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Folklore by Taylor Swift Album Info

"folklore" is the eighth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was a surprise album, released on July 24, 2020, through Republic Records. Swift conceived Folklore in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic as "a collection of songs and stories that flowed like a stream of consciousness" out of her imagination, and collaborated with producers Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff virtually. At the 63rd annual Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift made history with her third album of the year win for "folklore".

Folklore full album Folklore - Taylor Swift listen Folklore download Folklore mp3 #folklore

Folklore [Taylor Swift] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.The 1 3:30
2.Cardigan 3:59
3.The Last Great American Dynasty 3:50
4.Exile (feat. Bon Iver) 4:45
5.My Tears Ricochet 4:15
6.Mirrorball 3:28
7.Seven 3:28
8.August 4:21
9.This Is Me Trying 3:15
10.Illicit Affairs 3:10
11.Invisible String 4:12
12.Mad Woman 3:57
13.Epiphany 4:49
14.Betty 4:54
15.Peace 3:54
16.Hoax 3:40

Folklore [Taylor Swift] Album Comments & Reviews

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iisultan - Album of the century

the dark side of the moon of this century

Montessa13 - Immaculate

Not even my usual type of music but you literally cannot say this isn’t quality

Whovian1016 - Great

These songs Do Not all sound the same; that’s what I thought at first, but as I listened more, each one stood out on it’s own, and these songs are amazing. Epiphany is extremely heartbreaking and I think it goes along with current events very well. Invisible String is a very sweet, beautiful love story, and all the break up-like songs are also beautiful. This album came along at just the right time for me, right after a break-up, and the songs say exactly how I feel, in words I couldn’t have described on my own. Taylor, you are very smart.

sincerely, a songwriter - Folklore review

Wow Taylor Swift, thank you so much for this album. Each and every song I listen to of Taylor’s amazed me more and more. Taylor is the most skilled song writer I have ever come across. Taylor has faced more criticism than a young girl/woman should ever have to face, and I get that not everyone has to enjoy the same music, but no one can deny Taylor’s songwriting abilities. I am sorry, but go try to write a Taylor level or higher song, it’s really hard!! Believe me, I’ve written hundreds of songs, studied hundreds of songs, and in fact I guess you could say that I live for music and songwriting. Anyway, thank you Taylor Swift for this album, I feel honored for the opportunity to listen to it, and I even feel like just listening to it and watching the Disney+ session made me a better songwriter, so thank you so much!

ever_guti20 - The song

It overwhelmed type of songs 🧫

JanaeHarper - One of her best albums

One of best albums. I love how calm and relaxing it is.

blupopscl - a very beautiful album

im not usually one to listen to or really like taylor’s music, but this album has some bangers. its a bit more soft and somber than expected, but i like it. she did a really amazing job lyrically and musically.

#imtired - so freaking good

a lyrical masterpiece

Elizabeth Potter 13 - amazing as always

love the vibe and style of this album !

Kingsleysun 95 - It’s my favorite album from her of all time

Just truly amazing!

cartitosoc - 13


Ron M5 - Love the new style

I never cared for TS until this album. She made a complete change in style, from childish pop rubbish to mature, heartfelt ballads. I can't get enough of it, definitely my current favorite. I'm knocking off a star for the foul language...just unnecessary.

Sunshine Puppies - Amazing.

folklore is such a creative album with a different feel to it compared to the last albums Taylor had made. In a good way, but I think that this album is a great album!!!

Kat.Wooten - 🤍🤍🤍🤍

OMG i love this album so much!!!

funnybutcoolgay - Phenomenal

As always

grizzlynate - A must listen from beginning to end and back again

Simply beautiful and yearning, exquisitely cobalt and emotive storytelling. Wonderful pandemic work...many artists will be motivated to do something like this.

xsunkissedxx - AN EXPERIENCE.

Taylor shines on this album. The lyrics on every song are absolutely incredible. And part 2 comes out tonight...I CANT WAIT FOR EVERMORE!!

jazzyjano - 👎

One star rating for so many reasons. Taylor I think you’re becoming a has been. Just keeping it real.

anvt28 - Calm

Love this album so much! Taylor outdone herself with this lyrical masterpiece

MeowganH - Peaceful

This album helped me through a rough time in the military. Covid response in a new place with no one. It was perfectly timed and will always remind me of that time in my life, binge listening in the middle of the night in my Jeep with the top down.

can't think of a username 1737 - The perfect album right now

Taylor Swift has done it again. With this album she once again showed off her incredible song writing capability. I'll admit, I didn't really like this album at first, but it really is a grower. It might seem boring but every song from this album is a masterpiece. You'll learn to love everything about this album as long as you give it a chance. This was the perfect album to come out right now and I very strongly recommend everyone buys this.

