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Bonjour...  Oldboyla  5 star

#perfect 💯👊🏽💥😎🎧

44th street

Better than Illmatic  44th street  5 star

You might not appreciate this at first listen because you’ll get side tracked by seeing that the project only have 7 tracks. However once you dive in to it you will be consumed by the sonic production and lyrical greatness, this is the best album that Nas has done hands down...a true masterpiece.

Project Pratt

Skinny jean rappers need to study up!  Project Pratt  5 star

Nas is the greatest MC to touch the Mic! Lonzo & Lavar can eat a C======D! Comparing the God to trash rappers. Work on your 10 pt/game avg and fugly Payless shoes. Don’t comment on music unless it’s girl talk. I don’t know what’s wrong with these young cats. Skinny pants and auto tunes singin! Respect the God! Adam and Eve is brilliance! Wish Ross could have dropped a few beats b/c Nas always slays those Ross records but it’s still true to the game!

Mark Boyadjian

I needed this  Mark Boyadjian  5 star

Whole album is strong from front the back. Best album of the year

Career Minded

G.O.A.T HANDS DOWN!!!!!!  Career Minded  5 star

5 Mics. GOAT HANDS!!! Content is Superb and Much Needed!!!!


Smashing  Shango1615  5 star

The album is tight and consise and devoid of filler tracks that would have done nothing but slow the pacing. And Nas is ever ready to dispense valuable knowledge and insight into the African-American condition, especially in present times.


Disappointing  QueenNef---  1 star

Not even worth the 7 tracks


No Words!!! Except..G.O.A.T.!!!  muzie  5 star

Waited so long!!! Well worth it!!!

ToNY C Valentine6886

NASIR  ToNY C Valentine6886  5 star

Illmatic2018, Solidification of KING NASIR JONES, iz tha #UNO, of MC'N.... nuff RESPECT 2 CHI- TOWN ILLA, KANYE WEST, I'm from MADISON ILLA, down in EAST SAINT LOU. OCTOBER 5, QUEEN LAURYN HILL, ESCO,It'z on G. This CD iz KRACKIN'.. GOD BLESS.💯


Nas, I need you to make a movie brother.  Truth3  5 star

Nas pls make a movie telling the world the truth about how those try to re-write history to keep us suppressed


#SuperSuperficial ∞EvelynRomina43 star

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Sagai jrnas_sagai3 star

@torylanez: Make sure you stayed prayed up out here .... it’s a nasty world .


LuanzitoLuuanCaarlos3 star

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Typical NAS  St.J10  5 star

Nas came strong with this album. But I wouldn't expect anything less.... You did it again my man!!! I would definitely give you more than 5 f'in stars. Great collaborations on this album.


Keeps you thinking  OK853359  5 star

This is one that will grow on you Give it more than three listens and you will see the genius


King Nas.  Nickteezy809809  5 star

GOAT. Simple and plain.

Muvi kritik

On Repeat Since Release  Muvi kritik  4 star

Truthfully, I was not fully felling this album on my initial listen. But I will not use the term that it “grew on me”. No I grew the more I listened. I heard more and understood what was being said. Secondly, the production compliments what is being said. It is waaay to early to call anything a classic. This work is beyond solid. I love it more everyday day. This is a must listen and treasure for ANY hip hop head


🔥🔥🔥🔥  Teirah  5 star

Dope album! Nas delivers again!


Nas is back  tha_DIVAniikkiid  5 star

10’s all across the board, this album buries the Carters = no competition


Nas is the GOAT  Twon$  4 star

Nas comes with it every time. Beats are crisp and lyrics are on point and he never disappoints. I just wish I had 7 more songs but maybe he won’t take 6 years for the next classic. True Nas heads need that every 2-3 years. Life is to short to wait that long.


This is What's Missing  Rockheem783  5 star

Yeah 2018 still got the illmatic music out here. Dope Cut.

Fan of KB

Clean version??  Fan of KB  1 star

Where's the clean version?????


Below Average  craigprince  1 star

Expected more from an album that takes thus long to release....

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