TRANSLATION by Black Eyed Peas Album Info

Translation is the eighth studio album by American pop rap group Black Eyed Peas. It was released on June 19, 2020, by Epic Records. The album features guest appearances from Shakira, J Balvin, Ozuna, Maluma, Nicky Jam, Tyga, El Alfa, Piso 21, Becky G, and French Montana.

TRANSLATION full album TRANSLATION - Black Eyed Peas listen TRANSLATION download TRANSLATION mp3 #translation

TRANSLATION [Black Eyed Peas] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.RITMO (Bad Boys For Life) 3:34
5.VIDA LOCA 3:54
6.NO MAÑANA 3:41
10.DURO HARD 3:25
11.MABUTI 4:16
12.I WOKE UP 3:30
14.ACTION 4:12
15.NEWS TODAY 4:16

TRANSLATION [Black Eyed Peas] Album Comments & Reviews

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Bad_Girl_Drunk_By_Six - Trash as expected

One more pathetic outing for the Peas. I for the life of me cannot figure out who continues to purchase this garbage ... I’m assuming it’s the same moronic tasteless children that find Gaga and Swift entertaining

jaydee_yo - Fire!!

Non stop dancing the entire album!

petey indigo - Haters sound low

The black eyed peas are hit makers and all these haters were prob just paid to say negative crap😌lil troll robots!!! Dude the BEP are the creators of what it means to take a basic track and produce it to something out of this world! So happy they are back in the light. Love - Star man

COTAM Films - Amazing!!

This is incredible! They’re back and with a new sound! Black Eyed Peas til infinity!!!!

Alex-rulz-ohhhh - Bruh why are you still on about Fergie

People are giving one star bc Fergie isn’t back yet, like dude she probably won’t be back so stop caring. They finally found their new sound

u uk jko. mj - John You

Hey baby

atribehindthesun - AMAZING

I strongly recommend you listen to this! So many amazing collaborations this album is amazing!!! J Rey Soul does an amazing job on a bunch of songs, and will apl and tab have given us this amazing content for everyone!

xeguzmanx - Dope album

I like that they stepped out of their comfort zone and experimented with Latin music.

henriycindy - Songland?

Where’s the songs from Songland? Why even do that and not use them. You need some fresh voice now that Fergie is not there. You had a fresh sound from Songland. Sometimes counsel lacks wisdom. Whoever spoke to you about this need not be a counselor anymore to you.

laborman - What????

I preview the first couple of songs and thought I knew who Black Eyed Peas was (a dance group) but I guess I’m not insane as the reviews are negative showing they went Latin pop! I guess everything has to have social justice nowadays even if it destroys the money in point Terminator that they SJW killed recently!

777ikey - BEP from Hip-Hop to Pop to Garbage

What the hell happened to them? I remember when they were HIP-HOP, PRE FERGIE, now... Gotta go, this is garbage.

Tkeith518 - Where’s fergie!?

This is the second album without her... before elephunk I had no ideas who “Black Eyed Peas” was. Once fergie came and they became “THE black eyed peas” they was hitting. Give the fans what they want! We got two solo albums from her and that horrible WILL.I.AM solo album now give us THE black eyes peas... Pleaseeeee!

MikeesMonkey - New sound for the Peas

Love it! LATINx!

Lovie-G - LOVE IT!!

Love it!! Props!! Combining cultures. awesome!!

MichaelLysson - No fergie

Honestly... I like the band but man... why no fergie? I need answer.

Dee_25 - Amazing!!!!

I pre-ordered this album not knowing how it was going to turn out. I pre-ordered it based on how I love the first 3 singles and saw the collabs they did with the rest of the album. I must say it's AMAZING. This album has everything that makes you want to get up and dance. It's diverse and love the collabs. 100% Fire!!!!!!!!!!

Mower Power - Boring

Did the Black Eyed Peas just drop a Latino Techno-Pop album? Yes. Is it any good? No! Nothing memorable on this album. Maybe they need to beg Fergie to come back and help turn the songs into hits. Will.I.Am spent too much time on the beats. I know they picked 3 songs from Songland, but I couldn’t see any of them here. Why have people write hits for you if you ain’t gonna use them.

Jennifer . V - Love it!!!!

I love how they were inspired by Latin artist to create this album!! They had me dancing all night!! Love every song!!

WheresJohnStamos - 2020 has been bad enough

We don’t need this group coming back and ruining it further.

disappointed731 - What happened?????

This is just another Reggaeton album. Half the beats are samples. Not much originality which is what made them great to begin with. Not so much here

KaTy94$ - Buenísimo, Amazing

Se han pasado con este álbum me encanta la combinación, los ritmos, las colaboraciones TODO 🔥🔥🤯 uno de mis álbumes favoritos 🥰 very good this album. I love the combination, the rhythms, the collaborations EVERYTHING 🔥🔥🤯 one of my favorite albums 🥰

MaricruzOlivares - Party all day long!

