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Delta by Mumford & Sons Album Songs (14)

42Mumford & Sons 4:00USD 1.29
Guiding LightMumford & Sons 3:37USD 1.29
WomanMumford & Sons 4:34USD 1.29
BelovedMumford & Sons 4:25USD 1.29
The WildMumford & Sons 5:31USD 1.29
October SkiesMumford & Sons 3:43USD 1.29
Slip AwayMumford & Sons 4:55USD 1.29
Rose of SharonMumford & Sons 3:23USD 1.29
Picture YouMumford & Sons 4:03USD 1.29
Darkness VisibleMumford & Sons 3:11USD 1.29
If I SayMumford & Sons 4:29USD 1.29
Wild HeartMumford & Sons 5:05USD 1.29
ForeverMumford & Sons 4:36USD 1.29
DeltaMumford & Sons 6:16USD 1.29

Delta Album Reviews


On Repeat  KFRob  5 star

Love it


🔥  arvinzabihi  5 star



Not crazy about the direction they're going in  AlphaGram  4 star

But there are some songs I really like on this albu, Delta being my favorite. Would I buy the entire album? Nope.

Kl steak

Digs Deep  Kl steak  5 star

Phenomenal!!!! It’s been ages since I’ve purchased a full album! This one takes you away on a journey and digs deep in the soul! If you want music that takes your from A-Z and not even notice how you got there.....this is the one! ❤️❤️❤️


Amazing!  DCxxRaY  5 star

I'm glad they put down the banjos.


Pretty Poor  Joshb1003  2 star

Not tasteful, sounds like every other pop song coming out on the radio, with a touch of mediocre “folk” sound here and there. Really disappointed in the backward steps taken here with this album.


5 stars  Jonathan_19  5 star

If you don’t think this is a 5-star album than you’re stupid.


Beautiful  mo_passey  5 star

Everything you love about Mumford and Sons you can find on this album. They are growing and it’s beautiful.


Just not the sound that fits them  Reed12321  1 star

First, there needs to be more foot stomping and banjo. Secondly, why the slight echo on Marcus’ voice throughout the whole album? It makes it unbearable to listen to.


Disappointed  Kaitqwertyui  1 star

Coming from an obsessed fan, this album is pretty terrible. Music and lyric wise. I’ve never had the urge to skip a Mumford song but I basically get through this album in 5 min. Not impressed and very disappointed.


Twickets USTwicketsUS3 star

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Jessica Mumford🌹🌈Mumford_983 star

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Capital City Ticketscapitaltix3 star

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Ghost we ONCE knew  Bmcamc  2 star

These men were once the greatest band that I even knew and now they destroyed there entire reputation just because the record companies convince them to do so. I thought that you guys were going to be a massive sensation for an alternative yet so glorified sound. That’s what made Mumford and Sons great now there reputation is completely destroyed.


I am ok with change  Dovic  5 star

Great job, love that you take risks. Still amazing musicians. I’m not one of the old farts.


What happen?  Babo89  1 star

What happen to Mumford and Sons? I know bands should try and evolve but this was just a step in the wrong direction.


Keeps getting worse  MattNowitzki  1 star

I thought Wilder Mind might have been just a one off... then they went further off with that crazy collaboration album with who knows who. But this. This might be the lowest point for Mumford. This just got worse. I could only get thru maybe ten songs. Didn’t hear one banjo. Not one bass string. Didn’t hear any actual drums. Just electric drums. How could they just abandon what made people, like me, absolutely love them??? It doesn’t make sense. Beyond a disappointment.


Underwhelming at best.  Irishgirl0678  2 star

Tried so hard to like this album. I miss the old Mumford but enjoyed their last album with their newer sound. This one however is a total snooze fest. After each song I hoped the next would be more upbeat and enjoyable only to be further disappointed. Still a fan, but very underwhelmed by this album. Seeing them in concert next month and hoping they bring all their real hits on tour vs playing Delta.

Jackson the awesome dude

Delta wrong.......  Jackson the awesome dude  1 star

Marcus and mates.....what happened to Mumford and Sons. Powerful, driving music with soul.....your sound was unique.....that's what everyone liked banjos included. If we want another brooding Coldplay depressing album......we can just listen to Coldplay. Fire your agent or whoever is giving you bad advice. This album is bad.


theres’s no songs you can scream to  lucysvp  1 star

Mumford and Sons have put out SO MANY songs that just make you want to scream the lyrics because it hits so deep. None of those on this album, very slow and quiet songs, so disappointing.


Not for everyone  Deathmetal^^  3 star

I personally find this album more enjoyable than the last, but I didn't enjoy the last one at all. I know most of the reviews are saying harsh things about it, comparing it to their earlier work, I don't necessarily agree with that. I really do like their old sound much more, but bands change and try to branch out, which is admirable. However, the thing that led to their popularity, their unique sound, has been mostly lost in that transition, though whispers of it make its way into this album. I am rating it 3 stars because it is decently good music. Well played, well produced, well sung. Just nothing more than that to make it special.


Love my Mumford  LP-12753  5 star

Took me a few listens to get into it, and now I am hooked. Lyrics from Mumford are always so poetic. It’s definitely more mellow than previous albums but amazing nonetheless! They could sing the phone book and I would be content

Mr Biggs #23

Like it a lot!  Mr Biggs #23  4 star

I liked Wilder Mind album a lot, more so than Babel (I do like few songs from Babel), so for me Delta is what I expected and I love it.

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