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Scorpion is the fifth studio album by Canadian rapper Drake. It was released on June 29, 2018 by Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records and Republic Records. Scorpion is a double album consisting of 25 tracks. Its "A side" is primarily a hip hop album, whilst its "B side" has been described as R&B and pop. The album features guest appearances from Jay-Z and Ty Dolla Sign as well as posthumous appearances from Michael Jackson and Static Major

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Its Raining Tacos and Cookies

Just NO.  Its Raining Tacos and Cookies  1 star

Sorry no drake.


Great Album  Shawnqk  5 star

This album is solid.


ehh...  ???$?;//?’;)  3 star

I think this album KINDA FLOPPED. ONLY because a MAJORITY of these song are repetitive.

Fletch F. Fletch

Fantastic for making you sleepy  Fletch F. Fletch  2 star

Low energy, bland


Drake  LLLLIIIITTT  5 star

Your awesome


🀩  ethan621478  5 star

Excellent album


Dope  Skullking001  5 star

Idk man, he just drops good music πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Nate 63

Fire  Nate 63  5 star


get relt

GOAT  get relt  3 star



nope  Enzo-Nicki_Minaj  1 star



#GoodGirlGoneFabtheeGGGF3 star

@CalledMe_Buskey: Drake at the end of Diamonds Dancing


β˜„οΈπŸ’«βœ¨fuckwutyousayn3 star

@Trashvis: fights we need: Drake vs. Pusha T Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy Nicki Minaj vs. Stormi Lil Uzi Vert vs.…


Gay asl πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆmynameisphon_3 star

@Trashvis: fights we need: Drake vs. Pusha T Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy Nicki Minaj vs. Stormi Lil Uzi Vert vs.…


Nothing original  BarbieBotoxx  1 star

Same old formula.


LEGEND!!  Lenerdog  5 star

β€œKiki, do you love me? Are you ridin? Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me, cause I want ya, and I need ya, and I’m down for you always,”


What the hell js this mess?  Sergie.xx  1 star

Aside from the samples (legendary queens) drake is whack. Idk why this is considered rap gtfooh

that one cooper guy

1 good song  that one cooper guy  2 star

Gods plan was good... in my feelings sounds EXACTLY like it. I’ll save my $ for someone who Wright’s there own song


Drake = GOAT  ORaymondB  5 star

Stop sleepin on this

Franky V Cisco

Love it  Franky V Cisco  5 star

I haven’t even bought it on Apple Music but heard it for a whole month on Spotify.


Wow  lolpeacecray  5 star



STRAIGHT FIRE  ovomo6  5 star



NOT SO COOL  lottochocopir  1 star

Maaaan !! Hip hop is dead :(

Yt: J-dog vids

Just no  Yt: J-dog vids  1 star

I mean in the past he’s made OK songs but all the songs on this sound very alike to each other and it’s just bad man!!! I hope his next album is better or he’s gonna have his next album be called β€œretirement”

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