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Weezer, also known as the Teal Album, is the twelfth studio album, fifth self-titled album, and first cover album by American rock band Weezer. Produced by Dave Sitek, it was released for surprised on January 23, 2019, through Crush Music and Atlantic Records. The album was announced on the day's release, as the band was set before the release of The Black Album.

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Worth a listen  simmons3616  4 star

Yeah, they didn't try to make any songs their own per se but yet they all have a touch of that classic Weezer sound and sometimes that's all you need. It's obvious they just wanted to cut loose and have some fun. And obviously, the morons on here crying about new music haven't realized that the Black album is scheduled to be released on March 1st. This album is only $7.99. I've wasted more on a lot less.


Somehow sounds exactly like the originals AND awful  room34  1 star

All of these songs are better in their original versions, and there is absolutely nothing original here. But that's not why I bothered to write a review. I just had to reiterate what others have said. The mastering on this is TERRIBLE. Muddy and distorted from levels being set way too high. This is the worst mastering job I've heard since Metallica's Death Magnetic. Apple should pull this off of iTunes and force them to resubmit a cleaner sounding master.


Pointless  McBeeze  1 star

If you’re going to cover songs and make them sound just like the original, then I’ll just listen to the original! Put your own twist on it, do something unique...this is just a pile lazy of crap...thanks for proving the originals were the best and your just lazy hacks Weezer!


They're charging for this?  swordofdoom  1 star

This should be free or the money should go to a charity.


Stop!  More_rock_please!  1 star

Please stop.


Cash grab  jinglejanglemorning  2 star

Almost every track is either uninspiring or worse than the original. Disappointing.


Fantastic!  CharmingCharles2896  5 star

I was skeptical but the more and more I listened to he album the more and more I love the album! I really respect their decision to stick to the spirit of the original artist's intent, to me that is the way to cover other should be. Well sometimes reimagining a great work is a good thing other times it's best to simply honor the original source material is as faithfully as possible, this is one such occasion. Fantastic work by Weezer definitely going to recommend this album to my friends and family. Five stars out of five.

Fletch F. Fletch

A lot of fun  Fletch F. Fletch  5 star

Either you’re going to enjoy this collection or you aren’t going to “get it”. Weezer manages to do good imitations while still making them sound very Weezerish. They’re all good fits to their style. In a couple cases it’s surprising how well they adapt (No Scrubs comes to mind) in other cases the song choices are such natural selections (such as Everybody Wants to Rule the World) it feels like the tunes were written specifically for them in the first place. And no, they don’t all just sound like exact duplicates. If you think Billie Jean or Stand By Me are exact replicas then please see a doctor. It’s a fun collection with a guilt free price tag. So ignore the know it all snobs that crave attention by trying to sound knowledgeable by offering exclamation filled attacks on mixing quality and just have a good time with it.


Boring...  slaman992003  1 star

I am a big fan of Weeer and of 80's music. But there is nothing new here. Buy the original. To Weezer -- you are too talented to do cover songs. That is what high school bands do that don't have talent. Try again.


Ew  mandalmill  1 star

Just why? Ruining such good classics :(

Tom Pops

Itunes Needs to Fix Their Review  Tom Pops  2 star

Smash Mouth covered I'm a Believer for Shrek, not Weezer. Also, the album is extremely uninspired. I love their Africa cover, but they really had an opportunity to go wild with these songs but didn't.

What is the verbal diarrhea

Poor attempt to stay relevant  What is the verbal diarrhea  1 star

This has all been done before. There’s multiple albums if I remember correctly with bands from the same time frame as weezer doing covers. No thanks none of this is appealing.


I like the idea, but I’ve heard better covers.  Lawgamer411  3 star

The Cover Up for example, by The Protomen, is a great example of an album that is entirely made up of covers, but still has the passion and vibe of the band behind it, while still staying with the original. I just don’t know how to feel about this album. Its very much obvious that the original songs are better, so why settle for anything less? I guess it’s just because the songs are all very popular, and didn’t need a newer band to cover it in order for it to be relevant. It’s not like Smash Mouth where their cover of I’m a Believer was so different and so huge; the songs are already very popular, even today, and yet the cover don’t add anything to it. Very well mixed though, I have to give them that. Overall, I wouldn’t mess with this. It seems more like a capitalization on a trend.

the who57

not creative  the who57  2 star

sounds the exact same as the original songs


Weeper?  Ferndale444  1 star



Dont buy  g111190  1 star

I bought and because I already owned Africa it won’t download it from the album. Apply couldn't fix it after 30 min on the phone.

Ron Accuser

What is that album?  Ron Accuser  1 star

All songs are just crap. Honestly who decided to re-recorded all the hits in this way. Do me a favor please delete this.


Fine covers  Rjart14  3 star

Just don’t see the point


Vocals too hot  ShatteredX  3 star

The instruments are pretty far back in the mix on these songs. Sounds like they're singing to karaoke tracks.


Pinkerton was it  Jebo;:;;  5 star

I don’t know what else to say. Pinkerton was the best and it’ll never be better than that for them. It’s over

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