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Chromatica by Lady Gaga Album Info

Chromatica is the sixth studio album by American singer Lady Gaga, released on May 29, 2020 by Interscope Records and subsidiary Streamline. Interscope postponed the album's release as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gaga supervised the production with longtime collaborator BloodPop, Blackpink, Ariana Grande, Elton John and a variety of producers to create a concept album drawing from her dance-pop roots. Chromatica eschews the acoustic style of Gaga's previous releases, Joanne (2016) and A Star Is Born Soundtrack (2018), for a sound gleaning vintage 1990s house music. Gaga resurfaced with a flamboyant cyberpunk-inspired persona to coincide with her experimentation. The album's concept explores the pursuit of healing and unwavering happiness. Through often dark introspection of the subject matter, songs on Chromatica manifest Gaga's personal views of themes inspired by failed romance and mental health struggles in her private life. Said sensibility contrasts the music's upbeat thumping instrumentation, distinguished by dense synthesizers, pulsating percussion, ringing grooves and orchestral arrangements which coalesce overarching melodic themes. Most of the recording of the songs was conducted at Henson Recording Studios and Gaga's in-home Hollywood Hills studio. Interscope advertised Chromatica through product endorsements and TV partnerships, part of a more aggressive marketing campaign adversely affected in the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, Interscope released three singles — including the US Billboard Hot 100 top five "Stupid Love" and number one "Rain on Me (with Ariana Grande)" — and two promo tracks to bolster the album's global rollout. Chromatica was well received by the media; among the plaudits were various end-of-2020 list appearances and a Best Pop Vocal Album nomination at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. Critics praised the album for its craftsmanship, though they were sometimes conflicted over the house production in their reviews. Chromatica topped the charts in most overseas markets and, by selling 274,000 album-equivalent units first week, debuted as Gaga's sixth consecutive number one Billboard 200 entry.

Chromatica full album Chromatica - Lady Gaga listen Chromatica download Chromatica mp3 #chromatica

Chromatica [Lady Gaga] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.Chromatica I 1:00
2.Alice 2:57
3.Stupid Love 3:13
4.Rain On Me 3:02
5.Free Woman 3:11
6.Fun Tonight 2:53
7.Chromatica II 0:41
8.911 2:52
9.Plastic Doll 3:41
10.Sour Candy 2:37
11.Enigma 2:59
12.Replay 3:06
13.Chromatica III 0:27
14.Sine From Above 4:04
15.1000 Doves 3:35
16.Babylon 2:41

Chromatica [Lady Gaga] Album Comments & Reviews

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ChrisVonMonroe - Album Of The Year

One of the best albums of the year! Gaga returns to her pop roots in a powerful, energetic, passionate and heart pouring album. One of her best albums!

kevvo1215 - Instant Classic

Hit after hit after hit. This techno house edm rave pop SMASH album served.

Anthony22666 - Just Bad

I don't know how she won all those awards the other night. This album is just awful. Usually a big win would make the album jump to the top of the charts. This is #59 on I tunes which proves these award shows are rigged. What a joke.

Just_Jmy - Pure Art and Pop

A beautiful album from start to finish. No skips whatsoever

Marina Klanseck - sogood

it’s so amazingg

helloitme2 - The best

Gaga album

JJXCX1 - Amazing work!

Love this album, been on replay since it released!

a.alderete - Outdid her previous pop albums

Chromatica sounds like the grown up sibling to her first two albums. Amazing

Zackeryattackery - Her best since ARTPOP

A beautiful blend of ARTPOP and Born This Way. Grab your girl friends and get ready to dance. The queen of pop is back!

RealCJMontez - Amazing

Amazing Album Like She Really Knows How To Tell A Story With Her Music 😎😎😎😎 I’m Proud To Be A Little Monster But Replay Needs To Be The Next Single Then Plastic Doll Like This Album Has So Many Bangers That Gaga Can Really Make A lot Of Money Off This Album If She Plays Her Cards Right But Babylon Should Close The Era Like This Song Is Amazing But Replay Next Then Plastic Doll Fun Tonight Alice & Babylon Should Most Definitely Close This Era Out This Album Can Really Be A Visual Album ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

frant3 - Little monster

El Mejor álbum del 2020 en verdad te transporta a otro mundo

Antd09 - Pop perfection.

