Dont smile at me Album Download

Dont smile at me by Billie Eilish Album Info

"don't smile at me" is the debut EP by Billie Eilish. It was released on August 11, 2017, through Interscope Records. Most of the songs on the album were written by Eilish with the help of her brother, Finneas O'Connell.

Dont smile at me full album Dont smile at me - Billie Eilish listen Dont smile at me download Dont smile at me mp3 #dont-smile-at-me

Dont smile at me [Billie Eilish] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.COPYCAT MP3 3:13
2.Idontwannabeyouanymore MP3 3:23
3.My Boy MP3 2:50
4.Watch MP3 2:57
5.Party Favor MP3 3:24
6.Bellyache MP3 2:59
7.Ocean Eyes MP3 3:20
8.Hostage MP3 3:49
9.&burn MP3 2:59

Dont smile at me [Billie Eilish] Album Comments & Reviews

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idk_q - Amazing

Please make a ringtone for idontwannabeyouanymore and her music is amazing

WingDing Gaster - amazing

i really like billie and i just imagine a collab with sub urban, have a feeling even the gods would listen to it on repeat

5198282916 - Better “When we all fall asleep where do we go”

i like music like this better, i like extreme yet soft sounding vocals with emotional lyrics, do get me wrong the other album is good but it does kind of mostly sound the same, horror pop. One thing that really annoys me is all the people who “billie eilish is liked by a bunch of 14 year old girls that think they can relate” well first of all those reviews are mostly written by guys in high school, because i’m sure they know so much about being a 14 year old girl 🙄🙄. I really like this album and i wish there she made more music like this.

Robin Hood Reborn - Because she doesn't like feeling obligated to smile back.

Dear £exxe£, I am a HUGE fan of Billie. And I agree with her that fans shouldn't be hating on haters. But she was feeling depression and suicidal thoughts at the time, so you really shouldn't call her a girl with mental issues. Also, she HATES drugs, and lost a friend to an overdose, which inspired Xanny. Maybe next time you can be a little more considerate?

ItsYaBoi116 - Yeah

The only Billie eilish album that’s not completely trash! :)

billie223422 - Billie

I just wanted to say if u don’t like her music then don’t say anything thing because it is rude to trash someone’s music. Also u can listen to her songs before u buy them so u can see if u like them. I personally love Billie Ellish’s songs.

Hunter_Queen - I can’t judge

I can’t really judge the album bc I only listen to Ocean eyes. But in the end, let’s remember Billie was only 13 or 14 when she wrote these songs and me at 14 was trying to balance the light switch in the middle

gospel do soak - To the haters

Shut upI Music is amazing and if you if you can get bad how about you just don’t listen to it I just don’t say anything get off just being hateful

OASiSofficial - so much better

this is the billie i know. WWAFAWDWG isn’t. she’s evolved but i want this billie back.

Billielover101 - Inspirational

This album is a whole new type of music and inspires me to be myself

iz.her. - love love love

5 stars

izzy 😁😁😁 - beautiful

bro she’s so amazing

Rio Kingsley - Stop being Bullies

This is to all bullies that are being mean and making artists doubt themselves and their music. Please stop saying rude things. No one likes it. Imagine if you were the artist and you were reading a bad review. How word you feel? This is for all artists bad review or not. So I hope this makes everyone feel better regardless if they are an artist or not. Please take into consideration that the artist has feelings too and that those feelings can be hurt. Thank you for your time.

jstal82 - very good

way better than her recent album i like it a lot

ahdby - I like ur music 🎶

I love ur music 🎼 and all the haters don’t notice I have a dark heart♥️

sub to fake clan - Emo crap


DenkiBNHAkaminari - Copycat is my favorite!

I ADORE the beautiful chords in copy cat also to all those people that say your songs sound the same I have something for you to think about ,every other musician has a style a “style” is a specific pattern and way of expressing ones self like look at Justin Bieber or even Michael Jackson bother have a style and to me they all sound very similar just like you with billy so please just because I can’t see your face doesn't mean you can’t hurt my feelings, because you can because I’m human so please stop hiding behind your screen and act more carefully because what you do can change someone’s life

UnderestematedChic - Great album

I really like it. I think I like her newer songs better, but these are great, classic (for Billie Eilish), and underrated!

wowbillie - WOW BILLIE

Your so talented..LIKE WOW..when I first saw u I didn’t like u but I got a other try and now I love u!!!

