Marmaduke82  1 star

W.T.F.I.T.? Been with you guys for quite some time, but can’t get behind this. I don’t know what went behind this new style of music, but it’s not TAA. You guys had a nice little niche that worked for you and the fans, that’s no more. Good luck, I’m jumping off the TAA train. Hope you prove me wrong.


Was worried at first  Kokolaquesha  5 star

But this album did not disappoint. I read some prior reviews about the entire album, but after listening to it first hand, I was blown away. So good, so emotional. Just amazing.


Refreshing Change  nosurvivors000  5 star

As a fan of Amity since chasing ghosts, it was very difficult at first to adjust to the toned Down, electronic sounds, but after some open mindedness I thoroughly enjoyed the album, front to back. It breaks away from what we all knew as amity affliction, but has flashes of the vintage, and now the future, mature amity.


Surpassed Expectations!  NoobNugget247  5 star

YOU CAN DRAG THE LAKE, BUT YOU WONT FIND ME! I love this album, then again I’ve always loved TAA 🖤


TAA  12audi12  5 star

This album is a beautiful work of art, both of their voices sound like angles. It’s a little different but they crushed it. 10/10 will be listening to this for a while. Well done boys


Love it  crymsonwolf_115  5 star

songs are amazing keep up the great work. love the new feels in the music. for those of you expecting the same sound out of every album.. thats what makes music generic. adapting and trying out new things is what keeps times going. plus on top of that true fans will stick by no matter the cost. feeling something for the music is key. but also remember the feelings going into the music. singer/songwritters feel it more when they finally sing their true feelings out


KilljoyNuggetMcNugeton3 star

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Party Man Stans Queer Eyeptvjalexwentz3 star

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I'm Gay For Tom FeltonCleftIsTrash3 star

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Did I mention I like Turtles?  Turtlemanz06  5 star

,@,O <------ turtle


Let’s get it!  Dotz8  5 star

These guys are so talented! They just continue to impress!


Nutting  bunced1  5 star

Please. Give me.


Blown away  Zack.  5 star

So I’ve been listening to this band since “Let The Ocean Take Me” and thought that album was a phenomenal piece of work with the instrumentals and vocals. “This Could Be Heartbreak” was meh in my opinion with a few exceptions like “Fight My Regret.” But “Ivy (Doomsday)” has completely blown me out the water and I honestly can’t wait for the new album. 🤘🏻


Looooove!  It’sMeIt’sToddKraines!  5 star

Waited so long for more music from them and this sounds amazing, cant wait for the rest


Yes!  NYrangersFAN24  5 star

They’re back!


Great effin news!  FranxQ  5 star

Man ! I am so glad they decided to make another album. The single is awesome. Hoping to see you guys in Europe this year! Keep up the great music!


TAA Review  dunn122198  5 star

After hearing the first new single from the album i am very very impressed and intrigued by the sound of the band and as much as i love Ryan Burt i also am completely shook by the new drummer and im glad to hear him on their new album truly astonishing boys

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