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The ElementsTobyMac 3:51USD 1.29
I just need U.TobyMac 3:43USD 1.29
ScarsTobyMac 4:21USD 1.29
EverythingTobyMac 3:20USD 1.29
Starts With MeTobyMac & Aaron Cole 3:53USD 1.29
Edge Of My SeatTobyMac 3:43USD 1.29
It's YouTobyMac 4:47USD 1.29
Horizon (A New Day)TobyMac 3:13USD 1.29
Hello FutureTobyMac 2:42USD 1.29
OverflowTobyMac 3:16USD 1.29
See The LightTobyMac 3:51USD 1.29

The Elements Album Reviews

karly yoooooo

Karl’s  karly yoooooo  5 star

Sooooo amazing I am a #1 fannnn!!!!


Some great songs on here!  GoldieLaMae  5 star

Gotta love TobyMac and this cd has some new, amazing songs on it!


Great but...  我不要外號  4 star

This is a great album but is the first album he’s released I didn’t feel was better than the last. I need to listen closer but this appears to be the first album not featuring his kids or a song about his wife. I miss physical media at times as these things were much easier to confirm when you could just look and lyrics and credits to know. I would say it’s his 3rd or 4th best album will take several more listens to decide final placement.


Best Artist Period!  Pepple67  5 star

TobyMac keeps getting better each album! This is the example of a great artist with a great message!

Epic rap

It “starts with me” to tell you....  Epic rap  5 star

That this is crazy!!! So lite 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Very Good Feel  mistergirl1985  5 star

I have been an On Again/Off Again TobyMac fan in the past, but I love direction he has gone musically on the album... just feels unique! I loved "I Just Need U" immediately the first time I heard it & the whole albums has that kind of affect on me. Very, very good.


30 years of Relevance  Rev_kappy  5 star

This guy has been a pioneer and creating relevant music and live shows and he is still going strong. "Starts with Me" is right on point as Toby continues to push into issues that matter. Great album!

Thomas Boyz

TobyMac is simply the GREATEST!  Thomas Boyz  5 star

There isn’t a song nor album of TobyMac’s that I do not love! I literally listen to him every single day! This album is AMAZING just like all the rest! The message in every song is touching and so thought-provoking. The music always has me reflecting on my relationship with our Lord and Savior. I LOVE that my boys know every single TobyMac song! I just pray that I can take them to a TonyMac concert someday!! Thank you TobyMac! Your music has saved me through so much!


Another one!  JayCin33  5 star

Great album!!

cap king luver

Awesome  cap king luver  5 star

Love the hip-hop funk combo


Mark BoazMjbz163 star

@tobymac: starts with me. Thanks MLK. #StartsWithMe feat. @IAmAaronColee from The Elements.


Susan Greevesnasuseg3 star

@emilyhoilman22 @mrskim__ @tobymac @BrdgstoneArena You can volunteer thru Loop Events. You get in free for helping…


Todd TrotterToddTrotter33 star

@SudeJohn: @Tennyso73797371 @Jacquel13149633 @Believer037 @Johnkamau7 @emmanuelobi476 @ReginahHope @JUBILEE_7DOUBLE @krazy4ujc @elliesan…


Spot on  kickinrhino  4 star

This album hits the spot mmmmm! It has been too long since his last recording. A well balanced work! Love it, love it!!!


Excellent!!!  Marvelousgrant  5 star

Toby’s new album The Elements may not have the same rock and roll energy from his past albums, but the messages in this one could not hit deeper or truer!


Incredible Music from an Always-Relevant Artist  zfJames  5 star

Toby Mac has hit another grand slam with this album, from the title song “The Elements” to the reflective “See the Light.”

Mile High Dough Boy

BIG UPS TOBY!  Mile High Dough Boy  5 star

Just finished listening to the entire album. Each song is unique, inspiring & uplifting. Really diggin' 'Overflow' & 'Everything'. Thanks for always pointing us to the Father with your music. Gwann Big Up yuhself Toby!!!


Good God...  Cptawesome1227  5 star

Dude just keeps killing it! 🙏

Gen 806

WOW  Gen 806  5 star

He’s always been so great, can’t wait for the rest of the album.


Excited  Shellrdz  5 star

From what I’ve heard so far I love it! Can’t wait! I swear he is a chameleon, always changing it up.


Review  tylatt57  5 star

Amazing album


I love this  GhostRider31408  5 star

You can believe you can be how you are everyday.


Long time Toby fan  #datLECRAEdoe  4 star

So I was a little kid when Toby’s banger portable sounds came out. Ever since then I’ve been a big fan. His albums have gotten better and better. He will go down as one of the GOATs. However this is not a test was a good album but not anywhere near the level of greatness of his previous 4 albums. This album I’m hoping is his best yet. Everything and scars are really good giving the album the potential to do so. However I just need you has good lyrics or whatever but the beat and melody are kind of cliche in my opinion. I’m rooting for you tmac!

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