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The SnakeEric Church 4:00USD 1.29
Hangin' AroundEric Church 2:29USD 1.29
Heart Like a WheelEric Church 3:15USD 1.29
Some of ItEric Church 3:15USD 1.29
MonstersEric Church 3:20USD 1.29
Hippie RadioEric Church 2:54USD 1.29
Higher WireEric Church 2:43USD 1.29
Desperate ManEric Church 3:28USD 1.29
SolidEric Church 4:18USD 1.29
Jukebox and a BarEric Church 3:12USD 1.29
Drowning ManEric Church 3:47USD 1.29

Desperate Man Album Reviews


get out of the way  Tashamaya  1 star

tbh it’s not good


Solid  mhhockey  5 star

Not his best work but still pretty good

CW Bama

Keeps getting better  CW Bama  5 star

It’s hard to believe someone who has put out what many believe to be the best country album of this millennium (Chief) is still getting better, but Eric Church is. I really enjoyed Mr. Misunderstood and thought it was worthy of the Album or the Year award that it won, but Desperate Man just goes to a new level. You’ll find your favorite song on the album changes because every song on the album is just that good. This was well worth the wait!


No thanks!  wildwise  1 star

I've read articles lately about this guy (incuding a feature in Rolling Stone). Some call him "new outlaw country" and compare him with the likes of Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton or Sturgill Simson. On those ideas I gave this album a good listen only to come away disappointed. He doesn't even come close to those aforementioned guys. He'd have to get a whole lot grittier, ballsy, and really improve his voice, songwriting and guitar skills. Sorry, Eric! Even with all his hype, I ain't buyin' this crap!


Eric  pmhockey34  5 star

he is by far the most real and original country artist out there. when desperate man came out i thought it was just okay, but after the whole album was released, i LOVE every song on this album!!! i can’t wait to go to another concert!!

Mr.macho and awesome

They all sound the same  Mr.macho and awesome  1 star

Very disappointed


Classic Church!  Cdigreg  5 star

Track: 1, 2, 6, 7, *8*, 11 rated off the chart!


No other artist like him  LoveST.  5 star

No amount of words can explain Eric Church... he’s a true artist that loves his fans and music!


desperate man  sinloi11  1 star

whoa.....this is not eric. i have every album he has ever recorded, not this one. its that bad

skylar lyn~~

hi  skylar lyn~~  5 star

hi 😝


🐐  bboja  5 star

Only EC can rhyme ‘fancy potions’ with ‘incandescent notions’ and ‘better prescription’ with ‘broken disposition’. The best there is!


Best artist of all time.  648298472  5 star

This man writes every word from the soul.


A fantastic kind of different  MidnightAXM  5 star

This album is awesome! The production on some of the songs is a great kind of different. But his music has always had an element of being different. Terrific album from front to back.


Good but.....  GEB81  4 star

This is a good Eric Church album but I have come to expect great from EC. I understand that Chief was likely one of those “once in a lifetime” albums that an artist releases but, despite being good, the last two albums make The Outsiders look closer to great. This and Mister Misunderstood are packed with good mid tempo songs and lack to rollicking country rock of Sinners Like Us, Carolina, Chief and The Outsiders. I guess I will mix the best of what this album has to offer with the best of those albums and settle for one long, good EC playlist!


Desperate Man  CoryDalton  5 star

I’m so in love with this album. I love how he pushes himself every time and you can tell he had the Texas influence from RWH. He seriously can’t put out a song that I don’t like. Can’t wait for Dallas, Texas in April! #EFC

Funniest movie ever!

EFC!!!!  Funniest movie ever!  5 star

Cheif is the best!!


Eric Church  RockNRollStaaaa  5 star

Just finished listening to the full album for the first time. I think it does have a slightly different feel to it than any of his other albums, but that's a good thing, in my view, and it's still very much Eric Church. It didn't necessarily blow me away this first time, but I can tell it'll grow on me over time. If you're an Eric Church fan, please ignore the negative reviews and listen to the full album for yourself.


Chief doing what he does  SinnerLikeMe-NC  5 star

No resemblance to Carolina, Outsiders, or Chief, Desperate Man is another step in the musical world of Eric Church; and it is as smooth of an album as the bourbon that accompanies. He wants to push the boundaries as an artist, and does so without going off the deep end. If you are a die hard country to the core fan, this album isn’t for you. If you appreciate the lyrical and musical creativity of Church, then pour your whiskey of choice, strap in, and crank it to eleven. And by the way, the idiotic hard-R blowhards need to read the oft poorly contextualized article in which Church discusses his gun ownership while disapproving of heavy political lobbying by the NRA (and this is coming from an educated conservative).


Totally modern honky tonk!  GONE IN 67  5 star

It's awesome man. Old is new!


Great piece of work  kan1986  5 star

This is my favorite album. The emotion is raw and I’ve always loved his guitar playing. This has more Rock and funk, I like it! My husband has always been a huge fan & he’s definitely turned me on to some good music in Eric Church!!

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