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Glad to have new Russ  ZachK235  4 star

He’s underrated and doesn’t get enough credit for his music


True talent  TMarie009  5 star

I get it. I love it.

slick vic tha killa

Russ  slick vic tha killa  5 star

Russ blessing us with some heat. 🔥🙏🏽

Spend your money on Blonde!!!

L  Spend your money on Blonde!!!  1 star



Love it  whoisgq  5 star

Good album


Great album  juanoboy  4 star

This is album is really good. Loving it so far. Don’t understand why so many ppl hate on him. Maybe cuz he doesn’t have that choppy mumble sh!t? Personally I feel his debut was a little better. But I’m still bumping this! 🔊


F russ  Whadgj  1 star

& it's been F Russ since Day1


Let’s go  XCESSIVE1!!!  5 star

Russ you killing the game my dude


Not Bad At All  Jshuisjdjdb  3 star

It's actually quite decent but this man talk so much trash


Amazing!  jayakasaucedup  5 star

It has everything from beats you can smoke to like serious and just be in the vibe and you have some other bangers on here like the flute song! It’s pretty fire Russ killed it #DoublePlatinumStatus


russruss_ay3 star

@kykouture_: Yea u bad i guess that’s why they hatin on u 😘


russruss_ay3 star

@__DelasiieeeXo: God is doing a new thing in me!!


St. PatrickReal_Pat_S3 star

@YouniversalLove @melqui203 @BenStinar Kyrie was a better rookie and 2nd year player, from 2015 - 2018 Russ was bet…


L  AlexYeezy  1 star

Just stop

Silly yup

Weak  Silly yup  1 star

Not enough bass


Hater  yaboigucci100  5 star

All these one stars is haters boi

Nick Lehl

🔥🔥  Nick Lehl  5 star

Russ is winning.

William genesis Lopez

Its alright  William genesis Lopez  4 star

Not too bad.


L  ErikTheDon  1 star



tbh  Bethk28  2 star

like,,, all the beats sound the same but i like from a distance. all his singles were better than this album. there’s really a wolf was good but this? nah fam this ain’t it


why everybody hatin  Bethk28  5 star

alright listen. i haven’t listened to the album yet but i put 5 stars just for rn. when i get back i’ll tell you my HONEST rating. brb

Fun stuff 69

Do you expect anything else then garbage?  Fun stuff 69  1 star

I’d give 0 stars if possible. Another L don’t listen to the Russ stans this album isn’t good

Evan miell

corny  Evan miell  1 star

corny as hell rapper j stop it we get it ur but hurt

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