Lady GAGA is a once in a lifetime artist and I’m so lucky to be in my 20s during her impressive career. We love you Gaga keep being you and making us little monsters proud!

Blaque🖤 - Out of this world!

This has surpassed planet earth and the solar system along with the Milky Way, she literally brought us to chromatica!❤️🖤✨

DISCODAZE - This is be pure joy! Thank you Gaga 🎤 #1 again!!!!🌈

This is an album of pure joy, peace, and dance. 🕺Isn’t that what the world needs now? 🌎 The fact that she can go back to her roots after all she has achieved in between is just impressive. 👏 She is one of the most creative talents and amazing women of our time.⭐️ She’s a trailblazer. 👍 Thank you Stephanie “Lady Gaga” Oh yeah, for the she’s terrible and one star reviews. They mean she’s TERRIBLY GREAT! and ONE GREAT STAR ⭐️ 💎💎💎💎💎 Some people in their lifetime will never achieve what she’s done in 11 years, BRAVO Congratulations on all your MTV awards and Tricon award. You deserve it. Hands up monsters! 🖐 🌈

Therealharleyquinn100% - RAIN ON ME IS A BOP

I love Lady Gaga And Ariana Grande so Rain On me is the best song for me

MUSIC(of all kind)LOVER - I LOVE IT!

It’s my favorite album of the year. It’s the best. Such great pop music. It gives such a great homage to 80s and 90s dance music. I love that Lady Gaga is making pop Music again!!!!

Anna_deano - QUEEN

Very iconic, no skips. The legend herself.

jbKingOfPop - Ariana saved it

Gaga didn’t deserve artist of the year award, JUSTIN BIEBER DESERVED IT #vmasisoverparty

gcdtttttthvv - Ok

It’s ok not great all the song sound like there from 1209!!

EdgarNieto - Great pop dance

What a great album ! Totally recommended !

ronas77 - Good album

I like all songs and her art

dstvz - Authenticity but make it a bop

Gaga comes back to the dance floor to show us what she’s about. It was a reminder of the powerhouse she is and how long her fans have missed her. G

Oriole70 - Gaga ALWAYS delivers

She literally is so talented, and Chromatica is no exception!!

Holland25Hz - A M A Z I N G 💓

Thanks Gaga for this album I LOVE IT!!! #1 Queen I love it

Ac4$0403 - Gaga

It’s amazing from beginning to end , my favorite is Alice, 911, her next single 3rd and of course Stupid ♥️

Elmer june - Yasss


😘😚😝🤨🦛🐪🦏 - sooo gooooood

rain on me and 911 slappp. honestly tho, they allllll dooo

Diga ai doido - mamãe fez tudo 💓⚔️


Christian 🤘 - GAGA!




magenta.garrix - Overhyped

I don’t know what all the hype for Rain On Me was. I love both Gaga and Ariana but the song is meh.

nxtstar - Love this

I was disappointed in her last couple albums but this is amazing! Love it so much

Ashtay101 - 10/10

Gaga needed to show everyone how it’s done

Lolbomb7 - Top teir god level

Gaga single handedly recreated herself And gave us a new era.

Mooing_Alpacas - ICONIC

this is one of her best albums yet❤️

Scott from Chicago - Amazing album

I love its House references! Album of the year

j.jaimes10 - Amazing

Fantastic album, the perfect blend of pop with dance/house elements.

stroker184 - Hated it!

I usually like most of Lady Gaga's albums but this is horrible. This is very different than her previous albums. The music sounds so over produced. Feel like all the creativity she used to have is gone. There is not even one song I liked on the whole album.

Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie - Best of all time

This EDM album is a gem. We love it love it love it!!!!

