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Let It Be was officially The Beatles' last album. Although most of the songs were initially recorded in January 1969 –before the recording of Abbey Road in September 1969– only Get Back and Don't Let Me Down were released on single later that April '69, and the rest of the recordings left unpublished due to The Beatles' busy schedule and personal difficulties in the band-/production-team. When The Beatles finally decided they would split up, the unreleased material was prepared for release with producer Phil Spector. He most prominently added the orchestral arrangement on The Long and Winding Road. Furthermore the legendary rooftop-recordings of Dig A Pony and Get Back, and the last ever Beatles studio recording –I Me Mine– were added to complete the set of tracks that would be released as The Last Beatles Album: Let It Be ... In 2003 a not-produced-by-Phil-Spector reissue of Let It Be was published as Let It Be... Naked under supervision of Paul McCartney featuring various alternate takes, and a more modest sound production.

Let It Be full album Let It Be - The Beatles listen Let It Be download Let It Be mp3 #let-it-be

Let It Be [The Beatles] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.Two of Us 3:35
2.Dig a Pony 3:55
3.Across the Universe 3:48
4.I Me Mine 2:25
5.Dig It 0:50
6.Let It Be 4:03
7.Maggie Mae 0:40
8.I've Got a Feeling 3:37
9.One After 909 2:53
10.The Long and Winding Road 3:38
11.For You Blue 2:32
12.Get Back 3:07
13.Let It Be 4:42

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