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Returning after her chart-topping album EVOLution, featuring singles such as “On Purpose” and her biggest hit yet, “Thumbs” Sabrina Carpenter returns with her newest LP, titled Singular: Act I, which was released on November 9, 2018. On May 13th of 2018, Sabrina announced “Almost Love”, which is the lead single of Singular. “Almost Love” was released on June 6th. The album’s release date was revealed during Sabrina’s performance of “Almost Love” on The Late Late Show with James Corden

Singular Act I by Sabrina Carpenter Album Songs (8)

Almost LoveSabrina Carpenter 3:32USD 0.99
ParisSabrina Carpenter 3:38USD 0.99
Hold Tight (feat. Uhmeer)Sabrina Carpenter 2:55USD 0.99
Sue MeSabrina Carpenter 2:59USD 0.99
prfctSabrina Carpenter 2:46USD 0.99
Bad TimeSabrina Carpenter 3:04USD 0.99
Mona LisaSabrina Carpenter 2:18USD 0.99
Diamonds Are ForeverSabrina Carpenter 3:49USD 0.99

Singular Act I Album Reviews


Wig snatched!!  Anthonyb16  5 star

Sabrina you out done yourself!! I am living for this album and you best believe it’s on repeat👏🏼👏🏼 YAAASSSS❤️❤️❤️

Riley Matthews🌷

paris  Riley Matthews🌷  5 star

paris makes me feel like i’m in paris


Great, but Generic  _Aela_  3 star

I think Sabrina sounds great on the album! But idk if it's her songwriters this time, but a lot of the songs sound like copies of other ones (like taylor swift's new stuff, or an instrumental from billie eilish)

🐍not all snakes are bad

Pure art!!!  🐍not all snakes are bad  5 star

This album is amazing. Sue me if you dont agree.


I’m in LOVE 😍 🌹  Jsa1192  5 star

Sabrina Carpenter does it AGAIN with another amazing album/EP! I seriously don’t have to skip a single track on this album it’s amazing from beginning to end! I absolutely cannot wait for ‘Singular Act II’ to drop because I know it’ll be AMAZING always! 😊 Keep up the great work Sabrina because you have seriously been killing it with all these new song you’ve been releasing & I will DEFINITELY be playing this on repeat for a longgg time because it’s just that good! 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Pizza Pianist

Proud  Pizza Pianist  5 star

Sabrina has come so far. From the Hannah Montana contest, to touring all over Europe with the Vamps, this girl has accomplished her dreams with unwavering determination. I’m so proud of her! This album is her 3rd studio album released, and it’s ICONIC. I love the music on this album; it’s definitely on repeat. All the songs have a great beat that’ll make you want to dance. The lyrics will make you feel, just going to leave that there. Each song sounds very different and each song is completely HER. We all know how much she loves art and France lol. Absolutely cannot wait until ACT 2!!

Ava Elizaaa

AMAZING BUY IT NOW  Ava Elizaaa  5 star


Lulu Parke

So Good😩😩  Lulu Parke  5 star

I Don’t Even Know🖤🖤🖤





Sabrina really did snap  almostsueme  5 star

buy singular right now. Sabrina has worked so hard on this album for 2 years and it shows. This album is so different from her other music yet still sounds like her. I can’t explain how proud I am of her. So go listen to each and everyone of theses bops. Thank u for coming to my ted talk

ad cap lover

Dean 1701  ad cap lover  5 star

And Miley Cyrus


different  notsandle  5 star

im glad she’s experimenting with the way her songs sound! every song is a bop and u can’t tell me otherwise!!


Impressed.  KBDrums4000  5 star

Great album Sabrina, I love your changing style and some songs are very unique. It’s definitely a nice simple pop album, but that doesn’t mean it’s anything but beautiful. I’m very new to your music, but this album is a win. Keep up the good work. We stan!

willis 7

Amazing  willis 7  5 star


Angle Wishes

Pleasantly Surprised  Angle Wishes  5 star

I have followed Sabrina since her first album and part of me was afraid she was going towards pop music that blends into the rest. Instead, I found a surprisingly good balance of her incredible vocals and electro backings that aren’t too much that they overwhelm her. I like the songs and the lyrics and am so proud to see how far she’s come!


she snapped  annie.gymnastt  5 star

i wasn’t ready to be as shook as i am. HER BEST ALBUM HANDS DOWN


A BOP  shalsusiwoosmdd  5 star


Music Lover #⃣1⃣Fan💕

10/10  Music Lover #⃣1⃣Fan💕  5 star

This album is everything I freakin love it. Love you Sabrina ☺️💜

Kas Sotta

Yasss  Kas Sotta  5 star

Sabrina to the rescue!!


MINDBLOWING  yeahboiiweouthere  5 star

this album is pop perfection...incredible....sue me and diamonds are forever are definitely energy boosters

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