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•• Twenty One Pilots next album Trench will be available October 5th.

Trench by twenty one pilots Album Songs (14)

Jumpsuittwenty one pilots 3:58USD 1.29
Levitatetwenty one pilots 2:25USD 1.29
Morphtwenty one pilots 4:18USD 1.29
My Bloodtwenty one pilots 3:49USD 1.29
Chlorinetwenty one pilots 5:24USD 1.29
Smithereenstwenty one pilots 2:57USD 1.29
Neon Gravestonestwenty one pilots 4:00USD 1.29
The Hypetwenty one pilots 4:25USD 1.29
Nico And The Ninerstwenty one pilots 3:45USD 1.29
Cut My Liptwenty one pilots 4:42USD 1.29
Banditotwenty one pilots 5:30USD 1.29
Pet Cheetahtwenty one pilots 3:18USD 1.29
Legendtwenty one pilots 2:52USD 1.29
Leave the Citytwenty one pilots 4:40USD 1.29

Trench Album Reviews


buy this album  solanadelrey  5 star

all these amazing songs for such a great price


Amazing album  ally3364  5 star

Best album of the year👏 every single song is incredible


I🖤this album  killjoyfunjinx  5 star

This is amazing

Cupcake 23465

Amazing Album  Cupcake 23465  5 star

This album has amazing songs and I love how they kept their same sound but advanced it even more. Amazing and well thought out growth from Tyler and Josh, so proud and happy for them. This album really talks about important topics and the story is just so crafted well. STAY ALIVE SKELETON CLIQUE! WE ARE THE BANDITOS ||-//

|-/ P fa@n

Best album ever  |-/ P [email protected]  5 star

How can u not like it it is amazing way better than tøp’s first album I love it

Sick As Frick!!

This is such a great album!!  Sick As Frick!!  5 star

I love this album so much!!! It’s basically all I listen to!! Tyler and Josh did a great job on making this album! 2018 was a heck of a year for them.


Meh  Jake31605  2 star

The songs are fairly empty and don’t have any emotion. you don’t get the nice happy feeling when singing along like with ride or message man. It just sounds like they made it to just put something out on iTunes or google play. I wouldn’t suggest buying it if you liked the older stuff.


i love this  hotdiggitydoggo  5 star

ohmylord it is such a good album i love it so much i 100000000/10 recommend


Absolutely Amazing  Lunar_AJ  5 star

In my opinion, this is their greatest album yet. It's the most relatable one to me and the music is so powerful and meaningful. Most of it makes me cry because of how great it is. Thank you Tyler and Josh for this beautiful album. I don't know what I'd do without you

KittieKat 0-0

Well put together  KittieKat 0-0  5 star

It’s a great meaningful album all the songs have their own meanings and still enjoyable🙃💜🖤💙❤️🧡💚💛


Lo 🐊anythingforVBBB3 star

@sinnertragedy: hi !! i need new mutuals 👼🏻💐 pls rt if u like (i will follow you) —panic! at the disco —the neighbourhood —arctic monk…


хальмони твоего биасаmussofuww3 star

@Alekseeva133: Почему One Direction? Почему Twenty One Pilots? Потому что они не поют об алкоголе, сексе и наркотиках Потому что они по…


feli ⊬banditodoblas3 star

@rubiusnowy: Nunca he ido a un concierto, pero mi sueño es ir a uno de twenty one pilots con feli ♡


OMGOMGOMGOMG  bobby885  5 star

9.5/10 album of the year -LakeEffectKid13


Amazing  thedancingleaf  5 star

I love it. It’s about running away from a cult called Dema with nine people that call themselves Nico and the niners cuz Nico is the leader (wears a red robe and is usually on a horse) I dunno what to say. Favorite song: Every song (help me)


YEEEEEEEEEE  Savagegirl1234  5 star



A New Era ||-//  BAMF iPOD  5 star

Not what I expected after the fierce and cynical undertones of Blurryface. Where the former dealt with Tyler and Josh fighting their demons, Trench uses new sounds and rhythms that elicit more optimistic emotions as we all band together to escape DEMA and, metaphorically, our own demons and insecurities. Some would say that Twenty Øne Piløts have abandoned their unique sound and style that we remember from the Vessel era and have subsequently become more “mainstream.” But we know that music is innovative and always changing. We can’t expect the same types of songs or lyrics to be pumped out every year, especially when the artists themselves are continuously evolving. Tyler and Josh have worked very hard on this new album, and I am beyond thrilled to be a part of this enigmatic adventure they have created for us. ||-//


Okay  Gabi666666  4 star

I miss Blurryface and Vessel. “The Hype”, “Jumpsuit”, and “Leave The City” need more credit. They are so underrated. “My Blood” is very good in all, but jeeeez. Wasn’t expecting that song to be their big hit. Vessel specifically is so much more real and not as plain as “Trench”. I miss the dynamics the older albums had.


HOLY CRAP!!!  Crazy_fan_boy21  5 star

This album is FANTASTIC💯 Neon Gravestones got me emotional. Morph oh what a song. Nico and The Niners Great story great beat. Pet Cheetah OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


a trench is born  GAME REVIEWER XDDD  5 star

whatever hillbilly wrote under 4 stars must have some issues. If you do not like alternative pop do NOT listen to an album of it.... anyways, amazing album, hiatus was worth it


Best tøp album yet  colbyp_19  5 star

No doubt this is the best album Tyler and Josh have ever released 12/10


Underwhelming  CityMagnet  1 star

Not what I expected..

life is gucci

I love this album  life is gucci  5 star

This album is amazing! Especially live! Love them so much!!! One of the best albums I’ve heard

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