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42Mumford & Sons 4:00USD 1.29
Guiding LightMumford & Sons 3:37USD 1.29
WomanMumford & Sons 4:34USD 1.29
BelovedMumford & Sons 4:25USD 1.29
The WildMumford & Sons 5:31USD 1.29
October SkiesMumford & Sons 3:43USD 1.29
Slip AwayMumford & Sons 4:55USD 1.29
Rose of SharonMumford & Sons 3:23USD 1.29
Picture YouMumford & Sons 4:03USD 1.29
Darkness VisibleMumford & Sons 3:11USD 1.29
If I SayMumford & Sons 4:29USD 1.29
Wild HeartMumford & Sons 5:05USD 1.29
ForeverMumford & Sons 4:36USD 1.29
DeltaMumford & Sons 6:16USD 1.29

Delta Album Reviews


A little better  KarHarvey  3 star

This album seems a little better than their previous but I just want the amazing banjo folk sound with his incredible voice that was their first two albums. Glad to hear the banjo here and there but you guys were unique... stop trying to fit in and bring back your old sound! I miss it!


Huh??  jondlr  1 star

They got away from their roots. Got away from their sound. They forgot why we loved them with all their instruments and have now become mainstream with noise and keyboards. Sounds like an album from 2057. But music changes I guess....


GREAT!  jessawunder  5 star

Awesome music! Absolutely love the album.


Amazing  Disgusted78  5 star

Hate when everyone craps on bands for changing, and then craps on them for staying the same. This is good stuff with great lyrics.

the unknown girl

Anyone that says this album isn't good is insane  the unknown girl  5 star

This album is so beautiful and I've had it on repeat for weeks. There isn't a single song that I don't enjoy on here. I love the orchestra builds in The Wild, everything about the song Delta, and lyrics in Picture You. Best Mumford and Sons album yet!


Boring!  Inganinga  2 star

I kept waiting for the tempo to pick up, but it never did. I miss the old Mumford that I fell in love with so many years ago. This is so disappointing.


Simply horrible  necpa  1 star

I play guitar. I loved the rawness of the first two albums. Great to play along with. Catchy. W. Mind and this album are just a band coming to grips with their humanity. Whoops, that’s Almost Famous. anyway this album made me feel like I was listening to a mixture of Enya with Mumford’s voice. Just simply horrible. Made me want to sleep.


This is good music!  Kristy2128  4 star

I’m a huge fan of old banjo Mumford and miss them, but there are so many other bands out there trying to do what they did. I guess I don’t blame them for forging a new path. I don’t care what the haters say, this album is very creative with some beautiful songs. It’s way better than Wilder Minds. I’d give it four and a half stars if I could.


A review from a cynic  12581321  5 star

I just checked, and I've written twelve album reviews this year. Of these, ten were about how my favorite bands had sold out, leaving they're original sounds for mainstream pop. Mumford & Sons is doing something different here. And, yes, the instrumentation is more conventional than, say, Babel. But the soul, subtlety, and production quality are present in spades. Congrats guys!

A-12 924

Same old sh#$t  A-12 924  1 star



It’s grown on me  SNEZ7639  4 star

I liked Wilder Mind even if the sound was a departure from their earlier music. This album further follows the road started by Wilder Mind by departing from their root sound. My first listen left me bored and uninterested. Most of the songs sound the same- slow and melodramatic. Nothing unique or edgy in the music. Thus far disappointing but I’ll listen again. Mumford and Sons had a great sound. Understand evolving but they seem to have lost it. Too bad. Since I wrote above I’ve listened more and find myself listening even more. There are a few interesting songs with pretty dark and deep lyrics. Darkness Visible is way out there- reminiscent of Rush circa 1975. Overall it’s a different sound but good it’s own way. I’ve increased my rating.


Still a fan but I was disappointed.  CShotts  2 star

I appreciate all the hard work you guys put into this and I hope and pray for nothing but success for you guys but this just wasn’t my cup of tea.


Great  Milky790  5 star

Don’t listen to negative reviews. Of course original Mumford is great, but why would you want the same music over and over again. They change their sound with every album so this should be something that fans are used to. This album is certainly better than Wilder Mind and the more I listen to the entire album the more I like it. Great songs are here.


Love it!  Jayhwkfn  5 star

Love the different sound!


I need some uppers  Reedman70x  2 star

What a snooze fest this album is. Virtually every song sounds the same. They should have titled the album "Songs to Sleep by". What happened to Mumford? Bring back the music dudes. Please.

J. Cole III

GREAT ALBUM  J. Cole III  5 star

If Henry Ford listened to other people he would have made a faster horse.


What happened  eef10  1 star

This doesn’t sound anything like mumford and sons. What happened to their old sound? We loved you before so why change something that doesn’t need fixing?


It’s really like a 5/10  Lindmando  1 star

Listened to this album thoroughly while working today. And overall, I didn’t like it. Yeah, there were couple okay songs on it that has glimpses of the old Mumford. His lyrics were spot on! But the band has deviated so much from their sound that made them Mumford & Sons. I get bands change their sound over time, but Mumford did a complete 180 on their sound. Just makes me sad. Being honest here!

Julia from D.C.

No stop  Julia from D.C.  1 star

Why would you change when you had something really good going? Wanting to expand your audience ? That never works.


Awesome. Epic. Greatness  Coagulater  5 star

Longtime fan. So much meat on the bone here. Just awesome. Those that want the old sound can listen to the old albums. Great artists evolve. Some fans don’t. This will be up for album of the year. Guaranteed.

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