Bri_So_Blessed - Great Album

Her voice is so angelic!!😍😍😍

Listen with heart and soul - ❤️🔥

Billie is amazing and I love her so much

CouchPotato🥔 - Love her so much!

Ok so I love Billie Eilish, I have not even knew her for a year and I know most of her songs. How I knew her was I was on YouTube looking at songs and I come across “bad guy”. I thought it was amazing. My favorite is watch. It has such a good beat. And idk how people can hate her she is so amazing and talented for being 18. All my songs I have are hers. Except for 1, just 1. I get to know more of her songs. At least once a month. And then it becomes me favorite song ever. I hope she keeps writing songs and I love her so much!

badbaby👶 - Love it 😍

Such great music 🎵

#rachelplattenrocks - Where do people get off???

This is a bunch of screeching screaming whining music and is not for people to get infected with!!!😤😡😠😱😳🤯

Coolreviesraerae - Honestly Great Album-But please...

Billie Eilish’s Albums are awesome in my opinion so people are writing these mean comments about if have something rude to say right it down don’t rub it in someone’s face not just her but all the artists out there! Like if you don’t like her why do you even write a comment and listen to her i mean..that’s rude, what if you were an artist and people were commenting that your songs were bad and messed up so don’t do something that you don’t want other ppl to do too you! Anyways I LOVE THIS ALBUM BUY HER SONGS COPYCAT, MY BOY, YAS GET HER FRICKIN SONGS BOI STOP TROLLING BOIS



Alt/Indie King - Deserves more recognition

Better than her debut! Love it

PxndaThePro - Its NICE

Its honestly really good!

Lilacrose102938 - Time and effort

I listened to her whole album and all of it is just insane. How much time she must have put into all those songs. Every lyric is so understandable!! I don't see how someone could just hate her and her music. Her and her brother have put so much effort in making this album so please if you have something mean to say, don't say it at all. But COPYCAT and idontwannabeyouanymoreare just AMAZING😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

Lil panic disco all - “Wait til the world is mine”

Nearly 4 years later this album is back on the all charts in 15 place. I remember discovering this in 2018 and haven’t put it down since. I’ve always loved Billie and her music. It’s great work what her and Finneas do together. I love this and all her music and always will. To Billie can’t wait for you to hold us all again and perform for us again🥺🥺 I love you and til then💚❤️

kk thats cool - Billie eilish is the absolute best just buy the album

Do it

justdancelover - COPYCAT

This song is PERFECT for just dance and PERFECT for gacha life!

mikeymike76 - I would not call this music

It's just a privilage white girl with too much time think she can make "music"

Stupidddz - i love her

that’s it.

DJ_737 - Yasss queen

Love love love yes but seriously the haters its like someone asked how someone could like these songs after so many good reviews lol probably have no brain XD

grace hates - Why is it called don’t smile at me!

I do not like if it was so unpositive I hate it!!!

Big Cooke - Alex Where is good


Katz love apps - Billie Eilish

Best songwriter and singer ever! I own all of her albums.

Disliker of YT Kids - Hate It :(

I’m sorry but Billie can’t sing. All of the songs were repetitive and everything I hated this album. WWAFAWDWG is MUCH better. DO NOT buy this album (you’ll regret it)

softballgirlverytalented - I love ocean eyes 👀

Ocean eyes is da best song ever

Ok sen boi - Underrated Album

Absolutely LOVED it. I love both albums and it’s hard to pick which one I like better xD

ew hate this junk - It’s okay

It’s my just like the song DNA by Marie something Johnson and bellyache

lj101303 - January 20, 2021 bye trump 🤮

Love this album

stanmeeee - masterpiece ep fr

such a legend in the making this ep is so good like wow

Keimayaaaaaa - Hi

Such a great album

I love Jojo Siwa - amazing

absolutely gorgeous. she has such a smooth and calming voice that moves me. i also love the mix of hype and slow songs. every song has a great story.

join -faeriena- on roblox! - for the haters

Obviously u have no idea about different music, billies music is original if u don’t like it keep it to ur self k?


Billie is amazing. When we all fall asleep is much better bc she’s more formed as an artist but this EP is amazing for a debut. Love Billie 5 stars.

violentclown - Underated

Very underrated WOW’

BOC me262 - ?

Just awful. I really don’t know how anyone could ever like this.

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