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they did that  AutomaticWaffles  3 star

they did that

societies in chains

New generation  societies in chains  5 star

I believe we’ve stepped into a new age of music defined heavily by nostalgic callbacks to so called better times yet in doing so we overlook the beautiful present we now live in. Andy Bernard once said he always wished he knew when the good times were before they were over. I’m here to tell you this music is now, and now is a very, very good time.


A slow burning triumph!  ZJatc  5 star

For the people asking “what happened” and giving this 1 star, I think you’re not understanding it and are probably only listing to 30 seconds of each track as you skip through. You’ll likely change your rating as you listen more. This is a very mature album from a band settling in for the long haul. A slow burning triumph!


In l o v e!  dammalyssa  5 star

the 1975 is breathtaking. their songs are written with so much truth & passion & love & heartache & edginess. this is just another amazing album that I’ll be playing non stop for months 💖


The 1975 doesn't disappoint  Vallyzuniga16  5 star

Another Amazing Album!!


Awful, just pitiful  aloha.ashley  1 star

just no 🤦‍♀️ so disappointed.


Maroon 5 wannabes  mrkewms  2 star

Pop schmuck


Amazing!  Chatbrat17  5 star

To you haters, it’s good and vibrant. Then you aren’t real the 1975 fans. I love the album and it’s worth everything. Keep it guys!!


wow!  beccarøse  5 star

way better than i expected.


More auto-tuned drivel  dyeworks  1 star

The reliance on auto-tune renders this "music" unlistenable.


a.k.msvertigx3 star

Rayos, quiero ir al concierto de the 1975


ellouise 🗑llsbrgn3 star

@henrygoldimg: ok guys i just saw the 1975 live and like lets be honest matty healy is kind of good looking but in a like mouldy dying r…


Dobri DeloviDobriDelovi3 star

What about checking The New Tom & Jerry Show?


This band just keeps getting better  DHB37  5 star

Their sound has evolved so well and keep the trend of making the next album better then the last. Each song is so original and different. The blend of indie rock with jazz and R&B is terrific and something no other band can do.


an absolute masterpiece  TheAxeShredder  5 star

Growing up alongside this band has been a pleasure, music so powerful it will leave you in tears


The 1975 blow me away!!!  Sadie1980  5 star

The 1975 i’ve been one of my top favorite bands For the last 3 1/2 years and there music is like nothing I’ve ever heard before I absolutely love them! I cannot wait to see them in concert in 2019🙌🙌🙌

Peanut gallery56

I’m upset  Peanut gallery56  1 star

This album is trash. They have moved away from their roots to something experimental. Now with that being said, some bands do move away from their original genre but they do it tastefully. This entire album is garbage. Healy has been on some drug trip the last couple years which has terribly influenced their music. I don’t care what you call it pop or rock or pop rock. Go back to first album where everything was black and white and we could see what you were doing.

Queen Satan

love  Queen Satan  5 star



a brief inquiry is amazing  Ienbdvsjshsnbhs  5 star

this album changed my life thank u they never let me down 😪🙏


Keep. On. Going.  baseballzlk09  5 star

The 1975 makes QUALITY music. Cannot wait for Notes on a Conditional Form to follow this masterpiece! Love it!!!


Amazing  N T B R E W N O  5 star

Simply their best work besides ILIWYS


What happened??  GaryUSC1995  1 star

The 1975 clearly lost their edginess with this album. Sadly, none of these songs resonate. Go back to the studio, throw out all the rules when arranging your tracks, and create an album worthy of your talents. Cheers, mates


love.  xoashweox  5 star

i’ve been waiting for this and it does not disappoint.

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