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Cry Pretty by Carrie Underwood Album Songs (13)

Cry PrettyCarrie Underwood 4:07USD 1.29
Ghosts On The StereoCarrie Underwood 4:13USD 1.29
LowCarrie Underwood 3:31USD 1.29
BackslidingCarrie Underwood 4:37USD 1.29
SouthboundCarrie Underwood 3:22USD 1.29
That Song That We Used To MakeCarrie Underwood 3:35USD 1.29
Drinking AloneCarrie Underwood 4:18USD 1.29
The BulletCarrie Underwood 4:10USD 1.29
Spinning BottlesCarrie Underwood 3:16USD 1.29
Love WinsCarrie Underwood 3:48USD 1.29
End Up With YouCarrie Underwood 3:13USD 1.29
KingdomCarrie Underwood 4:34USD 1.29
The Champion (feat. Ludacris)Carrie Underwood 3:42USD 1.29

Cry Pretty Album Reviews


Powerful!  aprilbsu  5 star

All the songs are great but Spinning Bottles is so strong. Not just a tale of addiction for couples but applicable to all those (parents, siblings) who wait anxiously to hear, who wait to help. Truly moving!


Cry Pretty? No thanks!  Adsmith95  2 star

"Cry Pretty (the song)" is awful. I just don't get it. It's not a good song. Personally I feel like her music has just gotten worse over the years. Ouch.....


New Carrie  Neatza  4 star

I liked The Bullet the best on this album because it spoke the loudest to me. It is a song so full of truth for the ones (and there are so many) this scenario effects. The songs Ghosts on the Stereo & Cry Pretty were my next favorites! I guess the only one I was not super happy with was this rendition of The Champion.


Ok  hnicpope  2 star

Not what I was hoping for very slow and just not a fun album


My heart  Hibye555555555  5 star

And soul

The Ramblin Man

Love Ghosts on the radio  The Ramblin Man  4 star

I wouldn't call myself previously a big fan of Carrie's. Couple of songs that I liked. I have been listening to this one over and over, the entire CD, but especially "Ghosts on the Radio." That is an awesome song. I would love to hear Miranda or Tim McGraw sing the same song. Good lyrics and Carrie does a great job with the song.


Love it  Satah1420  5 star

When I first heard cry pretty I fell in love with the song. I’m so happy that the whole album is out now. So far I’m half way through and I absolutely love it


Wow  Alessandra.xo  5 star

Love this


Love Carrie!  Ecag22  5 star

Love Wins


Look people  Bearcats  4 star

I bought the album. If you listen to love wins she is not saying anything about Gay rights she is stating that the violence must end and we as a nation must stand up. Also to you all who say she isn’t singing about God. Again listen to Love wins and Kingdom. Both have references about God. Furthermore on the back cover where she thanks people she thanked God first before everyone. Rascal flats is a Christian but doesn’t sing Christian music. I think people need to listen more to certain. Songs


Beth||CU in 142 Days||RTPinnedTweet||CULifeUpdate3 star

@TasteOfCountry: Meet @CarrieUnderwood and Mike Fisher's new family member, Zero:


emili ;)emilihall43 star

@sauseerrr: DREAM Houston Rodeo lineup... George Strait Garth Brooks Koe Wetzel Tyler Childers Parker McCollum Brad Paisley Thomas Rhe…


chy 💜cyahnen3 star

love wins by carrie underwood is soo good


Truly Amazing album  Jacklynmae  5 star

I just listened to this album from start to finish and loved every song. Everything Carrie does is unbelievable. 5 stars for this album for sure!


Carrie doesn’t disappoint!  melphillips21  5 star

Somehow I always know that her albums are always going to be good. Usually with other artists I have to listen to some of the songs before I decide to purchase the album or not. I know with Carrie that I don’t have to hear the songs first to know that it’s going to be good. This album doesn’t disappoint! Some of my favorites are Backsliding, Low, Drinking Alone, Spinning Bottles, and That Song That We Used To Make Love To.


Songs  gabboo2008  5 star

Can wait to find my new favorite song


Where did the country go???  Whitepeach3  4 star

I love Carrie Underwood, and her voice is beyond amazing but this album is not country! Her last album was my absolute favorite!!!! I hope she doesn’t change and stick to her roots of being a Country Diva!!!

Adriana M. Hillstrom

Yasssss  Adriana M. Hillstrom  5 star

I love it so far. Just can’t stand that stupid Ludicrous is part of the song. It wrecks it. She did t need him in Champion. Other then that, it’s awesome so far. Thank God for Apple Music. $11.99 for an album is absolutely ridiculously stupid these days. I remember getting one for $6.99. I love Apple Music to listen free & download all the music wanted for cheap a month by the song & album, & not have to purchase anymore.


Amazing  Ashley0420  5 star

I love this album


Ammmmaaazzzing  Cm1287642689  5 star

Best album to date. Your talent is amazing. 🙌🏻😃


Cry pretty album  larryshoe  5 star

When is the release date because I preorder it but as of September 17 it haven’t downloaded


Great album  Cody123456789090  5 star

Love this album!!


Awesome  buchsong  5 star

This is one of Carrie best! She has one of the best voice of all time. Great and awesome album!

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