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The album is amazing  Owlman26  5 star

Good stuff, joji👌.

I'm weak 😂

10/10 ign  I'm weak 😂  5 star

Boi ma son joji out here making me emotional with his voice 😭😂


Stunning  1029Cake  5 star

A work of art. This album embodies what modern music should be.


🍞🍞🍞  postyyyyyyyy❤️  5 star

Big bread.🤩


Kinda disappointed  Unwornfanatic  3 star

Honestly, from test drive, slow dancing, and yeah right, I was expecting a really, really good album. Now, they’re are some songs on here with some good hooks but most of it wasn’t the stuff I was expecting and I was hoping for some songs to sound like his old stuff? I don’t really know but overall, it’s decent

kira wahl

AMAZING  kira wahl  5 star

there is not one single song i don’t like on here it is so good


Brilliant.  ReFreak94  5 star

There’s nothing else that sounds like it.

Elite Nerfer

Yass he is the baous  Elite Nerfer  5 star



Papa Franku left us... but Joji joined us  DavidApodaca14  5 star

1) Slow Dancing in the Dark is the Best-Worst Feeling song I think I’ve ever heard 2) I don’t know whether to jam out or to lay down and cry with Wanted U, Test Drive and Yeah Right. 3)XNXX and Can’t Get Over You balance out the sadness and make you stop from just flat out ending it... 4)R.I.P is ok... I thought it’d be better but it’s alright 5) See You in 40 is so confusing I don’t even know whether It’s really good or ear rape 6)The rest of the album is meh 7) Real Madrid C.F 8) ALL MY FRIENDS NO FUNNNNNNNNNNNN❤️

( same as title)

Pink Guy  ( same as title)  5 star

I will always miss Filthy Frank but I am happy that he is happy


yuanyuan-Antares02krisyuanyuanxue3 star

@MPRADIO_NET: 18 - Rich Brian, Kris Wu & Joji ft Trippie Redd & Baauer #Radio #Music #Live #NP #HipHop #Pop #Rap


ジョージ・ペニーウォート【疲労困憊】【低浮上】Joji_AGE3 star

さて、特務も無事完了した ……早く帰還して食事だな。腹が減ったな


JOJERjojipicsj3 star

@wonderlandmag: Viral "dirty pop" hitmaker @sushitrash is dissolving facades to bare his truest self …

Danny the Hobo

joji fails to disappoint  Danny the Hobo  5 star

if you like his “in tongues” style, you’re in luck! even though he tries some new sounds, he has is uniqueness that everyone loves.

Chef Swavey

Beautiful  Chef Swavey  5 star



Absolutely Incredible Album  eri1485  5 star

Once the pre-releases were released, I immediately knew this album was going to be fantastic. Now that the album is released, I’ve heard every song and it’s safe to say this is the best album of 2018. Joji really outdid himself, this one will be playing forever.


Joji Is a Genius  pinkcloudlayne  5 star

This entire album is so good. Joji never disappoints.

7 dream

very nice  7 dream  5 star

love his music


Absolutely Sensational  FUN GAME WOW SO GOOOOOOOD  5 star

An album written and perfected by a talented, humble, and amazing human being!


Too good to be true!  Chanzer7O  5 star

Awesome album! Good stuff here!


Fire  dboydaneboy  5 star



THIS IS IT CHIEF  Estuperritojosh  5 star

love yah joji


This was worth the wait  ReggieCage  5 star

I absolutely love this album. Joji has gone beyond my expectations

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