José Andrés Rodríguez - Review

A masterpiece of album! Folklore is the Album of the Year in my opinion, and one of the most incredible pieces written during the pandemic.

Joeygleek - Album of 2020

This may be Taylor Swift’s best albums. Every song is good her writing skills are amazing. She’s the songstress of the 21st century.

HippyLove18 - Mad Woman

This project is a novel creeping with lovely melodies behind ever corner. Not only does she showcase her timeless talent and true artistry, I feel like I’ve been introduced to her most authentic self. A capsule of inspiring collaboration and potent story telling.

Kenn1995 - Love

Amazing - I fall in love with this. Album

Look Taylor you absolutely did it again This album it’s sad happy mad and have all the feelings in it and I mean when I listen to it it’s life You know in exile I see everything In cardigan I feel the pain And in Betty I review my all memories And I just people say it’s the same but I think it’s great I I don’t know And about the cover ( it talks to me ) And I want you to know that I love this album as much as others I mean I could send is better than others But please please please more music videos Tnx I love u

weiemek - not it

just not good

837394Hal - One of her best

This is taylor swift for real in all her glory she's writing about other things that aren't herself and some of the fans have a issue with that - but the writing is top notch. This album isn't boring you are and the album is a mood. Headphones and several listens - make sure you're in the mood to feel mellow happy or mellow sad etc. This one of my favorite albums she's done - I love Mirror ball, August, sever, the 1, the lakes, the best, but I won't skip any of the others I just don't go listening to them as much as I might the ones mentioned.

britt_321 - She’s done it again

One of her best albums for sure she’s so talented❤️

miss boddy - Eh

Really, her songs are good. Her country albums were still so much better, and now she is always cussing. Every song on here sounds the same! Eh, it’s okay.

taysfan - Amazing

Best album of the year

karla_1984 - Meh

So much hype for nothing. Boring and zero hits.

toy story fan 38 - Album of the year

Album of the year!!!

Wreck 'n Ball - Bonafide Meta

Album of the Year

liiinnnnhhh - Amazing

She is extremely talented with each latest album.

Watermelonpotato - CARDIGANNN!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love cardigan so much!!! Such a beautiful songgggg!!! I love the melodies so much!! Highly recommend!! I love Taylor she is a queeennnn!! Her songwriting skills are on point!! 100% recommend this songggg!!!

serefina mist🤪👑 - good good GOOD

v nice

SparklyBows - I had a marvelous time listening to this album.

I did not care for Lover at all, but I was completely blown away by this album! This album feels more mature and inviting with thought provoking lyrics and beautiful music. Maybe she should leave Pop behind!

Nintendo-Rob - Not my cup of tea…

Even after having listened for four times to its entirety, this album doesn’t really have anything to offer other than a potential monotonous and evanescing background track to whatever it is you’re doing. None of the songs are particularly memorable and consequently fail as stand-alones. The lyrics at times are extremely insipid, the instrumentals between songs quickly become repetitive, and Taylor’s middle eights are characteristically filled with a glut of vacuous youthful recollections. Yeah, all of the songs and the visualizers are cohesive, but this steadfast wholeness renders the album craving for something more enticing to grace it, especially when compared to her previous works.

Erigiand - No words......

Best album I’ve listened to since Eagles. Didn’t even know who you were Taylor and then “folklore” I have no words.......

brkicrijad26 - Amazing

The best album of the year! Got a bunch of grammys for a reason

BLOOD NIGHTMORE - Taylor, Taylor, Taylor what happened

You used to be a great artist, from your album fearless, to red, and other great albums, country and pop, to whatever this is, even that sound ME that ya did and that song look what you made me do 🤮 come on girl that’s not you

🏈🏈🔥🔥 - amazing

best album she has ever written and deserves aoty at the grammys. she also outsold your favs so stay mad

rogermassie - Never thought a lot about Taylor until Folklore.

I had never thought a lot about Taylor until Folklore. Watching the streaming special on Disney+ and am enchanted. The ingenuity the recording industry is using to keep gems like this being recorded and released. Grammy needs not forget this one come nomination time.

koopatroopa7 - brb crying to august🥺

folklore is incredibleeeee i love

giovannif23 - Amazing!!!

The album is fantastic!!

The Album Rater - Perfect

This is a great chill album to listen to. Exactly what is needed to calm the stress of the pandemic.

taylorwhat?? - Ummmmm

So I love Taylor and lover, reputation and fearless. Butttttt something u love about her other albums is that all the songs sound so different, but on this record literally all the songs sounds the same. Cardigan is pretty good but don’t buy the whole album.

Malibu0229 - perfect. peaceful. melancholic.

by far her best lyrics and production out of all of her other amazing albums.

