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FACD 50 1981

Shark Sandwhich  FACD 50 1981  1 star

Mongoloid music.

Sonia Galindo

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥  Sonia Galindo  5 star

He did it again


Lit  Danielloredo18  5 star



Oh my god  CshadyC  5 star

Oh my god it’s so good Jesus god holy wow.

Incredible  "The Chad"  5 star

This is my favorite logic album.


YSIV  SlayZelinaSlay  5 star



🔥🔥🔥🔥  migrach  5 star



Let’s go #RattPack  ladiessman217  5 star


Kidd Jamm

I JUST GOT MADE A B LEAVER  Kidd Jamm  5 star



GOAT  Rex8000  5 star

Oh No Bobby Don’t Do Em Like That


Ⓜ® Ter™TerzungweA3 star

@DrCOmole: First Blame it on the previous Govt & if that fails, Blame the Private sector. This govt appears to be responsible for Nothi…


Preston Austingl33p3 star

"Legal decisions are not produced by neutral algorithms that yield objective judgments based on formal logic. They’…


ӐℜîƝą ƧăƁǃęƖαArinaSb3 star

@FactsOfSchool: *my logic during finals* Well it can’t be A because the last 3 were, and B doesn’t make sense to me. Fuck it, haven’t p…


GOAT!  Chefspank  5 star


Yung angel

Worth it!!!  Yung angel  4 star

This man grows every time! Quick and and on point


Thank god finally something worth listening too.  Pwinga  5 star

I am so glad Logic has the artistic understanding to drop a true hip hop masterpiece. I am always missing the days of Tribe, De la, and J Dilla. Thank you Logic for a true hip hop album, all others listen and learn!!! Kanye ain’t got a f%%cking clue!!!


Under Pressure > YSIV  James162527  1 star

Logic changed greatly. Compare it with his older projects it’s just not the same anymore


Bland  TBuckey  1 star

Got to track 3 then I was over it. I’ll try again but that’s not a sign of good things to come if you can’t captivate me within the first quarter of the album 🤷🏾‍♂️

Nick nack no

😍  Nick nack no  5 star


Ya boi Nick136

Body  Ya boi Nick136  5 star

Body body body


Keeping the boom-bap alive  Youknow2018  5 star

After releasing his Bobby Tarantino 2 mixtape, Logic went from the trap to the boom-bap in the same year, this is his 10th consecutive project and Young Sinatra 4 might be his best one. From the features to the sounds and the stories the album is amazing and will be a big impact in Logics career, after this album Logic will end the Young Sinatra series after writing his song called “Young Sinatra” in his first mixtape in 2010 “Young, Broke & Infamous” he continued to release 3 Young Sinatra Mixtapes. YSIV which has been very incredible by spitting fast flows, with having the whole Wu-tang clan on his album, Logic proves that he’s the greatest rapper in the game, and respectively every rapper should feel that way, but Young Sinatra IV will go down as one of the best albums in 2018.

Chef Breezy

The 🐑  Chef Breezy  5 star

YSIV boom bap 🔥🔥🔥


Logic YSIV  Mallymal213  5 star

This album is straight fire!!!!!!!!!!! Another Hit for Bobby! 🖖🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥

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