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Good stuff  rockernroller101  4 star

Not a huge fan of Atreyu but this sounds promising.


Keep getting better  Haligancfd  5 star

It’s bands like these that have real musical talent. You can listen to their albums from start to finish and after want to listen to again. Keep it up, can’t wait to hear the rest.


Holy Toe-Lito’s Seniora’!  BobbyP311  5 star

That 2 song release is tighter than a 18 year old..........whiskey! Yep...good ole whiskey! Pffff....but no doubt the intermediate synths playing during the middle of songs before it breaks into the solo or just rocking the F out...sounds Clutch dude! I’m glad to see u guys back at it, taking a break.,.doing what u guys needed for what was best for yourselves and the band has now cleansed this group back to health and back on the scene. Hope u make it to Louisiana, Baton Rouge ya Hurd?!? Lol...can wait to hear the whole thing guys ! #onelove


Bands like Atreyu add variety to a dying scene.  TBurrito  5 star

I love the range and attention to timing with In Our Wake. It’s melody is pure Atreyu greatness. The Anger Left Behind leaves me hoping that, as with itself, the album will be filled plenty of grindingly heavy guitars, laced with beautifully melodic fillings. I’m always down for this band. They pull through at the end of the day and are soon to be true rock and roll classics.


ATREYU  sabresfan3076  5 star

Never disappoints for sure!

Jordy Bart

I’m digging it!  Jordy Bart  5 star

This reminds me of their older stuff and it’s awesome! Can’t wait for the full release!


This Will Be Your Favorite Album  zombie083  5 star

Just from the two songs released, I can already say that this album will be the best one they have written.

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