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No Erasin'Steve Perry 4:07USD 1.29
We're Still HereSteve Perry 4:06USD 1.29
Most of AllSteve Perry 4:23USD 1.29
No More Cryin'Steve Perry 4:29USD 1.29
In the RainSteve Perry 4:06USD 1.29
Sun Shines GraySteve Perry 3:57USD 1.29
You Belong to MeSteve Perry 4:07USD 1.29
Easy to LoveSteve Perry 4:03USD 1.29
I Need YouSteve Perry 2:59USD 1.29
We FlySteve Perry 3:56USD 1.29

Traces Album Reviews


Love the voice and album  TXBigDawg  5 star

Waited for years for new music from Steve Perry and was finally rewarded. Love the songs and the voice still captures the emotions.

The Church

The Voice returns  The Church  5 star

Great voice, great album, worth the wait.

Buffy McC

That voice tho!  Buffy McC  5 star

Glad he is back


Disappointed  Warhol6901  3 star

I know everyone is excited that SP is "back." And I didn't expect a Journey-sounding album....but the songs on Traces are disappointing. The single "No Erasin'" is average at best, and unfortunately the most uptempo track on the entire record. This is a very sleepy album. I was hoping for something at least as good as the Street Talk record. His first single from his 1994 album was the last solid song he has done with any chutzpah - "You Better Wait." I still miss Steve Perry.


So HAPPY  Majatomany  5 star

I am beyond thrilled to hear that beautiful instrument, Steve’s voice!! My God I’ve missed it!!! I listened to each of the songs and KNEW I’d be purchasing this album. Thank you Steve for listening to us badger the hell out of you to return. This is certainly worth the wait!!!!!


Welcome Back Steve Perry  Bayougal2323  5 star

I love your album. So glad you’ve made it back to music.


The Voice, My Favorite Voice of All, Finally Back - Just When I Lost Hope!  JenPenMultiMedia  5 star

Steve showed up suddenly out of nowhere in my small world where I don’t watch videos online or keep up with much radio. So when I heard his voice singing a different song, I went nuts. I have been waiting for this for SO long. Just to see him live one more time, any venue! And No Erasin’ ... the whole family, including my 5 year old, was singing it for days after we first heard it! The story of how this came to be makes each song more bittersweet, but I’m so happy for him and I love every song. Thank you, Steve, for finally coming back.


This is a personal album  NoraLa23  3 star

The music is good, the voice superb! The content is sad..... he still is mourning... God give him peace. Once he finds his peace the next songs will be golden!


Thank you to “The Voice” for coming back!  Ms.Jen  5 star

I’ve been waiting for decades for the release of this album and it has not disappointed me. My favorite is “We’re Still Here”. Steve Perry, “The Voice”, has and always will be my favorite singer. Thank you for coming back!


Welcome Back Steve!!  Rhythmatist_1  5 star

The unmistakable voice of Steve Perry sounds fantastic! how could i not download this new record? Such a God given gift, I'm glad Steve has found peace and decided to record again!


Lance VamplewVamplewLance3 star

@Jim67919147 Jim get over it. We all know you are Steve Perry's younger brother but you just can't sing as good as…


Steve TomlinSteve_Tomlin3 star

@jessphillips: Couldn't agree more. When member of 57 years, who joined when Corbyn was 12 and has never voted anything but Labour told…


Kathy Quinn SeayKathyQuinnSeay13 star

@danceatama The Voice of Mr Steve Perry🎶💙🎶

M*A*C Goddess

So Happy..  M*A*C Goddess  5 star

To hear his voice again. It brings back so many memories, but to hear it once again almost makes me cry, ( happy tears ) Traces is a beautiful album. Thank you Steve for gracing our ears again with your beautiful voice.


Good comeback  welcomeback2018  4 star

Overall this a pretty decent album. I applaud the effort and am glad to see Steve back in action. I would give it 3 1/2 stars but it won't allow that rating so 4 it is. If you're expecting early 80's Journey it's not that but seriously how could it be (even as much as many of us would love it to be). It's still Steve Perry but the voice has changed and aged over the years. It's not the incredible voice of the 70's-80's but the man can still sing and write a good tune. Overall, it's a very reflective album worth listening to even though it's rather slow. There are some beautiful songs on here along with a couple of rockers (though a few more would have been nice). I hope he keeps writing and let's it hang out a bit more on the next one but this is certainly a worthy effort in my opinion.

Moore K

It’s good to see him back!  Moore K  5 star

This is a great album some slow songs but they are about his girlfriend Kellie that passed of cancer.Sun shines Gray is great rocking song as are the pre release single no erasin and No More Crying.The deluxe cd that I got has 5 extra songs and they all are great and unique! His voice has aged some but he still sounds fabulous and I highly recommend to any one that likes Steve Perry.If you are looking for Stone In Love or Separate Ways this isn’t for you these songs are from the heart and have meaning and emotion.It. Must be selling well there were only 3 left at my Target and heard another Target sold out!


LOVE IT  Ojibway69  4 star

Steve Perry's voice is weathered and worn....not as strong as it used to be.. I LOVE THAT HIS VOICE HAS AGED TO PERFECTION! All these songs would sound completely different if he still sang the way he used too. Well done.

Grand Illusionist

Thank You Steve  Grand Illusionist  5 star

Great album, by the 3rd runthrough, I was hooked. Skip the standard, get the deluxe edition with 5 more awesome tracks!!


Excellent +1  Codex73  5 star

Steve delivers great songs and melodies. Nice variety of arrangements.


amazing  ibnz  5 star

oh boy !!! thank you and welcome back Steve Perry you are the one .....


Love ❤️  Bokehbabe  5 star

Welcome Back! You have been missed! This album is awesome and takes me right back. Your voice sounds fantastic! So glad you are back.


Well done  TDHPLH  5 star

Excellent cd. Your voice stands the test of time. One of my favorite vocalists.


Don’t EVER Stop Believing  sr677  5 star

The man with the best voice in rock host has blessed us! Thank you Steve

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