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HES RIGHT THERE  mike138ram  5 star

slow it down wiz its on fire wiz but make more high flow!!!!


🐉  ShardyPantz  5 star

4 years is well worth the wait. Thank you khalifa Man, Mr. Cap, Leroy🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

great but fix needed

Great  great but fix needed  5 star

I had spent money on another album for a car trip but I had bought this for the ride back and was disappointed in buying the other one this one fire


Consistently great!!  patrick578989  4 star

Wiz always comes through with some quality music !! #TGOD


L  Krivo92  5 star



Yawn  dmbfanatic09  2 star

Waited 7 years for RP2. Hardly a “classic”. Everything sounds the same, still rappin bout gin, drugs and BJs. Eh


Straight fire  Tonyf4life  5 star

Love this dude , and the whole albums fire, money well spent, keep putting on those bangers. Oh ya a throw out mumble rappers 🤙🏼


Disgrace  Erock89  1 star

Furthest thing from music. Pro-drug crap. Total disgrace that this message is acceptable,


Every song on this album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥  DustyOurso  5 star

I’ve always like Wiz and he definitely killed it with this one


😴😴😴  Nonsense209  3 star

Sounds like this should of been a mix tape


The Viral Tubertheviraltuberr3 star

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7


JuliaMissJuliaz3 star

Coolin & booted-kodak Luv me never- wifisfuneral Black and yellow- wiz khalifa U can have it all-JRDN Anybody-speak…


FR4NCO DE AMÉRICA ⚪🔴⚪🏆FrancoMunicoy3 star

@_henryborda: Wiz Khalifa- See you again

ryan oldy

Reminds me of 2010ish  ryan oldy  5 star

Good rap music , unique beats , and those wiz punchlines . 25 song project that will be remebered.


Loved it  Quilipz  5 star

There some tracks some people will skip but I love 20 out of the 25 tracks so far. The skip panel tracks are rain, 420 freestyle, king, going hard, and real rich (I liked real rich as a single but not in context of this album)

Hoss Town

420  Hoss Town  5 star



Terrible  ADAOP  1 star

More garbage.


Rolling Papers 2 🐉🍃💨  King_Timmy0429  5 star

As always wiz mix his style with the new age rap but he still have his old style rap with its.

SG JORDANNNN!!!!!!!!$@

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥  SG [email protected]  5 star

Good Album Wiz


🔥  ThisisMrDeeds  5 star

Summer high music.



This is firrrre. Wiz can still spit. Got some prince of the city vibes. I’m happy he put Chevy woods on this.


👌👌👌  Lil'pootie101  5 star

WIZ IS BACK! All his singles were good, which lead up to this masterpiece. Keep it coming!!!!


I’ll respect the past and remember the definition of who I’m listening to  zacmak04  4 star

First of all you’re going to have to remind yourself that Wiz has been known to live without anything bothering him, almost anything that can wear someone down he finds a way to push past that and focus on his definition of success and growth, and I’ve always loved that about him. Fast forward through his very long career and you can see his decline as mainstream switches into its most non lyrical format to ever exist. His rhymes are becoming repetitive enough for a fan to feel like he is losing his touch, maybe a younger audience will let him continue his transitions for a few more years. You used to be my favorite artist hands down and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have found the music I listen to now. I still see a few songs here and there that make me still respect you but I think this is where we will part ways. I wish you the best and I am sorry that I’ve chosen now to be the time that this happened. I’m a prince of the city day 1 fan and it took until now. I’ve learned so much from you that you will never understand and you’re still a mentor to me regardless of what happens next. I’ll still keep my eyes out but my hopes will most likely stay down. This ones for this guy that I’ve repped for over a decade. You’ll still be my favorite mainstream artist 👊

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