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Future Hndrxx Presents: The Wizrd is the seventh studio album by American rapper Future, released on January 18, 2019, through Epic Records and Freebandz. It was announced on January 4 with the release of the lead single "Crushed Up", and the album was additionally promoted by a film titled The Wizrd, released on January 11 on Apple Music. The second single, "Jumpin on a Jet", was released on January 9. The album features 20 songs and includes guest appearances from Gunna, Travi$ Scott and Young Thug.

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Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD Album Reviews


WIZARD  kairivhh  5 star



Insane  Applestore101  5 star

The god of rap has dropped another masterpiece


Absolute Fire  MrUnderstood1  5 star

This album is one of HNDRXX's best works

Alex G. R

Generic  Alex G. R  1 star

Every song. Sounds. The same....


Redundant  MUziq56  1 star

I’m usually 50/50 on Future but this album is so repetitive and uses such similar beats over and over again for 20 tracks. Such a letdown, there’s no quality control here

Killa 32

Killa32  Killa 32  1 star

Wack wack each track wack Oh yeah gett off of Russell’s BALLS Dude plays football your a game wack Rapper


Evolve my dude  DeeeeeezyD  1 star



Not his best work  Dumblo2333  3 star

But not bad at all


Sorry this wasn’t it.  mark__jamezz  1 star

Honestly couldn’t understand anything that was being said 🤭


4/20= 1 of 5 ⭐️s  UNeverHadThaJuice  1 star

I feel like I felt when Rozay dropped Hood Billionaire after he 😵 Mastermind...🥺 “Crushed Up” is, by far the best track off this Project session. “Jumpin on the ✈️”, cool. “Never 🛑” felt genuine & I liked that. “Goin Dummie” sounds good but as with too many songs, you rip YM & Wayne (his idol) off wayyyyy, way, way too much for an “authentic” feel...”I go dumb, I go stupid”-Wayne 😬, ”Tummy”-Wayne 😕, Threats on Mom-listen to 💎s 💃🏽 off No Ceilings 2...”Tsunami”?...like Nicki’s 🍪 off “Rack It Up”-she Murkd Future on “Transformer” recently too...a producer named “Weezy” (I know this isn’t new) “Weezy, Pluto?” 😂, “I can’t save you from the Apes out the cage”- No Ceilings 2, “Got these N*ggas in safe-mode, they know I’m in Ape 🦍 Mode, they don’t come out till my cage closed, what’s the code 2 that safe tho?”, Wings on your Bentley? Come on Future I like you & even ❤️ when you are you but...try. Just try & put a “Lil” less Wayne in your work & a little more effort toward authentic artistry. Biting a bit is “the sport”...doing a bad version of the 🐐’s lyrics over a cool beat is just lazy bro. Also, get away from that trash copy-crap Thugga & nice touch with the “snippet” of Ricky Rozays “Maybach Music” girls. You’re good when you’re you. See you Next tape...maybe😏. Till then...I’m back on D6 Reloaded 😎...


The Undefined Dreamer ❤️soulfulshelly3 star

@Mtha_Veekay: Lmao and y’all think Future, with his lean drinking no condom wearing ass, would land a punch on this strong, faithful, go…


onahunttodayonahunttoday3 star

@Juzwik: New data suggest that the possibility of political will coalescing across the planet to shift the global economy completely off…


alsadaalsada963180553 star

@spain_1957: @destination1111 @pooshilove @ZionismIsHeresy @nissatal @camels_i @laielkha @HebMacMan @KasztnersCrime @Peppi1207 @sashagla…


The great Future of The past has retired.  Swatdog27  5 star

Upon listening to two songs on YouTube, I was sold an instantly made my purchase. It’s everything a “Dirty Sprite” lover could ask for.


Finally  ripyoungcade  5 star

Much needed


🔥🔥  RackteamA1  5 star



Lit  omgRAPexpert  4 star

really good album, a lot of good songs, but they are same flow, and theres no real hype song, but still.... FIRE album!


Sounds the same  B-Dub  3 star

Sounds like these were just ideas when he was out and about and then layered it and called it complete.


The Wizard 🔮  Tamia.Morgan99  5 star



🔥🔥🔥  Alycatthe4th  5 star



Haters hate n future make millions  HOhakeem  5 star

Future is a legend already. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Same beat.  Dcsmith56  3 star

I like Future, but most of his songs have the same beat.

RT review

Who is buying this trash?  RT review  1 star

How lazy can you get? Every song uses the same drums, kicks and fills. He must die laughing at people who actually pay for this stuff.

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