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Weezer, also known as the Black Album, is the thirteenth studio (and sixth self-titled) album by American rock band Weezer. Produced by Dave Sitek, it was released on March 1, 2019, through Crush Music and Atlantic Records. Rivers Cuomo first hinted at the album in April 2016, shortly after the band released their tenth album Weezer (The White Album). "What could stand out more against 'White' than 'Black'? I think it's going to maybe be like Beach Boys gone bad. I'm thinking of swearing, which is something I've never done in songs."

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BrennaBWin433 star

Spontaneous weezer tickets????? LETS GO @Adels275


ウッチーffj33213 star

@Weezer_Bison うん。中学生同士の会話やな(^p^)


sierrasozzasisi3 star

@RiversCuomo: Which weezer song should I play rly loud to assert dominance over my neighbors


I’ve come the the point where I know I’ll love anything Rivers does.  CrunchyKnight  5 star

You can’t expect an almost 50y/o man to write songs about being alone like was when he was 20. He isn’t the same person. Evolve with him. They are just having fun and making music they enjoy at this point! If you want Pinkerton, go listen to Pinkerton, or any of River’s “Alone” albums.


Oof  J3TFaC3  1 star

Not even close


Long live Weezer  Peanuts&grahams  5 star

I’ve changed my review from 4 to 5 stars. This album grew on me and I think it’s fantastic.


Nice  CdoubleJ21  5 star

Sounds good to me!


Act your age🤦🏻‍♂️  Zachattttttack  1 star

This album is trashhhhhh... hang up the mic and retire


Hasta Luego  ZzjanioZZxc  4 star

I don't like dance music.....that's why I listen to "bands" like Weezer. Adios.....until then.....enjoy being KC And The Sunshine Band.

Mix Master '74

Maroon 5 wants their songwriters back  Mix Master '74  1 star

this is garbage. disappointing offering, given the brilliance of the Teal album.


Yassss  Gugggfffff  5 star

Too good!!! Loving it


Love it  richybee29965324678  5 star

I love it


Good So Far  IBoss2004  4 star

I am yet to listen to the rest of the tracks here, but what I'm hearing so far is good. Not as good as the Blue Album, but good. I'm cautiously positive about this album, who knows, maybe it will be another White Album? I have good hopes for Weezer. Good Luck and God help you!

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