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L  Krivo92  5 star



Yawn  dmbfanatic09  2 star

Waited 7 years for RP2. Hardly a “classic”. Everything sounds the same, still rappin bout gin, drugs and BJs. Eh


Straight fire  Tonyf4life  5 star

Love this dude , and the whole albums fire, money well spent, keep putting on those bangers. Oh ya a throw out mumble rappers 🤙🏼


Disgrace  Erock89  1 star

Furthest thing from music. Pro-drug crap. Total disgrace that this message is acceptable,


Every song on this album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥  DustyOurso  5 star

I’ve always like Wiz and he definitely killed it with this one


😴😴😴  Nonsense209  3 star

Sounds like this should of been a mix tape


Yoo!!!!  L1L CR4Z3  5 star

This Album is loud👌👍


Not bad  Ryi1988  4 star

This cd is not bad. The best ever? No not the best. There are some songs are there that real show a different side and then some don’t really hit a high level. It is still a decent cd.


Loved the Production  Cherubi  5 star

BTNH really still have it too! That was so unsurprisingly surprising! Haha

Paşaların paşası

love love love ❤️☝🏾  Paşaların paşası  5 star

glad to hear Wiz back❤️

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