Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

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Rush (Don’t)  Narciissus  1 star

Don’t rush, this could’ve been better. I’m glad I didn’t preorder this, haha.

butt smeller 123456789

Good but needed work  butt smeller 123456789  4 star

The good song on this song are confessions of a dangerous mind,homicide, icy, and commando. The rest are not that good.


Great production  Emizzle1414  5 star

I’m glad some rappers still have messages in the music not just repetitive garbage


Eh  Hunts12345678910111213  3 star

Here’s the thing. When you told us it was going to be Bobby Tarantino and under pressure vibes, you get us excited. But when you drop the album and it feels like a rushed Bobby Tarantino, it disappoints us. I’ve been hearing things about you dropping the rumored “second half” of the album and that’s why i gave this three stars.


Awful  thisappistrassssshhhhh  1 star

Every song sounded the same. Terrible flow. Logic falling off.


Idk  codism11  3 star



GOAT 🔥🐐  thatsmic  5 star

Absolute fire, love every song!


Don’t understand the hate  Leroy2442  5 star

lot of great songs 👍🏽


Thanks logic for the album  lošo  5 star

Haters will hate its a dope album

Mr. wrestling 17

🎤  Mr. wrestling 17  2 star

I like logic and what he tried to do by relating to people but he does it in a bad way listen to NF he makes it real for you


YIKES  Charnchall  1 star

What happened logic

Hunta :P

This slaps  Hunta :P  5 star

Writing this from my driveway... house is burning down from this newest Logic album... and fire department were just here a few months ago for Supermarket smh

Big Daddy Swags

Mediocre  Big Daddy Swags  2 star

Some good songs, but overall trash.


Maybe chill  dat-guysky  3 star

You should go on a 2 year break like Kendrick and j Cole do and bring back the quality and substance. And pls for the love god stop saying your biracial I got it the first time 😂😂


let that boy breathe  itsNateboii  5 star

the whole point of this album is to show that social media can be poisonous to our health if we let it affect us. don’t look at all the negatives an build a bigger picture. be open minded. PLP RattPack


Pay attention  Yogibearjavier69  5 star

Listen to Bobby Tarantino , he’s simply a BEAST ❄️😎


Lit  dhajalf  5 star



Eh  ASHBROWN42  4 star

The album is a little disappointing but it’s still good


Great  Oscarvazqn  5 star

Better than most rappers


It’s alright  Cory1221  3 star

Im a huge Logic fan. This album has some great songs and features. But it simply doesn’t at all match up with The Incredible True Story or Under Pressure. Logic is extremely talented, I just think a little more time would be helpful in refining these songs.

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