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Nuthin' 2 Prove Album Reviews


This is considered “Music”  AJC112092  1 star


River dog 45

This ones good  River dog 45  5 star

It’s actually not bad


Horrible  DerrickJGraham  1 star

Save your money


Just Sad  C-Red23  1 star

It is just sad that this is what is considered marketable music nowadays.


Worst rapper ever!  giants2334  1 star

This is the worst music I ever heard in my life!! This is what Eminem is talking about this is ruining rap!


Trash  ADEXP  1 star

Mumble mumble and a little more mumble What is he saying 💤💤💤😴😴


Please  Jabromeeee  1 star

Please give it up. You’re trash.


TRASH, TRASH, & TRAAAAAAASSSSSHHHHH!!!! 👎🏾💩🗑  HoBy1997  1 star

The only reason why I call this album trash, is because he be mumbling and using auto-tune just to make it sound better, cause I don’t even see why people ever had to support this wanna-be rapper for. But I’m hoping that he would fall off so that he won’t have to be seen, & heard from again, PERIOD!!!! 💯💯💯


😂😂  Tonnboy91  1 star

Worst album of the year 👎🏼


Beats his last project  CHIEFCARTI  5 star



Caldromindofcaldro3 star

Stan Lee: dead, lil Yachty: still alive


Shataesb_shatae3 star

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist [FREE] MadeinTYO Type Beat 2019 "N64" Famous Dex x Quavo x Lil Yachty


Carlos Garridocarlosgsoccer3 star

@ALuvLetterToYou: Trippie Redd brought out Lil Yachty to perform “66” in Atlanta, GA #ASTROWORLDTour

Air Dave

He’s sounds boring AF  Air Dave  1 star

People actually spend money to hear this


Firre  thrysirkf  5 star

That was fire boat🔥


come back  Jansam77  5 star

this ateeee i’m glad he came back with a better album ⛵️💞®

Tom Gunnz

Funny how things work  Tom Gunnz  5 star

Midnight comes and goes and I was a lot more excited for World on Drugs. Fast forward 36 hours and I’ve listened to Nuthin’ to Prove about 8-9 times compared to 2-3 for Juice and Future. I can’t get enough of this album so far. Song w Juice is 🔥🔥🔥


Lil Boat!  Deltheboss  5 star



Hot Garbage  Ruen97  1 star

The only song decent on the whole album is when cardi B is spitting 🤦‍♂️


Straight Heat☢️☢️☢️  DRank3  5 star

I didn’t think he could top Lil Boat 2 but this might just do it‼️‼️

Wrestler Hess

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥  Wrestler Hess  5 star


App tester808

It’s pretty good  App tester808  4 star

I don’t even listen to him like that but this album nice af 👌🏽


Forced  Jonathan.l27  1 star

Poser music for basic intro to what rap has become. Straight trash. Crash grab 💯 by irrelevant artist who can’t make music and has a computer do it for him

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