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In October 2017, it was announced that Boogie signed to Shady Records. He was featured in the digital 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards Detroit Cypher and made an appearance behind Eminem in his solo freestyle. His first release from Shady Records was “Violence,” a collaboration with Masego, in December 2017. The release was followed up by two more songs in 2018 - “Self Destruction” in May and “Deja Vu” in August. He has gained praise from Rihanna, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar.

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Such a Beautiful Album!  Marcko_64  5 star

Boogie has delievered again & I think this album is so well done, it's beautiful! Had to support, there are so many quotables like "Remind me that I'm gon' be straight, remind me if my heart do break, remind me that it's gon' reshape". Amazing way to kick off 2019, great job!


Beautiful, new favorite  Vex1088  5 star

Boogie is currently my new favorite rapper and holds the title of my making my favorite song. Good job my guy💯💯


“fire a** album”  CartmanSP  5 star

i don’t usually buy albums, stream all my music...after seeing @ws_boogie ig ad, he got me sold

Dig Hey Zoos

Really  Dig Hey Zoos  1 star

I guess we at the bottom of the barrel. This can't get worse. This ain't fire, ain't even smoke. It's dribble.


On another level  Marvelous89  5 star

This guy really separates himself from the pack with this one. This is special. JID and Boogie the future of hip hop


The G.O.A.T. doesn't sign people for no reason  MattJ2814  4 star

I'm no rap connoisseur, but I can recognize a great album and this, for a debut album (under Shady/Interscope at least) is fantastic. I always love when an artist can be open with the world about themselves and Boogie does this throughout the whole album. Many rappers love to brag and showoff, but it takes a real person to be humble (pun intended). As for tone, it has a nice R&B vibe to it and you can tell it's inspired by old school rap, this album sounds like something out the 90's (that's a good thing). And of course "Rainy Days' was excellent, hope it gets a lot of play on the radio.


Great music !!!!  Tolesboy  5 star

Vivid pictures painted ! Great artist !! Great debut ! Never listened to Boogie before to be honest but this here is outstanding work! I appreciate genius work !!!!! New fan fa sho ! ✊🏾


Great way to start off 2019  Ghostshady  5 star

Boogies major label debut album Everythings for Sale was a very anticipated album in 2018. After first releasing Self Destruction the hype was building. Deja Vu followed after, sadly not making the cut. Months go by without a peep, and come January Boogie announces his album for 25 of January. It was worth the wait, everything from production, to flows, to lyrics are masterful crafted for this album. Boogie has the artistry to be something special in Hip-Hop hopefully he is able to get the recognition he deserves. Everythings for Sale is just the beginning for Boogie.


Sorry I been sleeping on Boogie  Niecey20  5 star

Boogie did his thing on his debut. I love whose fault, I connected with that song so much!


Future of hip hop  tucan214  5 star

I’m glad Eminem signed him and is promoting him.


Mx Cordelia Yu does not suffer bulliesthebestsophist3 star

good morning here is a meow getting a piano woogie boogie massage


サボテンサトシsabotensatoshi3 star

@sgos_os: 二代目 大和尚子は「大きな和尚の子」の名に則ったとびきり大きくて大らかな娘です。 (^人^) 5/30(木) 「和尚爆誕祭」 会場 池袋RUIDO K3 OP18:00/ST 18:30 予定 チケット ¥2,500+D 出演 葬儀屋と和尚 HYST…


Radio Babiloniaradio_babilonia3 star

Now playing blame it on the boogie by the jacksons!


Rainy Days  Phenommm  5 star

God... Rainy Days 🔥🔥


Bad  cp3mon  1 star

Very rushed album


We lit🔥  AdanPerez36  5 star

How did my favorite song go?🤔oh yea.. it go something something something🔥

Frankie Scavone

Alright Boogie!! Loved the album!  Frankie Scavone  5 star

Boogie has a great vibe & refreshing unique sound. Great production as well. 🎤🔥🎧


Fire 🌊  kasssemmmm  5 star

This album called my soul


🔥🔥🔥🔥  danielr0412  5 star


Shlim Shadaaayy

Great album  Shlim Shadaaayy  5 star

Amazing debut, so much feeling and thought into his music, could not be more different than mumble rap/migos going on right now. Props to Boogie, and doesn't hurt to have an eminem feature on there either


Best in a while  Vdog20  5 star

Just listen sad the rap community hasn’t gotten behind this man.


RainY DaYs 🔥 🐐 EM  Txnio  5 star



Hi  DSJDD  5 star


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