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Goodbye & Good Riddance Album Reviews


Best  flanguni  5 star

It’s the best song ever

fay love

Masterpiece  fay love  5 star

Love lucid dreams

Adam V :)

A future Rap Legend- Hear me out  Adam V :)  5 star

A lot of reviews on here are saying this is an absolute masterpiece. I don’t think it’s a masterpiece, but I do think that Juice WRLD is definitely on his way to having a masterpiece on his hands and becoming a rap/hip hop legend. There are some exceptional tracks on this project, Lucid dreams is probably his most famous song that people know. But “Long gone” and “Lean wit me” are equally as good. I also like the fact that I can understand what he is saying. Definitely kudos. I like juice wrld, he has his own style he is his own artist. If he is this good now and keep in mind he’s not even at the top of his game, then when the time comes he will be in the status of legend. Now this is a personal opinion not an opinion of many. So take it with a grain of salt.

National Rating Company

Bruh straight fire  National Rating Company  5 star


trin 😍😘😜

Lucid dreams  trin 😍😘😜  5 star

I love that song😍😘😜🤪😎😋


Garbage  zllah  1 star

Garbage crybaby rap


I love lucid dreams so much ♥️😘😍🍕  neeniebopper  5 star

Love this song so much 😍♥️🍕😘

no bev

Amazing album  no bev  5 star

Nothing wrong with this and I like every song on here


Ya’ll needa stop hatin  SeanMcCune0815  5 star

Juice WRLD is a legend!!! Quit hatin on him sayin just another mumble rapper or this is crap. This is just as great as any XXXTENTACION album. It expresses so many thoughts and feelings!!! Some people can actually relate with this stuff. If u had been through half the crap this guys been through ya’ll would understand. JUICD WRLD IS A LEGEND.


Going to see Juice WRLD live  RootBeerPlayz  5 star

This album is straight heat everyone should listen to it. I’m going to the powerhouse in Philly on October 26 with him, lil Uzi, meek mill, etc


Lifecom RadioLifecomRadio3 star

#NowPlaying Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)(1) on,uk


Aiden🐍bxx_aiden3 star

@_FatNick: Juice wrld is one of the best artist ever 100% Robbery makes me want to cry and fuckign relapse (not gonna ) but holy shit…


LetsLiveRadio.comLetsLiveRadio3 star

Juice WRLD - Armed and Dangerous

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