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Anthem of the Peaceful Army by Greta Van Fleet Album Songs (11)

Age of ManGreta Van Fleet 6:06USD 1.29
The Cold WindGreta Van Fleet 3:16USD 1.29
When the Curtain FallsGreta Van Fleet 3:42USD 1.29
Watching OverGreta Van Fleet 4:27USD 1.29
Lover, LeaverGreta Van Fleet 3:34USD 1.29
You're the OneGreta Van Fleet 4:26USD 1.29
The New DayGreta Van Fleet 3:44USD 1.29
Mountain of the SunGreta Van Fleet 4:30USD 1.29
Brave New WorldGreta Van Fleet 5:00USD 1.29
AnthemGreta Van Fleet 4:41USD 1.29
Lover, Leaver (Taker, BelieverGreta Van Fleet 6:01USD 1.29

Anthem of the Peaceful Army Album Reviews


So glad to see Rock and Roll live on!  OthalaRune  5 star

These guys have made some great songs. They have their own unique sound that is not a ripoff of other bands. But in this new age of fancy software anybody can sound good. I don’t think the band is very good playing live though.

E. T. Dude

Classic rock  E. T. Dude  5 star

It’s an amazing feeling when you listen to a new and fresh band; however, listening to a new band that brings back the classic rock sound is just phenomenal. I personally am a fan of classic rock and listening to Greta Van Fleet gives me a sense of hope that this sound will come back. Anthem of the Peaceful Army, I personally feel, is a great record that shows what Greta Van Fleet is capable of accomplishing, and I am looking forward to the next record that they come up with.


Wow  HellfireRider  5 star

FINALLY! Some decent new music in the rock category. Since when did being compared to Led Zeppelin become a bad thing?? Only in the age of lame crappy “music” like Tekuashi 69 or crappy stripper turned “rapper” Cardi b would an actual band with actual SKILL be crapped on!


Great Band  jkdgyfb  5 star

What this band is doing is great! Trying to bring back some good classic music style and I love it! Easily a 5/5, and to address all the haters is quite simple first of all no one will be as good as Led Zeppelin but at the same time he’s not making any new albums obviously so even if this band sounds like them that’s fine cause you can only listen to the same albums over and over by Zeppelin it’s great to see a band trying to bring some good style music now days


We need to stop  Jdensk2112  1 star

We need to stop comparing these guys to Led Zeppelin. It’s offensive to zep 😂


Led Zeppelin has passed the baton to Greta Van Fleet  renorat65  5 star

Rock n’ Roll, Blues and Heavy Metal all rolled up into a four man band that should be inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame today! No comparison to any band/performance Greta Van Fleet is the absolute best there has ever been! Rolling Stones sucked, Eminem was good, GVF rocked that stage with flash and flair one hasn’t seen since early days of Van Halen. They tell you that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; if that’s the case Led Zeppelin, Rush, Van Halen, Guns and Roses, Stevie Ray Vaughan are blushing like a bride on her wedding night. GVF is all of these greats rolled into the best band I’ve ever had the pure pleasure of experiencing.

Rock 5365

Long Live Rock  Rock 5365  5 star

Getting ready to collect Social Security, now you can age date me. So, Greta Van Fleet is being compared to Led Zeppelin (LZ), what a great compliment---long live rock! When LZ popped out in the late 60's and I heard R. Plant's (LZ) vocals, I thought his vocals were a reincarnation of Janis Joplin's and J. Page (LZ) played guitar like Jeff Beck or Eric Clapton, ok---Yardbirds. Yes, I can sense the LZ lyrics, vocals, riffs and rhythms in their music, but this band of brothers fit right into the KOL groove of rock that when I listen (turn the amp up to 11), take another hit (of fresh air), think of sipping some MD 20/20 (Merlot now) and close my eyes. I find myself waiting for the doors to open at the Seattle Center Arena (27 Dec 68) to see/hear ---Long live rock and the musicians who play it.


Original and best album  macbeth4233  5 star

A review by someone who has actually listened to the entire album. Kudos to no auto tune and a band that wrote their own music. A young group that will stand the test of time because they can create real music. Nay sayers need to really listen to the entire album.


Finally!!!!  Loladuck77  5 star

Rock and Roll is back!


Gretavanfleet  208vanfleet  5 star

Love ya guys congrats ❤️❤️❤️✌️ i would purchase it from iTunes but I’m poor rn lol so I’m just gonna leave a review for ya!


Great  Mikewords  5 star

This album is incredible!jimmy page got nothing on jake kitska...


Original Music  JWT0764  5 star

These guys are in their early 20's! These guys write their own music! These guys ROCK! In the age of mechanized hip hop crap, this music makes me turn up the volume!

Fingers of flame58

Led Zeppelin liftoff  Fingers of flame58  4 star

Sounds like Zepp? Yes.But these are original songs,full of energy and what most modern music lacks.....Balls! This is old school rock my freinds,the real stuff,not the artsy fartsy stuff out there.Not that sappy whiney crap on the radio.Its music like how us rockers like it.Raw,defiant,sexual,in your face.I say good for these young fellas for bringin this to us.We were starving and have been fed.Please sir...may i have another?


Thank You GVF  sepz14  5 star

By the way!!! To everyone saying it’s a zeppelin rip off- Robert Plant approves of them! Sooooo.... yea that say’s way more than your 1 star!!! Awesome Awesome awesome!!! GFV is already a classic


OH YES!! This is it!  LTRock364  5 star

Whoa! I just became a fan of GVF. Great job guys, this is the music I was hoping we would see again. Nevermind all the crap you read in here, you guys are doing great, keep writing, keep crushin it! Thanks for this album - taking it to the gym right now!


great music  AlthaeaRose  5 star

Luv the sound.


Music is personal.  LoganDeMers  4 star

Love them or hate them, that’s up to you. Solid album, slightly more variety than the last. These guys are clearly great musicians that are slowly finding their own way. People give them crap for adopting Zeppelin’s sound, then list three other bands they claim “do the same thing but better.” Listen to the album, make your own conclusions.


Best album  talr22201  5 star



Finally some true rock  PMAB  5 star

This is definitely close to zeppelin style what playing instruments don’t see this to often these days last time I was this excited besides 13 from Black Sabbath was the Black Crowes


Incredible album to become a classic !  Bikinicutie  5 star

At first when you see how young these guys are , you’re shocked how good they are.then you listen to the music and it’s everything rock and roll was meant to be. I don’t hear a Led Zeppelin “ so and so” like many wannabe critics cackle. I hear vocals “ inspired by” Robert Plant, GNR , Dio etc and who better to learn from . Every great band was inspired by those who came before them. incredible Guitars and drums, a breath of fresh air, actually a blood transfusion in a very stagnant genre . Its also refreshing to see that they’re very good natured and down to earth and enjoying what they do without the Ego and bad boy antics . I’d love to see these guys do a tour with Rival Sons , another great band who embodies the best of true rock and roll . That would be a show I’d love to attend. If this is just the beginning, your future is Going to be amazing if you stay the course! Job Well Done!

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