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evermore is the ninth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on December 11, 2020, through Republic Records, less than five months after the singer's eighth studio album, folklore. evermore was a spontaneous product of Swift's extended collaboration with her folklore co-producer Aaron Dessner, with whom she developed a creative chemistry and could not stop writing songs even after releasing the latter. Swift described evermore as an offshoot of "the folklorian woods"—an escapist, cottagecore-inspired direction she first ideated with folklore during the COVID-19 pandemic; she regards them as sister albums. evermore blends alternative rock, indie folk and chamber pop styles, carried by fingerpicked guitars, somber pianos, lavish strings, and sparse percussion. Impressionist storytelling and mythopoeia dominate its lyrical technique. The subject matter has been described as an anthology of tales about love, marriage, infidelity, and grief, exploring the complexities of human emotion. American bands Bon Iver, HAIM, and The National appear as guest performers on the album. Earning widespread acclaim from critics, evermore was praised for its character studies, experimental production, and Swift's nuanced vocals. Reviews regarded the album a sequel or a counterpart to folklore, and various publications listed it in their 2020 year-end rankings. evermore was nominated for Album of the Year at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, a second consecutive nomination for Swift in the category after winning it with folklore the previous year. Dessner and Long Pond have achieved mainstream notability since evermore's release. The album reached number one in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Greece, New Zealand, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Republic Records reported over a million copies of the album sold in its first week globally. It was Swift's eighth consecutive Billboard 200 number-one debut, spending four weeks atop the chart, and achieved various chart feats in Australia, the UK and the US; in the latter, the tracks "willow", "no body, no crime", and "coney island" impacted pop, country, and alternative radio stations, respectively. "willow" became Swift's seventh Billboard Hot 100 number-one song and her second in 2020 after "cardigan", making her the first ever act to simultaneously debut atop both Billboard 200 and Hot 100 charts two times. evermore was 2021´s best-selling alternative music album and Americana album in the US and the UK, respectively.

Evermore full album Evermore - Taylor Swift listen Evermore download Evermore mp3 #evermore

Evermore [Taylor Swift] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.Willow MP3 3:34
2.Champagne Problems MP3 4:04
3.Gold Rush MP3 3:05
4.'tis The Damn Season MP3 3:49
5.Tolerate It MP3 4:05
6.No Body, No Crime (feat. HAIM) MP3 3:35
7.Happiness MP3 5:15
8.Dorothea MP3 3:45
9.Coney Island (feat. The National) MP3 4:35
10.Ivy MP3 4:20
11.Cowboy Like Me MP3 4:35
12.Long Story Short MP3 3:35
13.Marjorie MP3 4:17
14.Closure MP3 3:00
15.Evermore (feat. Bon Iver) MP3 5:04

Evermore [Taylor Swift] Album Comments & Reviews

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Iffy cuff - vibes

very peaceful

shawn is better than you - no thanks bro

her country and pop stuff is better

NJmorris - Perfect


Joel Wayne - Not Alternative

I listen/buy a lot of punk music labeled alternative, and I find it disturbing that I always see this pushed in my face as a “related” album. No, it isn’t. You can’t possibly put this in the same category as Black Flag. This is POP music. What’s so hard to figure out about this? It’s bad enough that Billie Eilish is labeled alternative just because she dresses like a rocker, but there is absolutely no excuses for this other than plain ignorance. Apple really needs to get it together.

Lila Colwell - TAYLOR


Jaci Nicole Navas - Definitely needed in these times

Love her being a diverse music style artist! Evermore is saving me during this Quarantine.

kalebhurst13 - great sister album to folklore

this album brings closure to everything that envelopes folklore. it’s amazing. folklore is better as a whole, but this album has some better songs individually.

Pennbp - Just gets Better

The more I listen to Evermore the better it gets. Taylor’s writing is always great, and here it is better and more mature. The musical style is smooth, melodic and so well performed. She is one of the greatest talents of this period in popular music.

llaallas - Love it sm


Iamsean277 - amazing

just along with folklore, peaceful and beautiful such a good album 💗

JML713 - Amazing

One of her best project even though she has many of them in her discography



kissmeyou_fool - Mediocre at it’s finest

Why is she even relevant

doggggggggggv - Amazing!!!!

