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Introitfor KING & COUNTRY 1:22USD 1.29
joy.for KING & COUNTRY 3:53USD 1.29
God Only Knowsfor KING & COUNTRY 3:49USD 0.69
Amenfor KING & COUNTRY 3:47USD 1.29
Burn The Shipsfor KING & COUNTRY 4:36USD 1.29
Fight On, Fighterfor KING & COUNTRY 3:38USD 1.29
Need You Morefor KING & COUNTRY 3:36USD 1.29
Controlfor KING & COUNTRY 4:26USD 1.29
Never Give Upfor KING & COUNTRY 3:46USD 1.29
Hold Herfor KING & COUNTRY 4:04USD 1.29
Pioneers (feat. Moriah & Courtfor KING & COUNTRY 5:23USD 1.29

Burn The Ships Album Reviews


INCREDIBLE album  Cats213  5 star

Absolutely LOVE For KING & COUNTRY and am blessed to be one of their ambassadors. 10/10. AMAZING.

Draco's Grandma

Amazing & Uplifting  Draco's Grandma  5 star

Joel & Luke have never disappointed. Their music is real. It’s uplifting and encouraging. I feel God’s Presence whenever I listen to their music, which is a daily thing. Their love for Jesus shines through their words and melodies. I highly recommend all of their music!! ❤️❤️❤️


.  tendai07  5 star

Good stuff


OUTSTANDING  Susmar  5 star

for KING & COUNTRY does it again!! All of their albums are incredible! But I think that Burn The Ships tops my favorite!! Everyone of the songs has an incredible message behind it and they are fun to dance to! And if you need some joy in your day today I definitely recommend listening to “joy”!


Can’t stop listening!  Thmat0125  5 star

All the songs on here are incredible. It’s an album of joy, hope, strength and God’s love for all

I am a Mikstas

FINALLY  I am a Mikstas  5 star

this album is so inspirational, we need Him more, and it’s a joy to listen to, and God only knows you


awesome abulm  Recoveringinchrist  5 star

this albulm is awesome . all the songs minster to me and remind me of the great god we serve. i am grteatful that they stand for purity.


Such meaningful songs!!  Shanlorenz  5 star

I love this album!


Greatest Job  bob1;$  5 star

Keep up the good work, For King and Country! I love this album, especially God Only Knows, Burn the Ships and Control! I love how you let God's Word shine through to all who hear these amazing songs. I for sure am coming to your concert April 4th in Michigan. Hope to meet you there...I'm a huge fan!!! Great work !


New favorite  Colorshine5  5 star

What a blessing this is. I think anyone can identify with their lyrics. My kids and I love this album! We sing it on the way to school! As a Christian their music touches me deeply and I’m grateful for their music. As a non musical person but a music lover even I can appreciate the artist quality and creativity. This isn’t your usual album. I can’t stop listening to it!


#NoExcuse!✊MaparaK153 star

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huertaRhuerta_703 star

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Absolutely Amazing!  lexik_  5 star

FK&C creates yet another album that does not disappoint by any means! Such a beautifully composed album with amazing messages! 10/10

Nathan 2.0

Beautifully crafted masterpiece  Nathan 2.0  5 star

This is such a beautiful and amazing album! It has so much emotion packed into each song. I cried the first time I heard the title track “Burn the Ships” because it’s a beautiful reminder that God’s grace is available to anyone and that you can leave your past behind and live a new way.


Can I Give More Than Five?  ForKing&CountryIsAwesome  5 star

This album is amazing. It’s so different (in a great way) from everything else you hear on the radio and I’m obsessed! I’ve been waiting so long for this to come out and it’s finally here! Ah! Again, good job For King & Country! You guys rock!


This is my favorite band ever!!!!!!  BIGGEST FAN of FK&C  5 star

I love this band!!! It makes me so happy when I listen to for king and county. Their new album is the best. I really advise buying it. For king and county if you see this I LOVE YOU GUYS and I hope I can meet you one day. ❤️😃🙏


Hope I’m the first one!!  My1HeartOfMusic  5 star

I’m probably not the first one to write a review for when their album came out, but who cares! I’ve been waiting for this for so long and now that it’s out, I’m happy with it. Most of the song are cool, and they give huge meanings. A couple like Control and Need You More are okay I suppose. A bit repetitive but still okay. Some of the songs sound a little like tunes I’ve already heard from others songs, but it’s still great and the message is what counts. Joy, Burn the Ships, and Never Give Up are my favs. And I love that they sang with their wives in Pioneers! That’s sweet and sounds wonderful. Keep it up you guys! God bless you, your family, and your journey though music and life! ❤️🙏🏻


Beautiful atmosphere  Caiptainawesomepants  5 star

They did such an awesome job with this new album! It has a creative and uplifting feel throughout every song.


AMAZING  Worthella  5 star

I love every song! They are absolutely amazing and incredible!

Darren's girl09

Burn The Ships!!  Darren's girl09  5 star

Thank you for King & Country for such beautiful music with a powerful meaning! Music to help encourage us, bring us closer to God, and to help us look at the future without fear! My children and I absolutely love your new album! It has been on repeat since midnight. Thank you and congratulations! 🎉🎉

2018 April

Burn the Ships  2018 April  5 star


Jerry Ranklin

Epic!  Jerry Ranklin  5 star

The songs, sounds, and music videos are truly epic. Love it.

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