Mashums - My favorite so far

This album is so different from everything Taylor has done, and yet on par with all of her others. The entire album is relaxing. It’s storytelling at its finest. She’s a lyrical genius, and this album showcases her songwriting so beautifully. It’s quickly become one of my favorite albums of all time.

Youtube downloader. - BEST ALBUM EVER

Taylor did it again. Songwriting 13/10.

downtheblock13 - LOVE IT


JANDYOK - She’s the best


kenxmnt - Loved it 😍

One of the best lyrical masterpiece of our generation...probably even the best 💕

Jay Cobe - Amazing Album

Taylor just did it again, always amazing!!

folkloregirl - a masterpiece

Been her fan since ‘09 and this album is huge. Couldnt be more proud of Taylor.

prags1111 - Best one till date

Loved it taylorrrrr

stylesxcvii - who is doing it like her?

so she finally released an indie record that’s much cooler than mine ha!

Hihoaal - PERFECTION X 13


HiWalterScottItsMe - breathtaking

been listening to it ever since it got released. i love this.

A game I love - Taylor Swift’s Songwriting Masterpiece

Her songwriting crescendoes at it’s best, surrounded by a folk-indie sound to make her most emotional, deep and complex album yet.

lilfoxy55 - AMAZING


- Salai from India - Love and respect Her

From 2009 to 2020, along with her journey and drama my love and respect for her soar higher and higher! This album does touch me deeply. I truly appreciate the choice to be mellifluous in this album❤️❤️❤️ I am falling for her all over again! If you go through her albums, it’s like reading a girl’s / lady’s / glam celebrity’s / naive lover’s / angry woman’s / mad woman’s diaries... So personal yet objective... sometimes, I drift away to other artists but she pulls my collar and as how dare you do that to me with her songs! I can’t help but love her if she makes such beautiful tunes and writes immense personal folks on top it her singing quality is dense! Oh man she sounds soooooo amazing! Especially, when the whole world is stuck with this pandemic, she continued working and made us all proud yet again... thank you Tay for being inspirational 🤗🤗🤗

imaginetaytay - Masterpiece

Taylor Swift saved 2020, thanks

Agnelorajesh - Taylor Swift’s Future.

This album shows a new side of Taylor Swift Indie Pop isn’t her style often, when you ask people about taylor swift her new fans would say, “I love her album 1989, few songs from RED réputation and a bit from Lover” her old fans would say, “I love her old and new songs, Teardrops on my guitar will be forever iconic.” Since indie pop is a genre that includes a tad bit of timidity and pop, the listener sees a whole new side of the artist where her past is combined with a new, mature future. The tune in each song compliments the explicit, raw meaning which is an art that only few can perform, she uses harsh words in her songs which is something that we haven’t seen her doing in her previous songs. We are seeing the artists mature, growing in front of us, using unique almost forgotten words in this age as her song titles she piques the listener’s interest. Believe it or not, the lowercase does actually play a role, seeing a lowercase letter at the start of a word tells us that she is going to talk about something that is not a very gleeful story. However, the theme is carefully picked, the lyrics can be the harshest if heard without the timid melody is whaf makes it a beautiful, strong, harsh album of taylor swift.

Amishr6 - Crazy for this album

This is a masterpiece, lyrical brilliance, Taylor swift you have created an album which will last forever .. it’s so hard to pick any favourite from this album

Dana R9 - The best of Taylor Swift

This is the best version of Taylor Swift we’ve ever seen. Aaron Dessner and Bon Iver deliver to their highest abilities, too.

you may call me fi - unlike anything she has done before

Tender. Surreal. Soothing.

Jen7is - Dreamy, Dazzling and enchanting

Nothing but perfection. ✨🌸🍃

saswati1995 - Taylor you did it again!!!

One of the best album ever! Congratulations on Folklore👏🏻❤️

Sparsh27 - A classic Masterpiece, best piece of her work

I just finished listening to the entire album and I loved it. this album is so much more vulnerable than her other ones and you can tell she's pouring her emotions into every song. this album is different then her other ones because its all acoustic and it goes with the sad vibe. a lot of the songs were emotional and I did tear up on a lot of them, if you listen to the lyrics you can tell they are beautifully written and there are so many hidden messages hidden behind them and the hidden references. not all of her songs were sad, some songs were actually angry, like mad woman for example, her voice sounds soothing in the song but if you can hear the mad undertone because she's been wronged so many times in her career and her being provoked to do the things she did and when ever she try's to speak out about it the public immediately shuts her down. another different song in my opinion is my tears ricochet because even thought the tone of the song is kind of sad the lyrics are talking about how even though people keep trying to bring her down she now knows her self worth and she knows that she is not what those people say she is, the song kind of reminds me of daylight and the saying, step into the daylight and let it go. overall this album was incredible and I loved it so much, the colour schemes for each song in the lyric videos were so cleverly thought out and it matched each song perfectly, the album was kind of in a sense vintage and in most of her lyric videos the font was type writer which made it seem very old school which I think was the theme of the album. this album definitely wasn't like any of her other albums but it has this different kind of tone to the album where I think its what this fandom needed, it shows that taylor is still the girl who loves writing music and putting all her emotion in the lyrics and into her music. she's showing everyone that she hasn't changed a lot, her voice matured and she became an amazing artist but she's showing that deep down she's still that 13 year old girl who fell in love with music. taylors done so much throughout her career like switching from country to pop but I think this album was just, taylor. I think in my opinion that this album isn't what the public wanted or whoever else wanted to hear, but what taylor wanted.

