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Rainier Fog is the sixth studio album by the American rock band Alice in Chains, released on August 24, 2018, through BMG, the band's first release on the label.[1] The title was inspired by Mount Rainier, a volcano that overlooks the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area, and the title track is a tribute to the Seattle music scene.[8] This is the band's third album with William DuVall as lead vocalist sharing vocals duties with Jerry Cantrell, and the first Alice in Chains album in 22 years to be recorded in their hometown of Seattle.

Rainier Fog by Alice In Chains Album Songs (10)

The One You KnowAlice In Chains 4:49USD 1.29
Rainier FogAlice In Chains 5:01USD 1.29
Red GiantAlice In Chains 5:25USD 1.29
FlyAlice In Chains 5:18USD 1.29
DroneAlice In Chains 6:30USD 1.29
Deaf Ears Blind EyesAlice In Chains 4:44USD 1.29
MaybeAlice In Chains 5:36USD 1.29
So Far UnderAlice In Chains 4:33USD 1.29
Never FadeAlice In Chains 4:40USD 1.29
All I AmAlice In Chains 7:15USD 1.29

Rainier Fog Album Reviews


Good stuff!  Nicromancer1974  4 star

I am digging it! Not their best work, but still good stuff! Grows on you the more you listen to it, so give it a chance!


Yesss  brenster26  5 star

The One You Know rocks 🤘


HELL YEAH!!  Will_79  5 star

Love the new album!! Going to see AIC in two weeks! Keep it going man!


Another solid album  Guitarguy86!  4 star

Alice is in a different format since the passing of great frontman Layne Staley. Some will not get over that fact and that’s fine. But the band has evolved. Instead of having imitation they’ve gone with innovation with their past 3 albums. William doesn’t sing with the same amount of power that Layne did but harmonizes with Jerry beautifully and adds something more to the mix. Where they lack they more than make up with their dueling guitar work and vocal layering. As a band they’ve never faltered in the song writing department and this album is no exception. Rainier Fog, Red Giant and Never Fade are probably going to be my favorites for this album but it is a very solid album as a whole. I’m grateful they are still chugging along


AIC never disappoint  jkend00q  5 star

Just another in a long line of great records. The sludgy riffs and serpentine harmonies continue the Alice tradition. The One You Know, Fly, So Far Under, Never Fade all great new additions to their discography. And All I Am is already one of my favorite Alice tunes.


Awesome!  Drummerguyron  5 star

AiC always deliver stellar music. But I have to admit this album is stronger than the previous release. This will be on repeat for a while.


Another quality release  Springfeeeel  4 star

Now with 3 awesome additions to their discography post-Layne Staley era.


SOLID from start to finish  TaylorMesa  5 star

Such a great album all the way through. Definitely some new direction on this album-just enough to keep it fresh, but still retains the AIC foundation. SO worth the wait!!!!


Not good  UDarnTootin  1 star

Worst album for sure by these living legends. Not a single good song. I will still be going to their concerts and listening to the old stuff.


?  Grandmasboy2010  2 star

Why does every album have to have occult symbolism on it?


southpaw ☘_SetTheHook_3 star

@mileskahn 1990. Alice In Chains opening for the hair band McAuley Schenker Group at First Ave. in Minneapolis.


Dick GraysonAxxlHB3 star

Verga con el trailer de The Punisher con Would? de Alice in Chains


Brenna Kightbrenna_kight3 star

If you can’t go from Marty Robbins to Alice In Chains don’t even get in the vehicle with me. 🤷🏻‍♀️


ILLUMINATI  Angeluz3300  1 star

Very illuminati


Just can’t  NewYorkRaider  1 star

Every song since the last album with Layne I feel myself waiting for that scream that never comes, it just feels like the songs are incomplete without that raspy scream layne brought. I understand the show must go on but I just find myself wondering how much better these songs would be if Mr.Staley was still with us. Just makes me go back to the old stuff. RIP Layne!


Solid  MissBelou  5 star

They never disappoint. Another deep record.


Jar Of Flies 2.0  Artman706  5 star

I hear a lot of AIC’s Jar Of Flies here...it was one of my favorites...granted there are some hard ones too...overall, pleased with this album... thanks guys


About time  akbrowncoat  4 star

Definitely a more methodical album with tracks like “All I am” and “fly”. “Never fade” and “So far under” balance out the predominantly Mellow style of this album. Versatile and yet familiar. Welcome back guys.

DL Rock

Absolutely Flawless!  DL Rock  5 star

This is SOOOOO GOOOD! Reminds me of early AIC, just more polished. Great Job, they never disappoint!


Another Fantastic Album  gormar  5 star

Jerry & co. just can't disappoint, ans the reviews show it - except for the unavoidable few Laney whiners & losers. Epic album.


Just what the doctor ordered...  GGCOOLG  5 star

I can always count on Alice in Chains to ground me in the present day.


What do u think..  PDC$$  5 star

5 stars. Most music now is trash except Chains


Layne’s legacy carries on  tweeterfish  5 star

Even though Layne passed away, he still lives through this band. This album sounds good and I’m sure Layne gives his blessing. Cannot wait to hear the rest of it

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