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Nasty Nas  Mannie617  5 star



Not feelin it  Bobbycdog  1 star

Rhymes are good but over all songs aren’t very good at all. And his message just doesn’t make sense.


Expected more  Anaheimplayer  2 star

The album was meh!... you would think because Kanye produced the album would be better but it’s mediocre at best c for effort


One of the GOATs  TBuckey  5 star

Nas does not fail to deliver on this one! It’s hard to skip any of the songs because of the content and production. He has you thinking a lot on this LP and has some bangers as well. Kanye kills it on both the production and lyrical content. Most definitely a must-listen!

student dre994

He usually drop in September  student dre994  5 star

You know a rapper is great if you end up replaying the album several times, then go to the old albums. One mic💪🏽


Amazing  hhsjejejeud  5 star

One of the best NAS albums to date


Classic  mdotbeezy  5 star

This is why nas is the goat flawless

eDro foSho

Coulda been something special  eDro foSho  2 star

Nas has bars and ye has beats of course but the two don’t mix well.


At least Nas is Nas .. I respect that.  luciensarti  2 star

This album and its tracks sound like Nas is rapping and someone is behind him changing a radio to different stations. The music is all over the place, times have really changed.


As Always  MrsGiavonniB  5 star

I love this body of work! I love the content and how the works are constructed in a whole. Don’t have it ? Well go get it it’s fire


Lais_laisnetto3 star

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lena🇭🇷 / mutuals pinnedtragichanel3 star

@exactlyjensen: also thanks to this legend koja nas je okupila @tragichanel -17.7.2018 ulazi u povijest i to je čaj …


HustlaHolidayHolidayHustla3 star

@eleven8 I went to the Nas & Lauryn Hill concert last year and her set was THE WORST. I really only went to see Nas…

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