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Rainier Fog is the sixth studio album by the American rock band Alice in Chains, released on August 24, 2018, through BMG, the band's first release on the label.[1] The title was inspired by Mount Rainier, a volcano that overlooks the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area, and the title track is a tribute to the Seattle music scene.[8] This is the band's third album with William DuVall as lead vocalist sharing vocals duties with Jerry Cantrell, and the first Alice in Chains album in 22 years to be recorded in their hometown of Seattle.

Rainier Fog by Alice In Chains Album Songs (10)

The One You KnowAlice In Chains 4:49USD 1.29
Rainier FogAlice In Chains 5:01USD 1.29
Red GiantAlice In Chains 5:25USD 1.29
FlyAlice In Chains 5:18USD 1.29
DroneAlice In Chains 6:30USD 1.29
Deaf Ears Blind EyesAlice In Chains 4:44USD 1.29
MaybeAlice In Chains 5:36USD 1.29
So Far UnderAlice In Chains 4:33USD 1.29
Never FadeAlice In Chains 4:40USD 1.29
All I AmAlice In Chains 7:15USD 1.29

Rainier Fog Album Reviews

Some Guy87

Bland and boring  Some Guy87  1 star

This album disgusts me with how bland and boring it is. Can't even make it from beginning to end without skipping tracks half way through, because its so pathetically and disgustingly boring. I hate this album and I know they are better than this garbage.


I really don't like this album.  asm375  1 star

I've been a fan of Alice In Chains since their debut. I'm also a musician and have been a music teacher for 18 years. I usually don't go out of my way to write reviews and I have the belief that if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it. However, I am taking time to write this review because it has been a lonmg time since I've been so disappointed in an album. The songs have no hooks and seem to meander in a haze of repetition (the riffs are also uninspired and lack creativity). What is the point in having William DuVall as a singer? Jerry Cantrell is constantly harmonizing the vocals throughout the album. It really doesn't sound like there's a lead singer. Lastly, the production is dismal at best. The vocals are buried in the mix (I'm also fatigued of the same vocal production) and there isn't much separation between the instruments. It all sounds muddy. This album seems like an excuse to generate hype, a reason to get back on tour, and an uninspired session that has left me with an awful taste in my mouth. It may be time for retirement.


AlC is in danger of becoming redundent  Definitelyarocker  1 star

Let me be clear I love AIC, all of the material with Layne Staley was for the most part fantastic. Black Gives Way to Blue had a lot of great things as well, it wasnt a masterpiece but it had a mix of material. But than entered the next album after that, The Devil Put Dinosaurs here and maybe even this album, where the material, with the vocals and the music sound exactly the same as the last song. Come on guys, I love you guys but wheres the creativity wheres the pushing the boundaries of music. I shouldnt listen to something and get bored. I am going to buy this because I own everything else, but please dont make me regret it. I dont want another AIC album to be put in the back of my album collection, just so I can pull out Facelift, Dirt, and AIC out again. Update: sure enough bumped it back 2 more stars, sounds exactly like the last 2 albums previously. Zero creative output at all, completely boring.


Just  Mowerman1981  4 star

Scuttle uvula fo b


Um?!  EZiur74  3 star

Love the band and there’s good stuff here. The problem for me is the mid tempo redundancy. Last couple records I’ve pined for something uptempo ala “Fear the Voices”, “Would” etc. I suppose some more spins and I’ll get ahold of it. The best songs are the Sapish ones.

Miracle rose Williams

Ranks Extremely High!!  Miracle rose Williams  5 star

This album is literally THE album of the year on all accounts for me. Drone is one of their new best songs along with Deaf Ears’, So Far Under and The One You Know. Also the first Alice In Chains record with a Black cover ranks among the bands best records without a doubt. Buy a CD, Vinyl, and digital if you please copy of this album PRONTO!!


Still top of the rock food chain.  Samuraipudding  5 star

Grew up listening to AIC, love the old stuff and love the new. Growing up in the PNW they still capture the feel and vibe of the region that helped shape their sound. No filler here. A must own forany rock and metal fan. Support quality, well-written heavy music and purchase now.

A.I.C. Fan

I just keep smiling listening to this!  A.I.C. Fan  5 star

A proper release! Good solid hard rock. Pays some homage to the past but treads forward to the future. Hail to the Chains!!!


Good stuff!  Nicromancer1974  4 star

I am digging it! Not their best work, but still good stuff! Grows on you the more you listen to it, so give it a chance!


Yesss  brenster26  5 star

The One You Know rocks 🤘


CatInTheSnowTabbyCatSavage3 star

@AliceInChains: Alice in Chains x @Korn. Summer 2019 North American Tour. Tickets available now at | #KORNAIC ht…


Zyad AshrafZyadAshraf1503 star

@Broken_Harp_ Alice In Chains is my favorite band of all time


Dora Sellasellatheodora3 star

[ Του Χρήστου Καλλιμάνη ] Εκείνες οι στιγμές, ευχάριστες και τραγικές, που ανάγουν τους Alice In Chains σε μία από…


The closest to the old era  SweetHomeChicago96  5 star

AIC manages on Rainier Fog to reach back to the sounds of their first three albums, but still maintains the path they’ve been on. The self titled song and Drones have to be my favourites from this record.


New AIC, yet old feel  rYanRuLesDoOd  5 star

It’s definitely newer age rock, but has such a nice touch of that classic AIC feel. So Far Under is one of the sickest songs I’ve heard in a long time. Drone & The One You Know stand out to me as other great songs. Great addition to the AIC vault.


Reviews before album needs to stop  Gus(bus)  5 star

This album is great and I recommend it for any AiC fan. One issue I have is that most of the reviews for this album came out before the album was even released. There is a one star on here despite the person not listening to the album. You can’t review something you haven’t heard. Otherwise this album is great. I’d recommend tracks such as “fly” and “maybe” if you are looking for a Jar of Flies vibe or the song “So Far Under” for a more Dirt/Tripod tone.


Good, but...  TRIM57  3 star

...the album sounds like one long song.


Obviously  HollyAnnDenick  5 star

Always great


AIC!!  ShawnD1234  5 star

Wow..... they kill it on every song! I’ve been waiting for this album for months so glad it’s finally here! AIC is and always will be favorite, so glad they’re still putting out great music!


Drone  zbugman  5 star

By far the best song on the album IMO. Love the whole album but Drone rocks hard!!


Love it!  Jones810  5 star

The album really sounds like AIC is going back to their roots. Sounds like a jar of flies mixed with black gives way to blue and I think it’s the perfect match!!


ILLUMINATI  Angeluz3300  1 star

Very illuminati


Just can’t  NewYorkRaider  1 star

Every song since the last album with Layne I feel myself waiting for that scream that never comes, it just feels like the songs are incomplete without that raspy scream layne brought. I understand the show must go on but I just find myself wondering how much better these songs would be if Mr.Staley was still with us. Just makes me go back to the old stuff. RIP Layne!

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