Chromatica Tease - Amazing

Literally amazing literally game changing literally show stopping literally period literally on god literally otherworldly literally great literally good literally talent literally wiggory literally PERIOD AHWNWJQISHQJMSSJ

daleo - A Delicious treat for your ears, mind & soul.

This album is stupendous! Can put it on and play entire album without skipping one song. I found this album to be a great mood elevator. Knowing that she wrote then sang these songs from a sad and dark place makes them very relatable. Her journey from the depths of despair into elevating light shows the the human spirit can recover from just about anything. I whole heartedly love this album. It’s truly one of her best. Even if you aren’t a fan of hers it’s hard to deny what a gem this album is.


Do yourself and everyone around a favor, and buy this swerve, yas queen gawd realness huntey.

Pumpk1n_Qu33n - Take me to Chromatica, Gaga! 🚀💕

Love everything Lady Gaga does and stands for. This album is no exception and I find it to be her best album lyrically. Best album of this awful year! Thank you again Gaga! 💕

xx.mal - gaga is back!!!

at first listen i thought the songs were meh, but as soon as i heard it the next day it all clicked and i was teleported to chromatica 🥰

hiiiehbs djdubsb - Bad


Camajapita - 👑


amiran14 - Fad

Buy and stream holy !!

Reese Munson - Free to Dance Again

Lady Gaga has provided a dance album that allows the listeners to free themselves from the struggles of life and let go! Gaga has consistently been an innovative figure in pop music while not being afraid to reference old sounds. Chromatica is truly a masterpiece and a gorgeous work of art!

bossandpresident - A++

Great, album, she has both the lyrics, the tempo and melodies in the right place. A++

Dpipad3 - Awesome!!

This album surpassed my expectations!!! I really love “Enigma”!

rowlan black - I love this Album❤️😘😘😘

Lady Gaga❤️

gagashreyash - Fabulous

This is really one of the best works by gaga

Lakshmi Singh Dasgupta - Brilliant songs so far 5/5

Me and my grandkids love Stupid Love and Rain on Me so far, this Lady surely knows how to write amazing songs and sing them with such grace and poise. I became her fan because of the Tony album and never left since. I recommend 5/5. Cannot wait for the full album! ❤️

Lilac Winters - Flawless

stay pressed

kay sous le ciel - Absolute perfection!!!!

No skips. Each song and interlude is beautiful!! Everyone is going to be dancing happily and every person will have their favourite. No one thing is greater than another!!!

brown_js - Pop perfection

Imagine creating a record so perfect that other fanbases are running for their lives! Don’t worry, chromatica will heal all of you.

BabatundeOP - 🤮


christ0123 - Awesome

It’s been long since I heard a full great album

Adisin2494 - A dance record for the generation

Gaga is back with club bangers which have lyrical depth and sonic brilliance!

Solitairefroot - Unlistenable

Fadga really tried to make a persona and world called Chromatica but horribly failed in the execution. This album is Gaga’s worst and should be in the trash can as none of the songs are listenable, but fadsters will obviously disagree.😂😂

nitinratheehere - Bad


ARYAN TIJIL - An ambitious yet weak attempt at bringing traditional pop music back

Even though Gaga sounds liberating and refreshing each song has a beat very much like the other one with just minimal differentiation in the meaning of lyrics.

give62mback - No

No comments 🤮


This album is going to be exceptional and unique just like ARTPOP!!! I have a feeling that Gaga is gonna gag us with this album and we all can do nothing but bow to her and Pre-Order her album!❤️👑🙌🏼🙌🏼 Love you, Queen!

RheaLxx - Bland

Rain on me was so bland and boring, truly disappointing because Gaga has released much better music

cruelovers - GAGA tanked

flop omg...

Lisanath - Trash

Literal trash bag

rentomurder - Masterpiece

a great, blissful distraction from the harsh realities of today’s scary times.