Live this album!! Makes me move every time I hear it! Don’t listen to the haters! Haters only give hate! This album is awesome! Welcome to 2020 people!!!

MrBluer - Shakira Shakira

Shakira is back (GIRL LIKE ME)

Meinanic - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

While I’m gonna go back to find lyrics I am dancing in the mean time. Beats are fire!

Ms_Isa75 - #GirlLikeMe 👌🏼❤️😭


christianbailey - No Duchess No Care

She was The Peas So no peas or potatoes without her No steak either. Where is she? She needs to come back She’s the whole meal without them. Solo it up Ferg Let the peas stay dried in the plastic bag on the shelf where we forgot we even had em. The absolute arrogance the Will guy has to not be courting her and making sure she was on this album says it all. ARROGANCE IS POISON

AlysonNicole_92 - 🔥🔥🔥 Shakira & BEP

“Girl like me “ is straight FIRE 🔥 i can’t stop dancing to it 😆💃🏼💕 all the other songs are bops as well! I LOVE the VERSATILITY!!

r8r674life - Latin/R&B flop

Soooo incredibly disappointed. I am a huge BEP fan, with it without Fergie but this is just trash. Definitely not targeted towards their fans. This is an attempt to bring in more Latin fans and they may succeed in that but I guarantee a major flop with everyone else. What happened to Will I Am putting the three songs on his new album from Songland (Be Nice). Those were great, this is trash and won’t be listening to any of these tracks anytime soon. Please go back to studio and go back to your roots.

Denatre - No

Literally every song sounded the same

Houston712 - cultural appropriation and nothing else

legit everything about the album was genius... if they were aiming to make the worst album ever made

jrobbig3 - Where are the Songland songs?

I thought we were gonna get “Boxes” and “Invincible” on this album...

Kitty Kay 11 - Summer Time

Summer Album Dancing all day! Love the Latin artist featured. Shout-out to Will.I.Am for the beats

WALLY BRYAN - Shakira!!!!!!!!

Girl like me! Fire! Sha-Sha-Sha-Kira! Best song on the album.

habrnd - Great album

Will I am is very creative the beats sound and tempo is hard not to jam and dance too ... love it dudo harder

Bobbled bobber - YES

So glad they’re back!!!

elraedu - Excelente

Muy recomendable

Jrivera1111 - Lit album!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

People here complaining obviously american people that need to learn Spanish. This album is really good!!

Mark4264 - Bring Back Fergie

We Need Fergie

...jutsayin' - Songland?

Where are all songs you said would be on this album??

Steel skin - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I knew this album would just blow out the water !!!! BEP’s know exactly what their doing picking a dance type genre that again bounced back in a big way so y not collab n make a nu type style dat they are known for . BEPs know just what to create to revamp da game . Keep it going fellas this album is AMAZING!!!!!

Satxtinderuser - Good & Catchy

I love music that is catchy. I dont care who is in the group or not in the group. People focus too much on the small things. I like good beats, i can care less about the lyrics or how it sounds. Im not trying to relate to lyrics. too many focus on doing that these days

Marydoll1624 - Loving it !!!

I was so excited to see them back!!! This album is sooo caliente!!!! Love them speaking in Spanish!!! Mamasitaaaa is great 💋

njlips57 - Did

;F. ...!

David_Jauregui - Shakira 👸🏼

I’m only here for Shakira 💃🏼👸🏼💛

GAAAGAA - Where’s Fergie?

Like it or not she played a big role and they should not continue to be called the Black Eyed Peas without her. Change the name.

.:::Ario:::. - 🔥


mummbear - Great

Their whole album is diverse. Great sound

driver0211 - What?

Lol this is annoying as hell.

Supportinggoodmusic - The kings of Pop/Dance music are back!

Super fun album! They did a great job!! Mamá cita should be the song of the summer. Girl like me is also a bop. 🎈💯

sins83 - This album is fuego!!!

I can definitely dig Will and B.E.P. on this album. They are geniuses and the timing couldn’t have been any better. I definitely needed this high energy uplifting album right now. Muy bien.

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to think this is real translation not out of context ikon is funny to read idk whether to laugh or to cry 😭


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@tttoptier131kon: LOL at the auto (?) translation 🤣


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@soranorinnne_6 @nyankogaiji_bot I don't understand either. I used the translation function.


@MarcellaBrasset: Translation: the Dan Andrews smearing and Misinformation didn’t work. #ausvotes #auspol


@ren_jialun: #蓝焰突击 shares a new vid with #RenJialun ( full translation below ) #AllenRen #任嘉伦

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