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42Mumford & Sons 4:00USD 1.29
Guiding LightMumford & Sons 3:37USD 1.29
WomanMumford & Sons 4:34USD 1.29
BelovedMumford & Sons 4:25USD 1.29
The WildMumford & Sons 5:31USD 1.29
October SkiesMumford & Sons 3:43USD 1.29
Slip AwayMumford & Sons 4:55USD 1.29
Rose of SharonMumford & Sons 3:23USD 1.29
Picture YouMumford & Sons 4:03USD 1.29
Darkness VisibleMumford & Sons 3:11USD 1.29
If I SayMumford & Sons 4:29USD 1.29
Wild HeartMumford & Sons 5:05USD 1.29
ForeverMumford & Sons 4:36USD 1.29
DeltaMumford & Sons 6:16USD 1.29

Delta Album Reviews

Funn gurl

Stop the Hate  Funn gurl  5 star

I’ve fallen in love with Mumford and Sons ever since their first album. I was immediately drawn to the folksy and unique sound that this band offered up in their first few albums and, like most, was hesitant with their Wilder Mind album. The new sound that the band has sought after has really grown on me and after patiently waiting on what they were going to accomplish with this new Delta album, I was not disappointed. Although it’s not the typical Mumford sound, it is powerful, artistic, and my favorite album thus far. It really shows how a phenomenal band like Mumford can evolve and find its footing in whichever genre they decide to pursue and do it with a mature sound, fantastic lyrics, and artistry.


Bring Old Mumford Back!  caleblong16  1 star

Miss the folky sound Mumford used to have. Kinda stinks now that they’re like every other alternative band out there now.

Jess bel

Best band  Jess bel  5 star

Every song,every album blows me away. I just saw them at MSG and cried. One of the best bands of our generation and this album is a further example of their greatness


New sound, same soul.  shoesareart  5 star

I love this new album. I’m a huge fan, and I love the past banjo heavy sound. Yes, this album is a different sound. But it still has the rich soul and heartbeat of Mumford and Sons and the lyrics are beautiful and poetic. I could listen to this album over and over and over. I don’t expect any musician or artist to always put out the same kind of work with every piece. Sometimes they experiment and it doesn’t really work. But this experiment worked. Love it!!!!

big red button

Masterful  big red button  5 star

This Album has the best of all of Mumford and Sons unique way of story telling. Can’t wait to see it Live ❤️


🔥  LeeTV14  5 star

Incredible! Thanks!


Great throughout  Gregk5224  5 star

Don’t listen to any of these haters. If you like Mumford and Sons, then you will love this album.


Just, no.  melfp78  1 star

I never write reviews but this and their last album is just not the Mumford and Sons I fell in love with many years ago.

Save Nashville

Amazing  Save Nashville  5 star

May not be the original Mumford and sons country/folk sound. But it is still a fantastic album. The lyrics and meanings behind the songs are the best things you’ll hear in 2018. Even though this album has an r&b/pop/rock sound, it’s still one of the best Mumford and sons albums by far and the best album in 2018 besides Ruston Kelly’s dying star


Ugh.  Tarheel2838  1 star

I’m not sure which manager has been pushing Mumford more and more toward the benign side of Coldplay, but it’s not a good sound. More banjo, more folk, don’t forget who you are!


Kevin Stonekstonezone3 star



bassmusicBassmusicBump3 star

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Eric Millscartoon_physics3 star

@jacobhunni It’s not a film that’s from a Mumford and Sons video.


Brilliant  Indykay83  5 star

I’ve been a fan from the beginning and I enjoy the growth and change in sound. Delta is beautiful. Enjoy the old and embrace the new!


Is this Mumford & Sons?  BurpFC  2 star

Sounds like Coldplay. Nothing against it, but i miss old MnS.


So good!  Grty  5 star

Seeing all these negative reviews makes no sense. This album is definitely one of the best of the year. Bands change their sounds and this is a great evolution from their previous work


Evolving sound  hoosiergirl95  5 star

Mumford and Sons really took a chance with this album and the end result is a wonderful compilation of music. Their folk sound is what made me fall in love with this band and I was disappointed in Wilder Mind. I had to get use to the new sound and now I love that album too. Delta is like a story through life and I love that they took a chance to create music that they feel passionate about.


Miss the old Mumford  78queen  1 star

I don’t even know who you are any more. Bring back your old tunes.

Zee Dogg

Wow...just wow  Zee Dogg  1 star

So disappointing in so many ways. It sounds a lot like Coldplay.


the music business  AndersonGrey  5 star

someday i do hope for an acoustic album again with the thunderous harmony we all love but think about how great those first two albums are.....i will be listening to them till the end.... that being said....i LOVE this album. i was not a fan of wilder mind i really liked afew songs and respected what they were doing.... but this album is on another level...the lyrics are excellent and musically these songs stay with you...nothing will ever be sigh no more or babel.... but this album is so solid.... if you all could just get past your expectations and just listen to it.... you might see that they are doing something really heartfelt and special... good job guys....that being said......why does target get the bonus acoustic tracks.....that bothers me....


Love  aintalovesong  5 star

Glad I listened to the whole album before I jumped to conclusions like a lot of people here did. I love it when a band grows and evolve as musicians and vocalists. It’s okay if you don’t like everything they put out, but it’s kind of sad to expect artists to stick to one sound and never take risks. If they didn’t, people would complain that all their albums sound the same. Can’t win them all. Currently, October Skies is on repeat. Marcus’ vocals shine and the lyrics are beautiful. Can’t wait to hear it live ❤️

J Carroll

So sad...  J Carroll  1 star

I’m a huge Mumford fan. I’ve seen them in concert multiple times and consider Sigh No More and Babel two of my favorite albums. Delta is boring at best. I sincerely wish I hadn’t purchased this album and no longer regret not getting tickets for an upcoming show.


Where did we go wrong?  ÄlgenKünig  1 star

I loved old Mumford from sigh no more to Babel, heck even wilder mind had some solid songs. When they announced the new album I was astatic, expecting the usual quality. But dang , this is just horrible, like I’ll take electric guitars over this any day. But they know deep inside that what we want more than anything else is another old soul album, when the songs painted pictures of the beautiful past.

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