Sethi 68 - Chormatica’s a Bop

To good to exist in 2020

Vatsalduttrchudasma - Yithejtfjt


Sainly_monster - Masterpiece

Gaga setting the bar for herself higher everytime!!!!! It's fantabulous.. !!!

frq1890 - Not a skip

Worth the wait .

_Irakesh_ - well done queen

i love how she tried to say things out after every chromatica, she slapped as usual.

Sharad Patel - ENDED. THE. PANDEMIC.

Collectively they have successfully eradicated COVID with this ultimate, uplifting banger


I’m just gonna say that, “THE WORLD NEEDS THIS”. Can’t wait for the album ❤️

Chromatica III - GAGA!!! 🥰


Engima_kartik - A pop record that actually reminds people what pop is.

Gaga isn’t going to fade away. She is undeniably talented and a skilled. Her art keeps getting better as she keeps exploring new ways and concepts to deliver the one thing she loves the most and that is singing. With collaborations with artists who sound nothing alike. Gaga, once again shows us that she’ll keep us dancing to the beat of her music no matter what happens. This album builds a world that you actually want to be a part of. Anyone who listens to this record would want to move to Chromatica.

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agiounim - Love Chromatica ❤️❤️

The album has very funk and disco references, which I live for honestly 🖤🖤

Aaron Nabena - Spectacular

I’m so glad Gaga is back to her Pop roots Bops bops from start to finish

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Alif Rangga - terbaik.

album lady gaga terbaik setelah artpop.



ghenneh - 100/100


Andri Settiawan - ALBUM FULL OF BOPS.


sn987 - great

🤟nice album

Trev13 13 - She’s back!!!

The album is so good! It’s filled with full of dance records to dance to during the quarantine! Pop Gaga is back!

dgtaslim - 911 pop another one!!

Omg!! I can dance all day and century by just hearing to this album !!

Jigong003 - Sourcandy

Denger lagu ini berasa dugem, ajep ajep trus nih pla wkwkw

siri12xx - I'm going crazy

All of the songs is an amazing masterpiece 🖤💗

angga98_id - Amazing album!

Gak pernah nyangka kolaborasi Gaga dan BloodPop hasilnya bisa keren begini! Such a banger!

shin_93 - So ...

Sourcandy ❤️❤️❤️



@asatrianggara - Extraordinary

Gila lagunya keren-keren, dengerin album ini ga bisa satuan gitu sih, harus denger full dari awal sampe akhir dan kalian bakal dibuat takjub sama produksi music dan string arrangements nya, musicnya flow satu sama lain transisinya smooth yang ngebuat satu album ini kayak story telling. Udah gitu banyak arti dari lagu ini yang deep bgt walau temponya upbeat. Excellent!

stantwitter - Now DANCE muthaf*ers!

Now, now.. I’m in LOVE with how Gaga takes us on a ride to Chromatica sounds. I appreciate the flow on this album. But I’d say this is no near to Artpop. Also, can we appreciate that Gaga is actually coming back with fresh sounds in Pop genre? Songs like Alice, Rain On Me, Free Woman, 911, Replay, Sine From Above!? Gaga snapped with those songs. Gaga also delivers Chromatica with deep and well written lyrics. We waited long enough for this album and I think it’s worth to listen to. Let’s party Little Monsters!

ani27373637 - What is dis luv💀

N e wayz

ahgasya - Bop after bop

Gaga never disappoints🥰 and the fact that there are ariana and blackpink omgg *chef kiss

marchaendra - We fought for this dance floor ✨

Literally Gaga’s most cohesive album next to Born This Way. Each songs has meaning to its own.. the way she keeps outdo herself. She finally redeemed herself after that Joanne tragedy (which is not everyone’s fav including mine) but at least she’s finally find her own voice and goes back to her roots. We are happy to support her again 💘

putramarta - Chromatica!

Love this album so much 🔥

faturahmanrian - Gaga is back!!!

Chromatica is her most cohesive album so far. Every song in this album is amazing, literally no skip!!!

