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MF BOPPIN  nat-hann  5 star

This is a very much good album and I listen to it a lot


FIRE.  XXNXXNX  5 star



Feels  Colin13234  5 star

If you're looking to lay back, relax, and contemplate life, then this album is for you.


aoty  thelifeofjac  5 star

never listened to joji before its just that good


❤️❤️  Julio1673  5 star

Joji is the best musician that I know like bruhhhh😫😢👌

Johnny 😔

Best album so moody  Johnny 😔  5 star

I love this album the song “wanted you “ is such a beautiful song

Welcome to j-jojivlogs

Great but could've been better.  Welcome to j-jojivlogs  5 star

Joji chloeburbank was threw off aside cause George's other personas.(pink guy, Papa Franku ) Then 88 rising hit him up and I am contented that he can do more of what he loves. Heck, even Rei Brown a person he went to school with in the past even collabed with him and his career overall was great and his inspiration for his songs has more meaning into it and some of the songs in ballads1 doesn't have as much "Romantic Garbage."as "will he" and the rest of his songs but it still is really great I just Expected more great songs but the work that he puts into this and the hard choices he probably has to make plus the rate he's making the songs now, it gets 5 stars for me.


Amazing  LordAlbaro  5 star

Modern R&B never sounded so good

Adriana M. Hillstrom

Girl or Boy?  Adriana M. Hillstrom  1 star

This is honestly one of the worst album covers I’ve ever seen. I can’t tell what it is. Plus all the songs are alike. Who’d pay $13, for 12 songs?👎


❤️  MommyKacefac3  5 star

Seriously love Joji so much and this is everything


丸亀製麺【公式】UdonMarugame3 star

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ジョージjoji_k_rie_k3 star

@UdonMarugame: \6月28日まで毎日開催!/ 🎁フォロー&キャンペーン3日目🎁 明太子と玉子のマリアージュ♡#明太釜玉 無料クーポンが抽選で1,000名様に当たる! さらにハズレなし!使えるクーポン必ず当たる! #丸亀製麺 をフォロー>この投稿を…


ジョージjoji_k_rie_k3 star

@ichiban_KIRIN: / #新しいおいしさで新発売! \ 新しくなった 新・一番搾りのおいしさを 実感したい!という方は このツイートを! 抽選で新・一番搾りをお届け♪ @ichiban_KIRIN の フォローもお忘れなく! #新おいしい #新一番搾り…


hes god  Twilkson  5 star

hes god


love it  anirosej  5 star

his music is so different and should be appreciated much more. I definitely recommend buying the album.

Cowboy Takanowa

🤠  Cowboy Takanowa  5 star

This is ‘vey nice 👌ooo


I’m really disappointed  Pruett85  2 star

You’re just moaning at this point over the same sounding stuff. Idk what’s happening but this album ain’t it chief


My dad  Sanchex192882737  5 star

Amazing album


The best kind of surprise  TotalBallisticMayhem  5 star

Enough familiarity and variety to be a warm welcome and surprise. Simply amazing.

Zion Urquidi

IN THE DAAAARRRK  Zion Urquidi  5 star

This album is amazing, with drowning beats fused with lofi trap and I love it. Joji is going places with this direction of sound and he’s making it his own

Kino gechh grungy

This album is a dream  Kino gechh grungy  5 star

I love almost everything Joji releases, and this album is no exception


So good  Bradford6472  5 star

Actually a god


Excellent  Chalmers1  5 star

It feels like George put a lot more effort it ballads 1 then tongues. Don’t get me wrong though, tongues was very good. Ballads 1 is definitely a step in the right direction for joji.

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