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Tunchi back on top of things.  MarcJ278913  5 star

I’ve been waiting on this for awhile. Tunchi never disappoints, best rapper alive.


✊🏾  Trackey  5 star

Right on Time, TIMELESS! ✊🏾

zane hollis 18

My boy  zane hollis 18  5 star

Thank you Dwayne


Ghost🎵  Ghost🎵  5 star



Savage  nuttinghard  5 star

The album is savage af

Redlamer dog master

Ehh  Redlamer dog master  3 star

i had mixed feelings about this one. at first, i was only here to buy the “Don’t cry” song with x when it came out but i thought to just buy the album but i looked up the songs and i only like don't cry so i would not waste ur money but if u like songs that only talk about drugs and money and women go for it but otherwise buy don't cry if u need a song to get you in your feelings give it a shot especially if you wanna support x

Deep  5 star

Great! More and more I listen it show how Wayne has grown and has the music talents of a genius.


The G.O.A.T IS BACK  @kashismoney  5 star

Regardless, this album, he’s still my favorite artist of all time musically....but the funny thing about it I love it. I just feel like he could of said more on the track named DEDICATE

R&B Souldier

Lil trash Wayne  R&B Souldier  1 star

After all the hype and all the waiting, Wayne is still trash, nothing has changed. The only positive is that there aren't as many corny lyrics about eating p**** as usual, but his bars are still weak and he auto-tunes too much. Plus, for an album that was years in the making most of it sounds like it was recorded in the last year. And what's with the features? There's like no good rap features on here, I didn't expect much from wayne but I thought he'd at least put together an album with features with some rap OGS but other than Snoop I guess not. I mean who the heck still listenes to ashanti or nivia in 2018 lol? Ashanti are you kidding me? Ashanti hasn't been relevant since last decaade nobody wanna hear her weak voice anymore!


What are you saying?  Ssmeltzer  2 star

How can you say so much and nothing at all. If you had one complete thought this might be a better album. You must have ADHD. Too much good music out to give it more of my time.


🔥ALPHA MUSIC💪Jallow943 star

@HotFreestyle: Jay Z’s recent acts of kindness: - Paid Meek Mill’s lawyer fees while he was locked up - Helped Lil Wayne pay back his…


a doida do rolêdaniletamara3 star

A aparência de Lil Wayne é irritante minha gnt parece que ficou preso em 2008 junto com T pain


Kristen Romano ☺︎krissromanoo3 star

@_typicalAries: lil wayne : “ i’m on that good kush and alcohol”…


Deep water Carter  2dopeboyz0101  5 star

Best album of the year


Dont Cry, Let It All Work Out  blurrayskrines  5 star

bought tracks 2, 6, 7, 9, 16, and finally track 23 off the bat. 5 stars.


Review  cory1299  5 star



Mr Carter.  Pushaa_p  5 star

Ladies and gentlemen.


GAG SIS  davidsituchito  5 star



Tunechi  504music  3 star

Definitely a decent album just not the same Wayne as before on C3 or C4.


🐐🧠🖐🦈🦖  💰wish  5 star



🔥🔥🔥  jkgghgs  5 star



🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥  whoop24  5 star


magnetic maggie

Skrait fiyah  magnetic maggie  5 star


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