Anisbroniss - the best song evah

gilaaa keren banget ini. lagunya enak parah. belum lagi duet mereka trending di itunes. congratulations for u both lady gaga and blackpink


this is SICK

omghelloo - This is jenius

The chromatica I, II, III that merge into another songs is amazing

Bintang Gusti - ANJAYYYYY

Berasa nostalgia sama album TFM sama TF euy, suka banget sama modelan musik yang kek gini

nichuyyy - BEAUTY

definitely album of the year THIS IS HER YEAR with the iconic collabs with ari and BP

realvinlee - Welcome to CHROMATICA!!!

The old lady gaga is back with her new songs. Sour candy and fun tonight are my favs!!!!

bismadepe - TASTE


Giovanni Haslim - Wow... Nggak Nyangka!!!

Saya surprise dengan album Chromatica. Ini album terbaik Gaga pilihan saya, dimana saya awalnya hanya tertarik dengan album Pertamanya, The Fame Monster. Ini bisa jadi album terlaris sepanjang yang rilis di tahun 2020. Saya membelinya dan iTunes dan sangat puas.... tidak ada satu lagu-pun yang saya skip di album ini.


i don't know where to start describing this amazing record!! Goodness! it's been so long since we have listen to Lady Gaga giving us all the pop music glory and dance hall anthem. the wait is definitely worth! Chromatica is really solid pop/dance album. You got amazing beat style to dance from 80's disco tunes, some European EDM, some technobeat, everything you want in a dance floor! Not to mention we got cinematic intros with 'Chromatica I/II/II', a heartbeak song with 'Fun Tonight', the 2020 female empowerment anthem with 'Free Woman', the fuzzy song but deep lyric with '1000 Doves', 100% certified bangers like 'Stupid Love' and 'Rain on Me', and many more!! Thank you, Lady Gaga! with all being said, i just want to shout : "TAKE ME TO CHROMATICA, MOTHER!!"

haiakukyu - BOP

sour candy reaaaally good💖🍬

Rizkymuzakki20 - The dance floor is hers.

Chromatica is a concoction of dance-floor anthems in which its incredibly explosive production perfectly fades into Gaga’s somber lyrical mind. In a way, it’s the artist’s meditative reverie that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before: loud and unapologetic, cathartic and self-reflective. Without a doubt, her most cohesive body of work to date. The dance-floor is hers. Was, and will always be.

Aufarrifqi Muthahhari Aziz - GOKIILL

Gila, kangen banget lagu pop nya Gaga. Semua lagu di album ini kece parah daah. Ga ada skip di album ini maah



Chaepoopsie - Welcome to the New Era, CHROMATICA🔥

Finally! Setelah ditunda, it’s finally drop, ga nyesel bisa beli digitalnya🤩 Anyway GAGAPINK & ARIGAGA are the world domination!✨

rusydaaisyah - Gila

Best sih gaga emang lagunya tp kangen lagu” kaya bad romance atau telephone tp sour candy ngobatin wkwkw, suara Jisoo ampun deh klo jadi satu sama Gaga

7311_ndy - Love this Album

Can’t stop listening all of the song from this album

R1pzo - Super Keren

super duper keren, album-album LG selalu keren

MR. RZ - Great album

A very great comeback album but in my honest opinion I like The Fame/Monster songs and era more. But still this album is nice though

jenjennnn27 - TOO GOOD I MIGHT DIE


Aidil Fitra - Welcome to Chromatica ⚔️💖

YAASSS MAMA! We've been waiting for too long for this ⚔️💖 We love you, from Indonesia!

Shadowcen1985 - The Disco Album You Never Know You Needed

It looks like Gaga’s going back to making disco music again. Not that I’m complaining listening her ballad songs (which is good) but this album is just simply awesome!

oge.k - Lit


sykrmel - Sour candy

This song is so BOP AND CATCHY

Iucup - Is True The Pop Need Gaga

Thank you for bring us to the Chromatica World Gaga! ☮️

PinkanLove - Sadly Mediocre

I expect more...why do all the so gs sound alike...we want the edge of glory, bad romance, judas kinda vibe...she’s amazing no doubt abt it but this album is a whole mess...thank god there’s Ariana in it, she kinda saves this mess

Flerrian - Welcome to Chromatica

She took us to another place where you literally reset the definition of Pop (and) Music.