Lamphell Red - Taylegend for a reason

One of the best albums of all time 🤍

Sallu100 - My type

Clearly .. This album has a different vibe.. I like slow songs with emotions.. songs of feeling of separation and much more ..❤️❤️ Thankyou taylor

AvinashSwift - Folklore

This is the finest album Swift has ever delivered to us with her magnificent songwriting! The lyrics in this album is so beautiful and perfect. 7, August and The last great American dynasty are my favourites off the album folklore aka A Masterpiece.

nitinratheehere - Queen Slayed

Her best work lyrically

Shivvi_08 - Taylor at her best

For me, this is the best album she has released yet. And it is high praise because I love her discography. This album though has taken me ny surprise in the best possible way. Just put this on, relax and get lost in the stories.

ChiragNY13 - Seismic creativity from the bottom of her Tennessee heart.

Taylor’s innate ability to write her own music from her personal experiences in life to make her craft stand out makes her one of the most significant singer-songwriters of our generation! ‘folklore’ is an album that is far beyond any other record she has made till date and to think that she’s just 30! This record is massive in dimensions not accessed by any of her previous albums. The songwriting is tangibly vulnerable & as sharp as ever. The vocals are heart wrenching & very mature. Her ever evolving creative trajectory is impeccable & has reached a level that’s very hard to match. The record reinstates her faithful collaboration with music mogul Jack Antonoff & it just another reflection of what their explosive creativities coming together for the emergence of great music that will stand the test of time. Co-writing with Aaron Dessner from The National & the gutting duet with Bon Iver is one of the best things about the whole album. My highlights are ‘exile’, ‘august’, ‘this is me trying’,‘cardigan’, ‘illicit affairs’, ‘invisible string’ & obviously ‘hoax’ !!! (in no order) From the darkness in ‘mad woman’ to the sunshine in ‘betty’, the rain in ‘my tears richochet’, the autumn in ‘august’ & the winter in ‘hoax’ shows the very diverse landscape of the album. A theme that has strongly prevailed in her previous work as well. The timeline of the songs are not linear as they were in ‘reputation’ but this time there’s a puzzle hidden amongst the characters in different tracks! Heartiest congratulations Taylor for yet another fabulous record! Your creativity, relentless pursuit to self improvement & infectious passion are truly inspiring. I cannot wait to see what the future holds! love love love, X

Navratan9212 - Amazing must have

One of the best albums by tay tay , Cardigan , exile , Betty hoax ,last great American dynasty , the 1 are my favorite from it, few songs gave ( exile cardigan Betty the 1) me goosebumps ( last Swift song to give goosebump was wildest dreams)

cqwoaxh - Bbyur

Quad engine

cruelovers - OH MUTOS


messofadreamer13 - Folklore

Her best one yet

trieysam - Wonderful

It hits different if you are mature enough to see the different side of life and pain , the happy moment in pain when someone is there for you when nobody else has . I love Taylor she is different from other artist she writes real stuff .

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friozinho hmm vou ouvir folklore e evermore


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@sweetx0love25: @taylornation13 PRESENT! Usually in merch but #NYU2022 MAKE IT COUNT & folklore blanket!!! Congrats GRADS! #22GraduatesV…


@peacesoty: ela prendendo o Aoty do Folklore pra a Lady Gaga não roubar essa mulher é o cão!!


@sour_swiftie folklore didn’t get her sister to win her a grammy smh


@wildestscreamz: reel is at 3.5m views in less than an hour, dbm is blowing up, red is reding, heels are on, hair is brushed, on her way…


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@taylornation13 PRESENT! Usually in merch but #NYU2022 MAKE IT COUNT & folklore blanket!!! Congrats GRADS!…


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@oldweirdbritain: #Faeries favour the oak-tree, and the female oak especially. It is dangerous to cut down a female oak in a fair dry p…


@sapnapspuppy her folklore album slaps tbh.. but i like the old taylor. country taylor. her new stuff is just kinda…


"Your uncle told you too many folklore and you read too much books. There is no such thing as soulmates." "But, Da…

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