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Cuz I Love You is the third studio album and major label debut by American rapper and singer Lizzo. It was released through Nice Life and Atlantic Records on April 19, 2019.

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Cuz I Love You (Deluxe) Album Reviews

malone Place339

Great Lizzie  malone Place339  5 star

You Rock I love you music because it’s very unique. And gets everybody in a good mood it also let’s women know that they have more power and that they can get through this.


Boring.  Madguy2120  1 star

Monotonous amateur garbage. Talent? LOL.

Collin's Conscience

More than just “Truth Hurts”  Collin's Conscience  4 star

Yes “truth hurts” the inescapable overplayed gets somehow still good song that everyone raves about is not the only track to be desired on here. It’s nearly the entire album that is good. Every song has its own flare and motivational message and makes you wanna get up and move. I understand some people may have issues with the vocals or the production style being a bit repetitive in places, but this album is worth at least one full listen!

Dead Whale Queen

Impressive  Dead Whale Queen  5 star

It blows my mind that Lizzo took this long to blow up. Very talented


People listen to this?  jayh159  1 star


Munkie =)

Lizzo is everything  Munkie =)  5 star

Listening to this album


Lizzo Rules  p!nkposse  5 star

Everything about this album makes me happy. What a talent.

Bella and Zendana

Truth hurts  Bella and Zendana  4 star

That song is the best 😁


Only famous cuz she’s fat  TacoBellBatman  1 star

Just bein honest

Rhys Towne

attention wh*re  Rhys Towne  1 star



CasandraRose✨lookatdatcasss3 star

@ogkvideos: queen @lizzo helped me deepen my love for self 🖤

RobertFrogert Butler YeatsRobertFrogert3 star

@paddykell: Leo Varadkar at a Lizzo concert sounds like the plot of a Leaving Cert Irish story. It would start with "Chuaigh mé agus Leo…


𝓛𝓮𝓽 𝓱𝓮𝓻 𝓯𝓵𝔂 🕊️🔗camila_healing3 star

@DJHansenItalia: Dinah cantando Truth Hurts di @lizzo (cover) #DinahJaneTour #DinahJaneTourSF


Horrible  Leonaleonek  1 star

Now everybody can be a “singer” ? .. what a joke


QUEEN BOO  YasQueenBoi  5 star

love her so much right now aaa


Love it!  jigga_c4  5 star

Took me a min to get into Lizzo. First listen, didn’t think much of it. But after seeing her perform and kill it, I had to give this another try. I loooooove it. She’s so talented. Her style is very different and I love it. She’s soulful af, too!!!

mo llooo

Honest opinion  mo llooo  2 star

Wasn’t feeling this one. Hope her future music progresses.


Love you Lizzo!  brianossola  5 star

You’re music is amazing.

Flutterby Flutter

Trash  Flutterby Flutter  1 star



No  Mbradyb3  1 star



On repeat!  Ntombi  5 star

This album is amazing. It’s the only album I bought this year that I’ve had on repeat countless times. It’s an album meant to be played while you sing along, dance as much as possible, and maybe drive down the highway with the windows down. It just makes you feel good, even the songs that make you think.


Nononono  #1 FAN/BESTIE  1 star

not my cup of tea


No....  Yazmi!  1 star

Just no...thought I’d give her a chance but I just don’t like her style at all.

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