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Greatest Hits is a compilation album by the American rock band Journey, originally released in 1988 by Columbia Records. It is the band's best-selling career disc, spending 330 weeks on the Billboard 200 album chart (more than any other compilation album, except for Bob Marley's Legend disc, in history). Additionally, as of late 2014, it has logged nearly 1,000 weeks on Billboard's Catalog albums chart. As of December 2008, it was reported to have

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Now this is music  Music.lover💓  5 star

This is good I love the hole album it's amazing! Good job! 👏🏽


Best album ever  Santell  5 star

Why are still reading this? You should be purchasing this album.


Legends Of The 20th Century  Zachsaxophone4  5 star

Journey's emotional lyrics and unique tone is one reason I had to buy this album. My personal open arms has been a staple in my life due to passing grandfather. Journey is a band that makes you feel a certain way with their emotional lyrics. This band is something that musicians of the 21st century lack, emotion. This my most recommended album to anyone!!!


I'm 14 and I can't get enough of Journey  51lila  5 star

OMGosh Journey is amazing!!! I love it!!!! My mom and I listen to Journey all the time it's one of our only favorite band we have in common. I cry every time I hear this album I just is so beautiful, meaningful, and better than anything nowadays. This album inspired my mom to go for her dream of becoming a personal trainer, and helped her through her cancer. The message is so powerful! It's great for all ages. 💗💘💖💜💛💚💙❤️💓 love Journey!!!!!!


5 stars forever  Bigtimetorifan  5 star

Love love love Journey for 33yrs n for 1st time ever saw them live in March! :-)))) this is a great price for so many beloved songs n hits. Steve Perry's voice is a gem among gems ****


No comparison!  dwelch0216  5 star

I grew up listening to Journey, to me they are still one of the best bands that ever graced the stage.

Caps only

Journey' greatest  Caps only  5 star

I have always loved to here Steve Perry's voice and I love this album.

Ms Jonas

love journey  Ms Jonas  5 star

journey ROCKS!!!!!!


For Journey Fans  Iliterallydontcare  5 star

This is a good album for Journey Fans.


Respect  Heeeyooow  5 star

It doesn't matter if you're not a fan of bands like this or not... You're going to have the upmost respect for a band who can rock songs like this.

Mark Davis / Producer

Classic!!  Mark Davis / Producer  5 star

It doesn't get any better than this album with every hit from ballads to anthems. If you claim to be a rock fan, you MUST own this album!!


Excellent  Orion3903  5 star

What a great band. Seems like they don't make em as well as this anymore and what talent!


so glad this is here!  TT570  5 star

Awesome collection!


Revisiting my youth  Drbrett77  5 star

My twin sister played this album repetitively growing up. I scolded her countless times to "turn it down". I was musically naive then. But as wisdom has opened my ears through the years I can resoundingly say these groups of songs, this album, is the BEST that was ever made! Period.


A must have !!  Wolves1014  5 star

One of the greatest albums ever made now this is what music is.The young generation need to listen to this album this would want to go buy more from this group and groups like it from this era.


Steve Perry ROCKS  Jimgix  5 star

Loved it back in the day and still do.


Excellent  Pqvdhdbxjsn  5 star

I think this should still be on the radio its an excellent piece of music and i wish kids in this generation could see that


Steve Perry is a GOD  jed12168  5 star

great album..


Pure music brilliance!  gloreos96  5 star

An amazing albums from one of the greatest and most beloved bands of all time!


Journey  Coochie25  4 star

Looked down my nose at Journey back in the day. But Steve Perry has to have one of the greatest voices in rock history. I appreciate it now.

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