Amazing per usual!!!!

millienotundedstand - Wow

I love this album!

GmanIsCoo1 - outstanding

it’s album is great

SparklyBows - Taylor Swift’s best album to date

I didn’t think this would be as good as Folklore but I actually liked this even more!

Sherryl.Sister - New swiftie

I love this album and my favorite song in this album is "Willow" keep up the good work Taylor and don’t listen to the haters and do not let them bring you down ❤️

sillysocks657 - She is music

Beautiful album. She can’t produce anything bad. She is a lyrical genius

laboratoristray - Swift Extravaganza

Iconically a masterpiece full of captivating lyrics and newly formed sounds. Undoubtedly, an album that can make people to love Taylor like the very first time in a whole new higher level.

swaggy_pea_23 - Bruh


gabriel.206 - It feels like a book

If you open your mind you can relate every story in this album

zainabsaad - evermore

Amazing, spectacular, life changing.

LivelyBunny - Aoty 2022

Let’s do it

ARP2010 - Not a fan anymore

Taylor’s music just keeps going down hill. She’s forgotten her true roots.

video game gurl - i luv it!

Its so good its my favorite album!!

butterflytay13 - Love it even more than folklore


Robyn Affron - Folklore and Evermore

Outstanding 💕

Ain got knone - Six in one half dozen the other.,Ah-huh.

Taylor. Six in one, half dozen the other.

Whalelover#5 - Sorry

Please go back to your old songs or at least the beat and the lyrics...

0p108vomd$ - 😡

How dare the spoiled bratty girl steal Evermore Park’s name!? She needs to be sent to bed without dinner! #nojusticenopeace 😹😹😹💋💋💋 Lol

ellags1122 - Erotic adult zzzxxxxxxx

CD C yes you have Hi

LOVE THIS APP💘💘💘💘 - ily taylor

taylor deserves the world

bi and i am good at it - Trash

🗑 🤮🤢what else can I say

Sessalie - Some of her best work

Evermore is a great album that has the trademark storytelling lyrics Taylor is known for. It’s a lyrical masterpiece filled with a collection of stories.

JaJaBr - incredible

an amazing album by the queen of music

Rannn29 - Queen


katie-joy.hughes - 👍🏼


Qsdfgbvxzon:):( - Love


joshgoshbgosh - Please don't buy it. Trust me.

There is a reason why this album is not released on a label. This is a self released album. The other self released ablum is okish. But this one i promise if you buy it you will regret it. Save your money. The other Taylor albums you like have been co written by other song writers because the label wants you to like her and buy the albums. Wonder why you haven't heard or seen any advertisement about this one.... because they didn't have anything to do with it. Save Save Save your money.


An excellent album

Nicolettahere😝😝😝😝 - not my taste

taylor swift isn’t my thing but that’s ok! stream positions. i hope her fans enjoyed this album

sillgoosey000 - Evermoreifc

wonderful album I loveee cowboy like me, long story short, CLOSURE IS SOO UNDERRATED💕😫

Starco34 - Liked this better than folklore tbh


AlexTheDude88 - Too accurate

When the album came out, I was working in NYC as a background on a tv show. Champagne problems was playing and I was wearing headphones as I sat and waited until I was told to do something. Then.. as soon as gold rush started playing, a boy walks through the door and literally everything stopped. My vision became a music video for gold rush and I was instantly crushing because he was so beautiful. I watched as girls surrounded him and I wanted to punch the air because Taylor Swift won’t stop talking about how someone could grow up that beautiful and telling my life story. Now, months later, whenever Gold Rush plays, I instantly think of him and the song has an entire visual for me to picture. Thanks Taylor. Thanks for narrating my life.

R. achel - Taylor does it again!

Evermore: on repeat

vIckk¥ - Best Album Ever!!!!

This album was honestly so good. The lyrical genius that is Miss Taylor Swift outdid herself. I just love her so much

nerdyzest365 - Hmmm folklore was better

Hmmm no

ThankyouJewel - Um

Not trying to be mean but I don’t like it😬

Holonoo - Yet again a masterpiece

I loved folklore and was happy with what she gave us their, but then she dropped this album and I’m still loving what she’s putting out. Can’t wait to listen to her version of fearless!

biggest swiffer - MASTERPIECE!!