Dendyamond - Album Of The Year

Amazing, Addicting, Mesmerizing

Sveldor - This album is a religious experience.

You won’t ever get enough playing the songs on repeat ffs. It’s so addictive I need to call 911 💁🏻‍♂️

wnderlustboy - ga ngerti

ga ngerti kenapa bisa bagus banget. Definitely album of the year perry@

taeyunk - Nangiss bgt😭

Lagu nya pop up bgt gila!!!!!😭❤️❤️

mehdymumtaz - I LOVE IT

Semoga kaset fisik CD nya gak susah nyari nya

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siofra b - ...

i’ll consider giving it higher when their fans stop being so inhumane and gross towards everybody else

Fifth harmony fan2 - bang u

this album is so goood best album of 2020 gaga is such a good songwriter

Frosty___xo - AMAZING

one of her best albums so far!!! Everyone needs to listen to it 😍

Ferrisie - ⚔️⛈💞


gagalove123 - Chromatica


Christiano Neto - Amazing

She is back!! Let’s go to dance 💗💫

Ogils - Just what we needed

This album is a banger. Full of tunes and hits Gaga at her best ❤️❤️❤️❤️

ChazSherlock - “Before there was love, there was silence”

Lady GaGa hands down has save music, once again!

w_ross - iconic

not even out yet and wbk it’s the album of the decade periodt

Abbey follow @abbey_133x pls - cultural reset

this album is going to change the pop industry, gaga always gives us the best music

NickCald93 - The best album of the decade so far

After the big impact on music industry of Born This Way, this album will save the pop music again. In the last few years Lady Gaga had the opportunity to show to the whole world her talent in making music and acting. This is her most personal album. In each track the pain explodes in electronic music. At the end of the album the pain is healed and we can dance to it again



Dok1741 - Long awaited

So good.

ryaaanp - such a bop

an amazing album. i wish people would actually give her a try before they harass this album with 1 stars

ciangaga - queen

queen of music. Start to finish

andy26861 - Literally Excited

I’ve never waited for a highly anticipated album form the queen of pop herself. Consider it already be the album of 2020 ♥️

Aaron9_T7 - Gaga’s triumphant return to pop music


a very talneted musician - SHE IS BACK

A perfect fusion of dance, house and disco. What a plain simple fun pop banger with an uplifting lyrical message I can’t fault it!

gavhiggz - CHROMATICA 💗💗⚔️⚔️ POP

so good

CandyMuvva - Album of the decade in the first year

She really changed how dance music was made. No artist has done dance pop this tastefully and unapologetically ever.


I’ll be honest I wasn’t really feeling the first song (Stupid Love) but after hearing the whole album I’m in love 😍

Kristiankdt - Amazing!

So good!

Lorenzo Paiani - 💓🗡

Gaga goes back to her roots with banger after banger

TomTomCloney - What Life was Missing

This was everything and more. It’s sound silly - but it was a piece of something I never knew I was missing. I feel complete! Perfect from start to finish.

rkgg94 - Back to Pop

So good to see Gaga back to brilliant pop music. So good!

RyanHammond - Not a single skip 😍

Alice, Enigma and 1000 Doves have been on repeat.

rorobenben - Just what we’ve been waiting for

Gaga has gone back to her dance roots and explodes onto this album in all the best ways 🥳🥳

gsahgjvuivj - Aw man


AidanMusic - Brilliant album!

Two songs in and we can safely say it will be one of her best albums to date. Roll on Fridays release date!

The darkening light of space - Album of the year

Lady gaga is really starting of the new decade right with a new album that is full of bangers for years to come like ‘rain on me’ and songs like ‘Babylon’ and ‘1000 doves’. If you want a good album to listen to during lockdown look no further as this stellar pop album is all you need

flyaway23 - Amazing - uplifting

First album in months, where I like most of the songs and listen to whole album on repeat 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😍😍😍

Normanayalaurbina - Excellence

I haven’t heard it but I simply know it will be good.

