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The ElementsTobyMac 3:51USD 1.29
I just need U.TobyMac 3:43USD 1.29
ScarsTobyMac 4:21USD 1.29
EverythingTobyMac 3:20USD 1.29
Starts With MeTobyMac & Aaron Cole 3:53USD 1.29
Edge Of My SeatTobyMac 3:43USD 1.29
It's YouTobyMac 4:47USD 1.29
Horizon (A New Day)TobyMac 3:13USD 1.29
Hello FutureTobyMac 2:42USD 1.29
OverflowTobyMac 3:16USD 1.29
See The LightTobyMac 3:51USD 1.29

The Elements Album Reviews


Booty twerking good!  Agapeluv_83  5 star

Is it wrong that I twerked my big ole butt around the whole apartment the night I heard this record! One cheek, two cheek and up they went up and down on nearly every song 😃


Yay!!!  Kendallleq  5 star

It’s finally here!!!!! Love love love this album! Been listening to Tobymac for as long as I can remember, and this album is amazing!!

308 Ruger

It ain’t my style of music, but  308 Ruger  5 star

ITS TOBMAC!!!!!!! The lyrics are so Godly! I personally think it’s cool to see how he went from dc talk pop/rap/rock(Jesus Freak, Jesus is Just alright, etc) to nü-metal (The Slam, and phenomenon) to where his now. My favorite was the nü-metal stage of his career but hey! It’s Tobymac!! Such a Godly man!!


Toby MAC  Jamesbear  5 star

Still got it!!!

Awesome! Fantastic!

Tobymac THE BEST  Awesome! Fantastic!  5 star

Great album! I’m listening to it all the time. All the song have a good upbeat to it.


Amazing!  Hotpinkidy  5 star

I am really impressed with this album, and it’s probably my new favorite album! The beats are on point, and the messages are great. Trust God, He is all we need. ❤️


Tyler Jospeh  Erica.ortega4545  5 star

Y’all sure this isn’t no phun intended by Tyler Jospeh Bc this is like a re done bop. Sounds amazing tho!!


Toby, Great form!  mokie63  5 star

Toby has always had the best voice in D.C. Talk, and Solo, such a Haunting voice, this album is awesome, he raps, and rolls, and as usual you can understand every lick, everything crisp, clean, "WoW" the pipes God gave this young man, this Album, A GEM!


The epic phenomenal continues  MDBike  5 star

Since the success of This is Not A Test, it continues with the elements. I’m super proud of what tobymac has done and I know he’s going to continue doing God’s work with music. Do me a favor and listen to this new album: The Elements


Soo good  kasaays  5 star

This might be my favorite Toby Mac album


You inspire me so much!  Anthony6128  5 star

Thank you for all of the songs that you have wrote, I believe that they have changed my Life forever! This album made me dance waking home!

Ester S

BEAUTIFUL  Ester S  5 star

This album is a breath of fresh air. It’s raw, honest and it will feel your soul with every good thing. It’s encouraging and reminds us even when we are lost or weak Jesus is there to hold us in his arms and remind us who he and who we are. TobyMac has always been an inspiration to me since I was little and I know every time I listen to his music it will be uplifting and inspiring. BUY THIS ALBUM!


I like TobyMac, but...  MLpreach  5 star

...I wish his lyrics were deeper/more about Jesus being glorified instead of a focus on "I" or "ME." Many of these songs could be about a human relationship instead of a worship of a magnicifcent Creator. At this point in my life, I want Jesus to be magnified. Not me. I don't need Joel Osteen in preaching and I certainly don't need Toby to be the Joel Osteen of CCM. The beats and music itself is modern and could be played on Top 40, which is always a good thing...but again, I want something set apart like we are commanded to be (Romans 12:2, 1 Peter 2:9).


Really great album.  SJ_CKF  5 star

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this new album. Good mix of styles but all well done & fun.


AMAZING!!!!!!!!!  SpeedyDash1  5 star

THE SONGS ARE AWESOME!!!! I'm super excited for the rest of the album!!! ❤️ I recommend it!!!


watered down water  EvanPugh  1 star

Take the latest generic trends on the radio, add Christianity, and you get one of the most dumbed down forms of music in existence


Oof  Daverde99  2 star

Big oof


Of Course It Is Incredible...  DallasBigDMeneley  5 star

You can't count on many things in life. But you can count on Toby Mac releasing anything. Elements is no exception. It is incredible. "It Starts With Me" is so needed right now in our world. Well done Toby and Crew!


The Elements  Shayhorselover  5 star

This album is great! The perfect addition to your TobyMac collection!


Excellent new album  JawaDaddy  5 star

So inspirational, so soulful. I’m very thankful for this album at this time in my life.

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