Taylor just keeps serving. This album is the perfect continuation to folklore. Love everything about this album - the lyrics, the poetry, the features- shoutout to the national,haim & bon iver, her vocals are so angelic and beautifulon this record. Can't wait to see what she does next!



shatru77 - Shatru77

It’s good for me.

push1994 - Hook


CloudyMan566 - In love

I am in love with this album and Taylor swift herself 😊

ktswift13 - Evermore

just love it, one of the best writers of alltime, Taylor Swift y'all ❤️👑

Ram165 - Nice

This is awesome

Nishant Taak - Yet another masterpiece

It’s been about five months from when Taylor Swift released her last album folklore but still she managed to create yet another masterpiece. It has got all the storytelling vibes, imaginary, vocals and peace which you need right now. It also has bops like Willow, no body, no crime and much more. Listen to it now. :)

Teseni Ralte - Breathe taking

I just love all the songs.

Nial18 - A masterpiece

evermore is not just an album, it is a cultural reset, the oxygen you breathe, it's a lifestyle, an escape from this cruel world filled with thieves, its an art, the first gift you open on christmas, a hug from a loved one, everything you’ve ever wanted

cruelovers - OSJFOFKF


shreya2611 - Taylor did it again!

Taylor has been writing music that somehow reflects every stage of my life. With folklore, she gave us extremely intimate tracks & things that I felt then. With evermore, she does it again. Given I have never been able to go to a show or see her live, in India, I live for these albums. Happy 31st, Taylor!! 💛

x0x026 - Good album

Amazing storytelling as expected and refreshing tunes.

siddhi113 - Miss Swift does it again!

Evermore is not only an incredible album proving time and time again about Taylor’s writing abilities but also her storytelling gift. Obsessed!

Everwh0re - Amazing and Mind-blowing Album

adter folklore came out, i thought there can’t be any better album that that, but hearing evermore, I’m mesmerised and astound. I really loved the whole album and the way it is lyrically perfect and well structured. The production is very good as well and overall Taylor Swoft once again out done herself!

sriiishtiii - Mind blowing

This album is awesome, it’s pure gold . The songs transport you to a different world.

Nikhilsj33 - Best Ever!

Another masterpiece by Taylor ! Loved all songs!

Praathamm - Amazing!!

Lovely album in continuation to folklore ❤️

Saloni Somoshi - This album is a Masterpiece

Taylor swift has been being extremely creative which each album that she makes. But this one is just breathtaking. Kudos to Taylor and her self owned albums!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

downtheblock13 - LOVE IT

she topped herself

PankajMA - Singers

A beautiful singer

ChiragNY13 - A very Nashville style narration. Truly humble, vulnerable & boldly honest.

