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•• Twenty One Pilots next album Trench will be available October 5th.

Trench by twenty one pilots Album Songs (14)

Jumpsuittwenty one pilots 3:58USD 1.29
Levitatetwenty one pilots 2:25USD 1.29
Morphtwenty one pilots 4:18USD 1.29
My Bloodtwenty one pilots 3:49USD 1.29
Chlorinetwenty one pilots 5:24USD 1.29
Smithereenstwenty one pilots 2:57USD 1.29
Neon Gravestonestwenty one pilots 4:00USD 1.29
The Hypetwenty one pilots 4:25USD 1.29
Nico And The Ninerstwenty one pilots 3:45USD 1.29
Cut My Liptwenty one pilots 4:42USD 1.29
Banditotwenty one pilots 5:30USD 1.29
Pet Cheetahtwenty one pilots 3:18USD 1.29
Legendtwenty one pilots 2:52USD 1.29
Leave the Citytwenty one pilots 4:40USD 1.29

Trench Album Reviews

Dad w/ kids

Perfect as always!  Dad w/ kids  5 star

The concert was amazing also! These guys always surprise me with how consistently awesome they are!

Isabella is cool

Wow...  Isabella is cool  5 star

This album is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard


Stay Alive ||-//  WolftracksLost  5 star

I have no words to describe how hard this albums hits home. Not only for me, but I think also for nearly everyone else in the Skeleton Clique who appreciate twenty one pilots' music for their sheer willingness to talk about the dark stuff that so many of us have to walk through at one time or another. Tyler and Josh have brought us yet another incredible album. But it's not just an album with sweet music and great lyrics, it's a continuation of the story Tyler really dug into with Blurryface. To me, each song encapsulates Tyler's thoughts and emotions towards something he (and many of us) struggles with. The voices that tell us we're not good enough and the shadows those voices may come from. Twenty one pilots' abosltuely genuine and honest personas was one of the big things that stuck me when I first started listening to their music. And when I really LISTENED to their music and heard what Tyler was saying, their music saved me so many times. Just listen to the album. You won't be disappointed. Stay alive ||-//


The Best.  Shaila🌼  5 star

I love this album so much, huge thanks Tyler and Josh


Needed this  Pipque  5 star

Thank you


Clique  Stubbaway  5 star

This album is incredible. I know there’s been a lot of hate because there’s a new sound, but in reality no tøp music is the same as the others. Jumpsuit and Nico and The Niners don’t do the album justice- and I’m glad they were released first. Chlorine, Neon Gravestones and Smithereens are amazing and anyone at the concerts will understand how emotional Leave The City is. They truly are legends.


Welcome to Trench  Dransanez  5 star

I’m so fkin proud of them. This album lived up to all the hype.


||-//  DudeFromOhio  5 star

This album is amazing! These guys have made the pst few months bearable for me. I highly recommend buying the album and look into seeing them live. You won’t regret it.


In trench I'm not alone.  Jwbee36  5 star

This may be their best work so far. Listening to it reminds me of their first two indepedent albums. Which in my opinion were there 2 best to date. This is right up there with them. Vessel and Blurryface were amazing, but to me those 2 had a different feel. This album blows me away. It feels like it was made for the fans.


Grows on you  TheHiseys  5 star

Initially, I found the sounds a lot more subdued, calm and a bit more mainstream. However, after listening to them a few times, the songs really start growing on you and are still so far apart from what you hear on the radio. Tyler's falseto is on point. Pet Cheetah, My Blood, Legend, Cut My Lip, and Smithereens are my top favs!


Tamaratamaraburosova3 star

@clancyanthe9ers: twenty one pilots ornament giveaway rules two winners will be chosen first winner will receive a trench confetti or…


kyoonussy3 star

@barbiedreamdyke: glowing eyes is the BEST twenty one pilots song put some respect on regional at best 😤


ϟfikanann3 star

@eastisntup: how old ur fav bands are turning in 2019: twenty one pilots: 10 p!atd: 15 paramore: 15 big time rush: 10 the 1975: 17 idkh…


Solid!  NinjaNomad196  5 star

Prolly their best album yet, but they all rock


Never disappointed  davisssarah  5 star

Love these boys forever. Saw them live for the Bandito tour and the songs hit even harder. //-||


On repeat the last month!!  YaBoiBalla  5 star

I love every single song.


Perfect  Emster899  5 star

Five stars


Art  natalie.yoot  5 star

This is some quality music


You can never go wrong with twenty one pilots  DaREIHLdeal  5 star

Everything about this album is glorious. Definitely not how I expected it to sound, but it is a masterpiece that I have played on repeat since its release.


Best album so far  Cammz05  5 star

I love this album so much from jumpsuit to leave the city


Best ever!  Jwosty  5 star

Listen to this and you will become a member of the cult!


Better than Blurryface  MasonDov  5 star

I love TØP more than any other band right now, and Trench is not an exception in their discography! Honestly, I love this album more than their previous one (even though it’s so hard to choose between any of their work)


One of the greatest albums of the year  StrikeKill27  5 star

Most of the tracks are hits, I recommend giving this album a listen.

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