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Caution is the fifteenth studio album by American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey, and was released on November 16, 2018, by Epic Records. It was announced by Carey on October 15, 2018. The album was preceded by its lead single, "With You", as well as the promotional singles "GTFO", "The Distance", and "A No No". Caution received universal acclaim from critics. It was also included in several year-end lists by music critics and publications.

Caution by Mariah Carey Album Songs (10)

GTFOMariah Carey 3:27USD 1.29
With YouMariah Carey 3:47USD 1.29
CautionMariah Carey 3:15USD 1.29
A No NoMariah Carey 3:07USD 1.29
The Distance (feat. Ty Dolla $Mariah Carey 3:27USD 1.29
Giving Me Life (feat. Slick RiMariah Carey 6:08USD 1.29
One Mo' GenMariah Carey 3:25USD 1.29
8th GradeMariah Carey 4:48USD 1.29
Stay Long Love You (feat. GunnMariah Carey 3:01USD 1.29
PortraitMariah Carey 4:01USD 1.29

Caution Album Reviews

Michele S Clark

Bomb!!!  Michele S Clark  5 star

Great comback


I Am All In For This One  Urbancityguy75  5 star

I literally saw The Distance on YouTube and almost died when I heard it... Oh welcome back Diva. I did not think that I would ever say this but I really think this album brings her back full circle too the Mariah Carey we knew back in the day..


Boring  Beckra406  1 star

A long time fan, but disappointed af. All the songs sound the same. Not one track made me be like “ yep there it is...” sad to see an icon fall off.


Queen  tiffnATL  5 star

Love every song! You did that darling


MARIAH CAREY IS GIVING ME LIFE!!!!  Rukiya777  5 star

I love this album. The songs are great her lyrics are so cool. Her voice sounds great. I love it when she uses her lower vocal range. She’s also still hitting those high notes. The album is contemporary but not in a forced way, her personality and her uniqueness is still very much present. I already have my ticket for her concert next year. This girl is everything!! 😂 she always overcomes! I’m so proud of her.


C A U T I O N ⚠️  J/Krazi  5 star

This album was unexpected with the direction she went with, but a lot of it has a touch of 90’s in it. The queen snapped. 🖤


Every song is great  jgurl6  5 star

Glad to see Mariah is back. I love this album.


These reviews are funny 😆  PrettyKristine  2 star

Most of these reviews were written before the entire album was out 🤦🏼‍♀️. I love Mariah, but this album is trash. Stop trying so hard to fit in and just do you!!!


Queen 👑 👸🏼  ChanchoP  5 star

Love you Mariah!!!!


BIG MOVES!  parkdog2017  5 star

Mariah is making big moves on this album! Excellent job Mariah!


Horrible  LephSef  1 star

I feel bad for her. She did an amazing job in the 90s. She’s not an artist anymore. Sampling songs to be relevant. People at Sony In 1995 were right about Her leaving pop. What was she thinking? they asked. And I ask her now in 2018 haven’t u learned from your career mistakes?? People globally dont want u to sing hip pop or exclusively R and B. You shine as a pop star. Good bye Mariah!!! I’m done waiting for a good album since Daydream. I’m done with you!!


It’s cute  JMVM149  4 star

A very cute fun album, I am enjoying it very much.

Tomas Smoth

Her Greatest Work Yet!!!! The Greatest Singer of our Generation. A Queen  Tomas Smoth  5 star

She is Honestly a Legend


Great Album  Robbie079  5 star

Her best work in years. Great job Mariah.


Queen  Garrisonnnn  5 star



Awful. Time to Retire.  Bxhotrican  1 star

Still stuck in the stale R&B of the 90's. Mariah has managed to give another boring Album with hardly any vocals. The years after Mottola have not been good.

Latin Super Stud

Mariah Carey - Caution  Latin Super Stud  4 star

Excellent comeback Mariah. Love the chill vibe of the CD. Just wished it was more than 10 tracks because it’s so great. I love every song on the album.

($Navy Fan

Whisper Vocal Style NOOOOOOO!!!!  ($Navy Fan  1 star

I believe it was with the album "Butterfly" is when Mariah started using the "whisper vocal style" of singing. It worked on that album because she mixed it up with her powerful range. But on this album she completly relies on it - and if it was not for the fact that we all know she can SING - it simply falls flat. I don't know if age was not kind to her vocal cords or what but it's obvious she lost her voice - the power is just not there anymore - I have this - that whisper vocal syle may work with Ariana but not with Mariah!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Come Thru Mariah  GrapMi0609  5 star

Mariah has for the most been sultry and sexy but this album is so sensual and sexy... love it


Mariah Never Disappoints  Frankixes  5 star

Mariah Carey is the Queen! Another masterpiece.

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