Well, folklore had me totally taken by surprise because once again it was something that Taylor has ‘never done before’. To be honest, it took me quite some time to come to evermore, process it & get a good grasp over it. Simply because of the incredible depth the songs of on this record have. While Swift appropriately calls this record a ‘sister record’ to the preceding cottagecore ‘folklore’ & the two do coherently drive each other. However, I think that evermore is way beyond just a sister record. I’m once again taken by awe by her innate ability to directly speak to the listeners & giving them the space to make her stories their own. Leaving that right amount of room for the story to breathe different lives, yet driving us to feel her emotions all at the same time. This is the kind of record you put on sitting alone in the corner of a dark room with your glass wine or whisky on the rocks. And just allow yourself to “simply let things be”. I knew that she will desperately try to outdo her own self after folklore but what I really did not anticipate was the huge margin that evermore cuts above folklore. I find this record is so unbelievably comforting. It really does hurts to hear some of the songs off of this one & there’s not really much to do but just ‘let things be’ the way they are. The lyrics of ‘tis the damn season’, ‘champagne problems’, ‘tolerate it’, & ‘happiness’ have me profusely weeping. Self trapping myself into these songs on loops. I can’t even begin to put in words how much these songs mean to me & I can see them aging very well as I grow old putting them on. The tranquility in ‘closure’ brings true peace in way that I think have never known before this song came to my life. The title track ‘evermore’ is honestly a heartfelt narration of how trains can run off their tracks in the most unforeseen ways & our apparently simple lives can have nuances that are so effective. Track 13 ‘marjorie’ is a hauntingly beautiful tribute to Taylor’s grandmother Marjorie. If she was alive to listen to this, she would’ve been so proud of not only her grand daughter but also of her daughter Andrea, who raised Taylor (& Austin) to become such wonderful human beings. I honestly get goosebumps all over me whenever I hear this song. It’s just on a level that Taylor herself has never ever reached before & I doubt if she is even aware of this. The album opener & the lead single ‘willow’ is such a good complement to lead single off of folklore ‘cardigan’. Perhaps one of my favorite lyric of all times she has ever written is “the more that you say the less I know”. The fabulous production on ‘gold rush’ by homeboy Jack Antonoff is a treat after ‘august’ from folklore & it almost always has my face in a “red flush”. The positive outtake on ‘long story short’ is very refreshing. When she sings “climbed right back up the cliff, long story I survived” it really leads to this impulsive burst of super radiant ‘postayvity’. Her narration “past me, I wanna tell you not to get lost in these petty things. You nemeses will defeat themselves before you get the chance to swing” is so comforting that I cannot possibly thank her enough for saying this. The collaboration with The National on ‘coney island’ is something that I never ever imagined in my wildest dreams. The words : “sorry for making you my centerfold over & over’’....“lost again with no surprises, disappointments close your eyes & it gets colder & colder” feels like driving a brake less car, knowing that it will end a big crash. I have still not been able to process this song & I perhaps can just get lost for hours listening to this song. However the real essence of this record is encoded in the two bonus tracks from the deluxe edition ‘right where you left me’ & ‘it’s time to go’. The former shows her unmatched ability to craft very hurtful situations in deceptively cheerful melody. The same old happy facade that she has used in some of her previous songs as well. The latter is a song that just shows how strong & resilient she really is. Which always has me literally bawling my eyes out because I’ve not only watched her grow into the very fine woman she is today but also had the extreme honor of growing alongside her music. Something that has been unconditionally been by my side ever since I started exploring this young lady’s music. I will never forget the first time heard ‘it’s time to go’ falling off my chair to be floored by the sheer amount of grace that this lady carries. It is such a personal song to her & the words are so meaningful (if you do your homework to find out why she wrote them). Her words : “sometimes giving up is the strong thing. Sometimes to run is the brave thing. Sometimes walking out is the one thing that will find you the right thing”, just makes me want to thank her in person for giving this song the life it truly deserves. I honestly can’t pick a favorite song from this album & I don’t think that I ever will end up squaring up on that. For that matter, I have just one unsolicited advice for the people who’re trying this record out : give it enough time to sink in. This is not something that you listen & derive instant pleasure out of. This is something that you savor. Allow it to hit you slowly, very slowly & then all at once. This is record is the very definition of acquired taste. It demands you to essentially think & reflect deeply to transcend far away from your daily life. With that I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Taylor, Jack & Dessner brothers for putting out such a quality record. One thing I know for sure & with a very clear vision in my head. That is, these songs will certainly amalgamate with my own life in inseparable ways & will go on to become part of my own stories (both told & untold) for which I’m honored, humbled & befuddled all at the same time. Taylor, “I’ve got nothing but well wishes for ya”. love love love, X

Alson Swift - A much needed continuation

Ms. Swift has done it again. Every song is so different from the other yet sounds cohesive. The lyrics, the vocals and everything on this album just speaks volumes of why she’s a legend. Seems so effortlessly ethereal, so nostalgic yet never felt before. The collaborations on this album seems so effortless, all of them are on the same page, same page about everything. It doesn’t feel forced they’ve maintained the integrity of it which is one of the best things about this album. The song ‘champagne problems’ is gotta be one of the best songs in the record coz of the instrumentals, vocals and she wrote it alone with joe. Swift pays tribute to her grandmother Marjorie with the same title. The prelude of ‘no body, no crime’ had a hint of her old song ‘Tim McGraw’. Also Swift needs to write a novel at this point. People might not get familiar enough with this record if they haven’t listened to folklore properly yet. In a way folklore prepares one for this record.

honey kankhedia - Amazing album

This is the best Album of Taylor swift in 2020. Willow is my favourite one. Music is so refreshing. Big fan of Taylor Swift since 2017.

AghoriAman - Nice


Jay Cobe - No fillers, all killers!!!!

Taylor Swift does it again!!

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