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Look Up Child by Lauren Daigle Album Songs (13)

Still Rolling StonesLauren Daigle 4:08USD 1.29
RescueLauren Daigle 3:35USD 1.29
This GirlLauren Daigle 4:33USD 1.29
Your WingsLauren Daigle 2:28USD 1.29
You SayLauren Daigle 4:34USD 0.69
EverythingLauren Daigle 4:18USD 1.29
Love Like ThisLauren Daigle 4:14USD 1.29
Look Up ChildLauren Daigle 3:03USD 1.29
Losing My ReligionLauren Daigle 3:29USD 1.29
RememberLauren Daigle 3:58USD 1.29
Rebel HeartLauren Daigle 4:06USD 1.29
InevitableLauren Daigle 2:40USD 1.29
Turn Your Eyes Upon JesusLauren Daigle 6:29USD 1.29

Look Up Child Album Reviews


Inspiring  clitchman65  5 star

I think she has her own unique style. Some say she sounds like Adele. I don’t hear it(just me). I’ve been listening to to LD since’ How can it be’. I know lately she’s been getting flack from certain ppl. Ppl who feel she’s a sell out. Some feel she’s abandoned her roots as a “Christian “ artist. I don’t know anything about that. All I know is that these songs carry and anointing with them. That only god can give. These songs inspire me , they speak to my soul. Every single one. Thanks Lauren Diagle continue being sensitive to gods voice.

Super fun game

Best album ever!  Super fun game  5 star

Such a great album.


Very inspired  1212turtle12  5 star

Very good and great words of wisdom using gods words.


Trash🤮  ajanae.ester.garcia  1 star

I don’t think you could ever go.


Amazing.  ItsD4v1d  5 star

That’s just it. It’s amazing. Forget them haters 🙌🏽

Bella Gaspy

Fake Christian  Bella Gaspy  1 star

Don’t buy no songs She fake


Crossover garbage  Cgpbrandin  1 star

From recent interviews and comments you can tell that this album is a departure from solid Christian worship and Christian music. Most likely, just as she said, her next album will be just music as she is just an artist and not a Christian artist. Yet again the Christian genre was duped for someone to get a start and use the genre and the Christian name to get a career started. What a shame


Gold  AGT1201  5 star

It's so good


Trash  Futurama19  1 star

Look Up Child Is Trash


Let’s not forget....  Kugelblitz  3 star

The main reason she’s popular is because she sounds just like Adele. Please write your own music Lauren. Listen to different things than your colleagues do. Don’t fall for the homogenization.


Lisa hasnt met Tay .... YET🤞🏼♥️🌴iheartlisa3 star

@Lauren_Daigle 💖💖💖


Diemerson Camargodiemerson143 star

You Say (Lauren Daigle) - Você diz (Kessya Mayelle)


sadie baby 🌞sadie_sindone3 star

sobbing in my car after work to “you say” by lauren daigle


Oh no  mushy45  5 star

A re-release🤭


Great album  josueporterr  5 star

I has really touched my life and I can relate so much! ❤️

Kitty Cat Lover 22🐈🐈

Wow sound just like Adele  Kitty Cat Lover 22🐈🐈  5 star

Beautiful <3


Incredible album… but why the reupload?  SamLY2K  5 star

This album is worth every penny. Each song has its own unique vibrance and power to it, yet it all joins together for an important message and a wonderful sound. So why did iTunes reupload this one? Is it a glitch? A remix? A remaster? Whatever it is, it confuses me, but none of it can take away the greatness of this record. Thanks to Lauren and the team for a job well done!!

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