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Cry Pretty by Carrie Underwood Album Songs (13)

Cry PrettyCarrie Underwood 4:07USD 1.29
Ghosts On The StereoCarrie Underwood 4:13USD 1.29
LowCarrie Underwood 3:31USD 1.29
BackslidingCarrie Underwood 4:37USD 1.29
SouthboundCarrie Underwood 3:22USD 1.29
That Song That We Used To MakeCarrie Underwood 3:35USD 1.29
Drinking AloneCarrie Underwood 4:18USD 1.29
The BulletCarrie Underwood 4:10USD 1.29
Spinning BottlesCarrie Underwood 3:16USD 1.29
Love WinsCarrie Underwood 3:48USD 1.29
End Up With YouCarrie Underwood 3:13USD 1.29
KingdomCarrie Underwood 4:34USD 1.29
The Champion (feat. Ludacris)Carrie Underwood 3:42USD 1.29

Cry Pretty Album Reviews


Cry Pretty  Karinabell82  5 star

Amazing album she really out did herself. Carrie is back


Not her best  lilims673782  4 star

This was not her best album. Blown Away and Storyteller are way better. Carrie’s strength lies in storytelling and a lot of these songs missed that. Her voice doesn’t fit some of these songs. Yet for some reason, End Up With You ended up being my favorite.


COULNT BE BETTER!!  maddie_212  5 star

Carrie definitely put a lot of work and dedication in to these songs for her fans and I truly appreciate that.... I have two favorite songs and I cry during both of them because they are so powerful and emotional but truly amazing.... if you don’t buy the whole album you should definitely buy Love Wins and Cry Pretty!


Yes  UncleNavals  5 star

Yes yes yes to all the songs!


AMAZING!  MystE4  5 star

She is amazing, a true musician, that voice never disapoints. Can't wait for more albums...Favorite singer for sure!


I’d give 10 stars ⭐️  Buggies09  5 star

Hands down one of her best! Each album Carrie releases gets better and better! I’d give her 10 stars if I could. There’s so much feeling in these lyrics and the sounds she’s helped produce are full of vibes that you can move to. I’m constantly tapping my toes or grooving to these sounds! One of the best female country artists in my opinion!


Awesome album  Caleb091401  5 star

This album is absolutely beautiful! I love how some of the songs have a more country flair to them and others are really upbeat sounding. They are all well balanced with each other. My favorites are: The Bullet, Kingdom, and Love Wins. (And all of the others)


AAAAAMAZINGGGGG  NatMarie551  5 star

This is possibly the best album from Carrie hands down! I love all of her songs in this album!! I swear you won’t be disappoint! Carrie is the Queen or Country Music 💜


CHAMPION!!  D00dlebug!!!  5 star

I luv champion! She should make more songs like this!


Omg so good  Natashalove19  5 star

Omg I just love this girl ! Especially her new song love wins


Natalie 💛💙💖notsopuppunk3 star

@JayyKess What’s your concert history? first concert: Little Big Town/Carrie Underwood 2008 Last concert: I Prevai…


Larry Pareigislarrypareigis3 star

Lawsuit Claims Carrie Underwood's NFL Theme Song Was Stolen


Brylee Haskinsbrylee_Renee43 star

@amathewsx: If Before He Cheats X Carrie Underwood comes on .. expect me to sing it at the top of my lungs


Finally!  BranPhill  5 star

I’ve been waiting forever for this new album. Every song is excellent.

R stils

Sensational  R stils  5 star

Back with her most emotional album to date. This album is nothing short of amazing.


Blown Away  BACHouston  5 star

I usually don’t write album reviews but this album is AMAZING! I haven’t kept up with Carrie Underwood’s music in a while but after listening to the first couple of tracks IM HOOKED! I absolutely love the lyrics & sound of each song. I can’t get enough!


So good.  Blueprince84  5 star

My husband and daughter and I just love her and her music.


Best album yet!  cjsmith388485  5 star

This is seriously her best album yet. The songs are so emotional and real!!! Her vocals on this cd are also out of this world... definitely worth the wait!!


Best Yet!!!  Kbbomb  5 star

I love it. I like the personal songs and the fact that she took a big risk by releasing songs supporting gay rights and taking on gun violence. I don’t think she’s going against her values.......I think others have assumed what her values were and just got a reality check. Hate, gun violence and discrimination is running rampant currently and I love that she’s taken a stand. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


Haters Gonna Hate  Henleigh  5 star

This is one of her best albums! I love Spinning Bottles and many others! She is incredible! If you’ve ever heard her live she does not lip sing..she’s the real deal! Who cares if she’s not 100% country. Keep doing what you do Carrie!!!! You ROCK!


Amazing  chefnb  5 star

So good love all the songs They have good messages and are fun can’t wait for the tour :)


Amazing  Pablo_ThePenguin  5 star

I just keep falling more in love with your music and you! 😍❤️


The Champion  DMV1960  5 star

As I listen through, another Carrie hit on all cylinders.I have to say "The Champion" is to a level I havent heard Carrie hit in recent work. Don't get me wrong, she's been exceptional throughout, its just that Champion brings me back to real early Carrie. Awesome song

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