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I❤️ Shawn mendes

Ok  I❤️ Shawn mendes  3 star

It’s good yeah for Shawn mendes and maroon 5 but mine by Bazzi should have made it so should no tears left to cry 😢

Matthew Lyle

Where is Charlie Puth?!  Matthew Lyle  2 star


James Logan Vaughn

Awesome  James Logan Vaughn  5 star

I can’t wait till August 3! I am glad all the songs are clean. Psycho and IDGAF will be good. Psycho and IDGAF are popular.


Rich Iced Heaven remain proll NOW67, CAT!  Lheéi-LhaåiHyiunn.  5 star

불타고 있는 해변물의 새지구 나우67이여, 어서 내게 와요. 대한민국의 이론물리학자 이라현임.(반가워 나우!)

Jim Guthery

Not worth buying.  Jim Guthery  1 star

There are barely any songs on here worth listening to. They need to fire the person responsible for putting this cd compilation together. They should pay you to download this pathetic piece of flaming garbage.


Could be better  PamelaMoore  3 star

This one isn't as bad as Now 66 in my opinion, but it could be better. "Girls Like You", "In My Blood", "Delicate", "IDGA", and "Back To You" are still fresh and current, so I'm thrilled that they were included, esp. "Delicate". I love "Growing Pains", but I'm surprised it was included since it hasn't charted. I would've thought "Better Now" would've been on here instead of "Psycho" as it's newer and gaining momentum. "Everyday" is old and it flopped. It should have been replaced with "Friends". "Youngblood" is a great addition because it's gaining LOTS of momentum digitally and at radio. "Sit Next To Me" is blowing up at Alt, AAA, and Rock radio, so it's being on here is justified. 13-15 being on here doesn't make sense to me as they aren't very successful chart-wise. I would loved to have seen "No Tears Left To Cry", "I Like It", and "Friends" included.


wow  Boi😎👑  2 star

i used to like these around 59-64, but now they keep getting worse and worse. A lot of these songs are outdated (Everyday), not popular enough to be on this (Growing Pains), and should’ve been on here two volumes ago. and where’s the remix to Girls like you? that one is way more successful. if no tears left to cry (which should’ve been on this one) is on any other next album, that’s ridiculous. the only two decent ones that should actually be on here is Psycho, Boo’d up & Idgaf. The rest could’ve definitely had better selection. sorry


GOD Speaks radioGODSpeaksRadio3 star

Now Playing: Let Your Spirit Fall Here (Featuring Leann Albrecht & Ed Kerr) by Various Artists on…


dj KmanPepperpotradio3 star

Various Artists - Strictly the Best


Danny Dannykevindannyzero3 star

@komrikmania: Dua variant covers dari milestone issue MARVEL COMICS #1000, by Greg Smallwood dan...various artists. Kalo tim yang di cov…

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