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Very Soulful and Gritty  JaimeD19  5 star

I'm more of a Kanye fan than anything but I decided to give Test Drive a listen and I wasn't dissapointed. Well executed album and possibly the only complaint would be the length of the album but I appreciate the fact that he only wants to dish out quality music instead of fillers. If your looking for something to get you in your feels, this is it.


Amazing  G_derp  5 star

This man is amazing he needs more recognition

ghost malone

Daddy Franku  ghost malone  5 star

Thanks for the good album man i needed it!


Songs for the struggle  808bb  5 star

It’s perfect. Have to appreciate all of the hard work that went into this album especially when he was also working on the Head in the Clouds album with such a different sound. What a multi-talented individual.


Frank ain’t so filthy, but he’s on🔥  Swiftswipe  5 star

Such a chill, beautiful, and sometimes sorrowful triumph. Who knew such a savage could show a side so bold and epic?Keep killin it

Kog V man

Great improvement since the last album🔥💯🙌  Kog V man  5 star

Bring back Joji vlogs.


ICONIC  sommerrip  5 star

Sis gonna be here until the end. That’s how good it is.


Download Now!!!!!  dopeboi39  5 star

Finally!! Music that is well written and produced!


Test Drive  Bellabomb1  5 star

Joji doesn't disappoint. He does his own thing. These ballads are just what I need right now.


amazing  nicolehxx  5 star

every song slaps 🖤😭👼🏽


Crystalcryystaal63 star

@maddelinnnee: Steve lacy, Kali Uchis, Berhana, Smino, H.E.R, Alina Baraz, Miguel, Jorja Smith, Joji, Wet, Coin, STILL WOOZY, The Walter…


klara is okthehashtagpll3 star

BALLADS 1 - Joji (2018)


6YearsWithBangHimAkazea10043 star

@miar815yahooco1: Sth abt Joji's music: he has been described as trip hop that blends elements of trap, folk, electronic, and R&B.He ha…

🌨 lildickgirl

p u r e  🌨 lildickgirl  5 star

This is the only thing keeping me stable and my one current source of happiness. Thank you. <3


🙌beautiful 🙌  edupes212  5 star

It is a need!!!it has so many good tracks that are so calming ,yet saddening


Nice work  Ksksns  5 star

!! Thank you


I’m honestly speechless  Thaseme  5 star

Every track is filled to the brim with raw emotional artistic energy, creativity, love, and not to mention talent. I’m blown away. This album is one to cry to over a break up, chill out to, work out to, cook to, and much more. I only cried out of happiness and feels 12 times. Also WANTED U is my favorite because it combines everything talked about above.


Love this  Try_stan_jude  5 star

Been a fan of you since the early filthy frank days man. Will support you all the way.


Любить  АндрейЛёша  5 star

Это огонь! 🔥🔥

i cant find an untaken name

Yes yes yes yes👌👏👏  i cant find an untaken name  5 star



Bueno  Ja123455678  5 star

Major improvements over (the already good) EP in tongues


Joji (djd)  Ferg ASAP  5 star

Real good vocals and chill vibes one of my favorite albums of the year


Favorite Album of the year.  Mendieee  5 star


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