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Way to go!  mood™️  5 star

I’m so glad that Tori is doing what she wants and isn’t listening to what people think she should do. Keep doing you and keep praising God!


Excellent!  SeaJayDub  5 star

Every song sung and written so beautifully! Not one disappointment! Can’t wait for the next gospel album!


Trash  ilovepanic  1 star



PHENOMENAL!!  Queencrawford  5 star

I never leave reviews on albums but this new gospel album by Tori deserves it!! The album is incredibly from Track 1 through Track 8. Tori's voice is insane and it is clear that she poured her heart and soul into this album! It is a great body of work and hands down one of the best albums to come out in 2018!!


Great Album  StrowShow  5 star

From Start To Finish This Album Is Amazing


Thank You Tori  upliftedandmanifested  5 star

Tori Kelly’s exceptional gift in music blesses the Lord, and all of us. It’s a long time coming. I secretly hoped she would make the cross over to Gospel so that I could enjoy her talent without compromising my faith and choice to abandon secular music. I know her voice has an anointing on it from hearing a song she performed previously with Lecrae.... and I was filled with excitement and gladness when I saw this Gospel release. I pray she stays in the camp and continues to bless the Lord, and all of us, with her gorgeous voice and spirit. I hope one day to collaborate with her myself. Who knows? Miracles do happen😉


Deceiving  Bajanboymonae  1 star

U can’t be singing pop one min n then sing another sis bye !!!


I Love Me Some Tori 😊😍😍😘  SUNdizzleO7  5 star

I like this album, it’s 🔥🔥

Virgoqueen 22

😇👏🏾🙌🏾  Virgoqueen 22  5 star

In love with this album

Mo Creal

AMAZING, THAT’S ALL I CAN SAY😇  Mo Creal  5 star



MileyMileyBuiNguyenLanAnh3 star

Tôi đã thích video Dear No One - Tori Kelly (Lyrics) trên @YouTube


Aroon Daniaroon_dani3 star

So Like I Mentioned To The Magnificent Justin Bieber..=-)..And The lovely Tori Kelly..=-)..If Any Of you My SuperSt…


odrey ᴰᵂᴳᴴᵀbaercnev3 star

@psuga Should've been us - Tori Kelly Dear no one - Tori Kelly


Thank the Lord!🙏🏾  K2da  5 star

Tori, I’m so glad that you made this album! The songs are so relatable.

1John4:8 is Life

MUST HAVE!!!  1John4:8 is Life  5 star

This gurl can Sanggg that Jesus music 🧖‍♂️🙏😇


Beautiful  Djacob7116  5 star

Especially that song with Lecrae


Devine Jams  natethesaint  5 star

These tunes are dope, and I'm addicted. Tori offers a fresh and expanded spin on Ps 42. Pretty fly. Better still, Sunday touches the soul with genuine thought accompanied by groovy beats. Christ shines through every moment. A true Alpha and Omega masterpiece!


Very nice  YonnyG  4 star



Amazing Gospel Album 😆  lovesmiles09  5 star

I’m so excited to finally have a new Tori Kelly album! She did not disappoint!! I’ve loved all of her albums, but this one is particularly special with it being Gospel 💖


Stand  Rae4evermusic  5 star

We need someone in the public’s eye to stand for Christ! Nobody wants to anymore! Thank you! The world needs more of this. Despite what others may think, this is a movement. We are not ashamed! ❤️


Beautiful  Benhereforever  4 star

Is she coming for Laurén Daigle haha


God be the glory  bebe3186  5 star

This album is a masterpiece smoothing to the soul and her best record to date highly recommended anyone to buy it you won’t regret it!!!!

Loose Lips On You

The only album I’ve EVER been excited about!!!  Loose Lips On You  5 star

Love this!!!!!! Amazing!!! Just amazing!!!!

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