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Weezer, also known as the Teal Album, is the twelfth studio album, fifth self-titled album, and first cover album by American rock band Weezer. Produced by Dave Sitek, it was released for surprised on January 23, 2019, through Crush Music and Atlantic Records. The album was a surprise release as it was announced on the day of it's release. This was a surprise as they already had announced the release date for Weezer (Black Album).

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How did I miss this?!  christophace  5 star

I bought Africa a few months back, played it a billion times, pre-ordered the Black Album and am loving it. Just stumbled across the Teal Album. Pure bliss.


Love It!  Ryan2608  5 star

So good, but what else is new.


blehhhhh  Skerl  1 star

Weezer makes me cringe nowadays. How far they have fallen....yikes.

hear to help

Just covers  hear to help  3 star

These songs are great but the original artist did a bit better. These are their songs. Still though they did great


I like it๐Ÿ˜Š  Pickles__DEN-DEN  5 star

New to this band, but for first impressions this I pretty great ๐Ÿ‘


Really?  Drkswain  2 star

Identical covers? Why? The Queen cover of the 2oth Century Fix Fanfare is an excellent example of how covers can broaden and enhance a standard. Weezer does no such thing here. Sorry guys, but no.


Great cd  *Rummy*  5 star

They did an excellent job with these covers. Some stay true to form because they are so memorable while others they put their spin on it. Overall great cd. Also please have a talk with your mixer/master producer because these are too hot. There is some distortion. The loudness wars are over and people appreciate dynamics in their music. Thank you.

T Keazy

Solid  T Keazy  4 star


Ghostly potato

Stop  Ghostly potato  1 star

Ruining good music


Amazing  itmustbegaming  5 star

This cover track makes me get back into these songs. I was disappointed when I heard the originals though. These one are way better! Would Recommend


Hott 93Hott9353 star

WEEZER - Africa (RAC Remix) #turnuson #nowplayingonhott93 @Weezer


Dom Howard Botdomhowardbot3 star

new album netflix rage against the machine pee /mu/ murica die antwoord i wish kurt cobain shot me instead weezer bโ€ฆ


MNFTPbrokenrecs3 star

@scottheisel: RIP @Running_Monk, a longtime member of the @Weezer fan community who ran the Weezjer Time YouTube channel. Your contributโ€ฆ


๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ  heyokaballer  1 star

Come on now.. quit ruining great songs


Teal Album  Astroboy6791  5 star

Fun album to listen to. I love Mr. Blue Sky! I had never heard of that song before until Weezer covered it here. Thanks, Weezer!


Love it  MarieBrynn  5 star

Just saw the โ€˜Take On Meโ€™ video. Brilliant. Iโ€™m streaming a bunch of these songs. So glad theyโ€™re still putting out music, original or covers. Awesome.


Originals were perfect.  robskeleton  1 star

These versions are electronic sounding and in the style of 80s pop.


Love it!  Cmscully  5 star

Keep me coming! You can tell who actually listened and those who read a review or just listened to the sample. These songs all have their Weezer spin to them. Good album!


Awesome!  wesley3804  5 star

I had no idea this was coming out, but I love these new cover songs especially sweet dreams. I definitely recommend!!


Making me sick to my stomach  aivilolivia  1 star

This is a disgrace. When that sang Africa it sounds horrible. How could anybody even listen to that ๐Ÿคฎ


Get your facts straight  Magillaman  5 star

Well done album. So faithful to the originals, you may find yourselves enjoying these more than the originals themselves. However Weezer did NOT cover โ€œIโ€™m a believerโ€ by the Monkees for โ€˜Shrekโ€™. That was, in fact, Smashmouth. Not sure how Apple got that wrong. However they did cover โ€œYou might thinkโ€ by the Cars, and if you enjoy this album, put that on your list to get.


Production??  ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘  5 star

Is it produced and mixed very well, as stated by Samantha_Mae, or is it badly produced and compressed as stated by everybody else? Make up your minds, people!


Very cool  tcharlee  5 star

I loved hearing Weezer doing this. Good job on the songs.

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