Yoshielaw - AMAZING!

Gaga is forever the queen of pop, and this album will be no exception!!!! She is truly amazing and talented at what she does!!! Chromatica is coming!!!!!

Kwqoapeicfurndiamxidm - Pop perfection 💖

Gaga out does herself again with her 6th studio album!

schnou911 - Chromatica

Can’t stop listening so far. Gaga is back

Ivan the music man - Let’s see how this goes

Giving it a 5 star just to be positive. Might change when album comes out... if not then it was actually good!

ro9226 - Magical

This album is going to be one of lady Gaga’s best albums so far. Can’t wait for the album to be released

Kerris friend - Masterpiece...

This album... this is Lady Gaga’s best album. She has done what she did with her debut album ‘The Fame’. EVERY SONG ON THIS ALBUM IS A SINGLE. Lady Gaga has taken every piece of sadness and trauma in her life and sculpted a beautiful, emotional and true story through music. Lyrically, the album is genius. You will be singing every song fluently in seconds through the use of her catchy and incredible lyrical artistry. POP/DANCE ALBUM OF THE CENTURY

P.231 - Amazing !!

Album of the decade, until her next one that is

dazzo54 - POP !!!

So far the 2 released songs are exactly what we need right now feel good pop songs with amazing videos and bright colours, well done GAGA can not wait to hear the rest of the album ❤️❤️

IrishBoyJohn - The Queen Is Back

‪Just like with every album she changes the game, Chromatica is way different than her other stuff, it’s completely new and fresh & that’s what Gaga does best , I just wanna get on the Dancefloor and freak out to every track 😍Babylon, Plastic Doll, 911, 1000 Doves, Fun Tonight😍‬

SEANFAYHUN - Chromatica has saved Pop music

Gaga has exceeded all expectations. Bringing back a 90’s house music sound to the world of pop. The lyrical content is so personal. It’s just an incredible album!

MichaelM2018 - Gaga’s best album to date

I’ve never looked forward to a highly anticipated album so much

niamhymcc99 - 👎🏼


CalPal03 - Stunning album

Gaga’s return to dance pop with this album is incredible. The amount of work and love put into the album is undeniable. We stan forever.

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@chartdata: Best selling pure albums in the 2020s decade so far (US) #1 folklore #2 MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 #3 evermore #4 Fine Line #5 After…


@ladygaganownet: Grimes reveals that she will be on the Chromatica remix album. She says in a new Discord message to fans that she has a…


@alluregaga2: chromatica remix grimes will got pushed back be in it


@maryjanejudass: she remembered chromatica omg?


@gagadaily: .@Grimezsz says she‘s on Lady Gaga‘s Chromatica remix album: “I missed the deadline but it got moved back so now we can do m…


@gagadaily I need @bloodpop to confirm @sanbenito on the chromatica remix album!!


@alluregaga2: chromatica remix grimes will got pushed back be in it


Grimes confirma que estará en el álbum Chromatica Remix, además señaló que originalmente no alcanzó a participar po…


Me talking about Gaga before and after HOG & Chromatica Remix album are dropped


@gagadaily: .@Grimezsz says she‘s on Lady Gaga‘s Chromatica remix album: “I missed the deadline but it got moved back so now we can do m…


@RDTLadyGaga: Grimes confirmou que estará no álbum de remixes do "Chromatica" durante conversa com fãs no Discord! A cantora explicou q…


@DonnaMarieGaga: I want your Stupid Love 💗 • • • • • #ladygaga #Chromatica #pink #sunday


@alluregaga2: chromatica remix grimes will got pushed back be in it


@ladygaganownet: Grimes reveals that she will be on the Chromatica remix album. She says in a new Discord message to fans that she has a…


@ladygaganownet: Grimes reveals that she will be on the Chromatica remix album. She says in a new Discord message to fans that she has a…

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