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Northsbest by Lil Mosey Album Songs (11)

KamikazeLil Mosey 2:19USD 1.29
Fu shitLil Mosey 2:38USD 1.29
NoticedLil Mosey 2:45USD 1.29
RarriLil Mosey 1:45USD 1.29
Pull UpLil Mosey 3:03USD 1.29
Burberry HeadbandLil Mosey 2:26USD 1.29
Greet HerLil Mosey 2:54USD 1.29
That's My BitchLil Mosey 3:04USD 1.29
YoppaLil Mosey & BlocBoy JB 2:43USD 1.29
Boof PackLil Mosey 2:15USD 1.29
TrapstarLil Mosey 2:24USD 1.29

Northsbest Album Reviews


Too hard 🔥🔥  99cozy  5 star

Been waiting on this album for a long time and I love the way it’s put together. Mosey never disappoints I been in his music for a minute. Only up from here 💫


Amazing album💥  e_cortes  5 star

Wow. At such a young age and such an amazing voice. The producers and everyone who worked on this was great. This album was one of the first albums that I could actually download EVERY song to and listen. Will be bumping this in the car and on speaker for a while. This album is album of the year material💥


Lil Mosey — Northsbest  Bingbillbobcrate  5 star

This is album of the year, no cap. Everyone else started listening to him when he caught fire with “noticed”, I knew about him before all that. I had to see him when he finally toured. When him and juice went on tour, I saw him in Milwaukee. He was hype af live. This album really shows that he’s not a one hit wonder. He had a couple features on the album but he’s fr doing this solo and still fire. This album is just the beginning, if you haven’t listened to him yet, do yourself a favor and get on it. He’s next up.


Mumbo Jumbo  Morales415  1 star

Mumble rap


Must Download !!  YaBoyBurgey  5 star

This is by far one of my favorite debut albums, lil mosey stays killing it with one of the hardest album covers to go w all the fye songs! 1320 🥇🚫🧢


GOAT 🐐🤔😤  Wilson_3581  5 star

There is no doubt in my mind that mosey is the best “up and coming” rapper. This album was better then lil baby and gunna, and, future and juice wrld. No cap 🤤💯 Mi Instagram: @ybn.zay_wilson


Mosey up next  jthagawdd  5 star

This album was better than Wrld On Drugs by far. keep doing what u doing


mosey  Gvxgxx  5 star

every song go hardd💨 mosey up next no cap he got the best music out


Lil mosey is the best rapper of 2018 rn  Weeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddd  5 star

This album is the best album I’ve heard in this year. 🚫🧢 Lil mosey is a top 3 rapper in 2018 and will move up to number one very soon! 🔥🔥


ALBUM OF THE YEAR ON GOD‼️  DamienB31  5 star

This is in my opinion the album of the year. The only thing that could’ve made it better was more songs. But all 11 songs are straight heat!🔥🔥


(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧xx55gxxだよxx55gxx3 star

U20ラッパー20人 16歳 Lil Tecca 17歳 Lil Mosey, Lil Tjay, Splurge, Lil Berete 18歳 YK Osiris, Doman…


Carlos Rosario 💕🕷mightysolrac233 star

If you like Lil mosey we ain't friends.


AJnotangeIes3 star

hi. lil mosey’s most recent ig post has impregnated me


Been Knew  lilshiet  5 star

Watched Lil Mosey come up. Been listening to him since he dropped his first hit. This album lived up to what I thought it would be! Not disappointed 1 but! This is only the beginning to what my boy has in store! End of 2018 EVERYBODY GON BE BANGING THIS ALBUM. It’s gon do numbers. 💯💪🏽 much love. Keep up the good work G. There’s more to come!


Fire asf💯‼️🐐  Cameron.slaby  5 star

Lil mosey POPPIN OUTCHEA ‼️ best album 2018 my Niggah go hard wid da mic 🎤💫


🔥  Idantdant  5 star

album hella fye, mosey on the come up🚫🧢


Hard on these beats  Leroy__________  5 star

🗣Mr. Bean pour the wok when I be stressin. This album is gas, like supreme 91 octane rating gas ⛽️

ramond gonzalez

Lit album  ramond gonzalez  5 star

The first northsbest on SoundCloud was so good and now this one is so lit dawg the quality in the music is amazing and just the flow on all the songs is great


Gass🔥🔥  Udonyknowmenigga  5 star

Man mosey stay killin the game 🙇‍♂️


Beautiful Album ❄️  bestmode243  5 star

Loved it, if you haven’t listened to him you won’t regret it Kamikaze is the best though!🔥


Goated  _Jdubbz_  5 star

On behalf of everybody in the 253 and 206 and the rest of the sea tac area. We glad to have you represent us 💧💥📈💯 no cap


Gah dam  Laxjsizzle123456  5 star

The homie Lil mosey went straight stupid on this album. I’m tellin u bro if u ain’t listenin to this album then what tf u even listsnin to????? Listenin to this album is better then sippin on a whole pint of wok ONG! Fr tho what you waitin for. Dis shi chnahed my life.


Lil mosey go hard no cap !  _smokeythabandit_  5 star


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